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									The Diligent Search for Perfection – Sourcing Your Household Staff.

Our clients are delighted by the standard of household staff that we supply them with, but
many may be surprised by the lengths to which we go to ensure we only hire the best people.
For nannies and other household staff, we have strict requirements in order to provide our
clientele with the highest quality and most experienced employees.

In the first instance, we ensure that we gain full and accurate understanding the client's
individual requirements. We then source candidates in accordance with these requirements,
looking for people who will provide a perfect fit.

With that in mind, we carefully and rigorously vet those that we are considering. We require
all candidates to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and we also thoroughly go through
the recommendations, references and any other relevant information from previous

Furthermore, with regard to our nannies we carry out the verification of qualifications in
childcare and confirm that other types of staff have any required credentials.

Naturally, it is also vital that potential employers can rest assured that they have all the
correct information about that member of staff’s identity. We therefore conduct assiduous
identification checks, against passports and identity cards. Of course, the same stringent
standards are applied when we perform CRB or police checks from the candidate’s country of

With regard to nannies, in order to help us source more of the right sorts of candidate, we
host our own absolutely unique Nanny Club in London, where our resident Child
Psychologist and Childcare Professional have discussions with nannies. They offer them
advice and support on subjects that include child development, relevant legislation,
behavioural issues, suitable age-appropriate activities and much more.

With all candidates, regardless of the role concerned, there is a lengthy screening process
before the candidate even reaches interview stage. There then follows some in-depth
interviews with candidates and thorough individual assessments.

So assured are we of our thorough selection process that we operate a 7 month replacement
guarantee, the longest in the UK, on all permanent nanny & household staff placements.

In addition to that, we take legal obligations very seriously: we provide insurance for
candidates and hire lawyers for the formulation of contracts, unlike many companies.

As an agency that places staff worldwide, we are also adept at helping staff relocate to a
different country and helping them to create a social circle. Where translations are required,
we may employ translators to assist.

In short, nothing is too much trouble to ensure that we source and supply only the very best
nannies and household staff for our clients. To find out more about how we can provide you
with the Perfect Household Staff, please do not hesitate to contact us on   0207 960
6292 .

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