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									      Running Clan Wars On Runescape

 Clan Wars is a very popular combat and strategy game run on RuneScape, and is
 available both in the free as well as the paid versions. It is a combat based game
  where players who belong to two opposite “clans” are said to compete against
each other. There are no winning prizes for the two clans except that fact that the
 winning clan is said to be superior among the two clans that compete. To be able
to play the game, the player should be an active member in the clan chat channel.

     Here are some tips and tricks to be able to play the Clan Wars game on
 To start the clan war, you should start with the games necklace and teleport to
  the Gamer’s Grotto which ends up at the eastern side of the Clan Wars. The
eastern side of the entrance is very close to the wall shortcut located at the north
                                    of Falador.

It is a game where players will not lose equipment even if they die in the process.
Still, it is important for the players to bring all the items and equipment they have
                      before they enter the dangerous red portal.

  If you are a player who is going to combat to keep the clan’s pride, then it is
important to bring whatever equipment you have. In case it so happens that you
 do not have enough equipment, bring all the potions and prayers that you can.

      There is also a bank chest available, which can be used to store all your
equipment and other items. Another very important item to possess in this game
 is a good cape. You will be able to fight in a much better manner if you buy the
wilderness cape from Larry, the cape merchant. The rest of the clan members are
also benefitted by buying the same cape to make sure you fight off enemies in a
                                   better manner.

  You are not allowed to use the super prayer potions, recover special potions,
overloads and extreme potions in Clan Wars matches. You are allowed to use the
                     options only in regular safe matches.

  To begin a war you should be atleast Captain or a higher rank in the clan chat
channel. You can start a combat by choosing a player from another clan and right
  clicking the player’s name in the chat and clicking the Challenge option. The
opponent clan member who will receive a message asking their clan to enter the
               war arena will also be of a rank higher than Captain.

After that, you will be teleported to the North and South sides of the arena to join
  the rest of the members of your clan. You will have a time gap of two minutes
     before the combat starts and in this time, be sure to prepare yourself by
                   discussing tactics and drinking useful potions.

You should be very well organized. Be sure to discuss your tactics and along with
your teammates, chalk out a strategy to eliminate the opposite clan. Start out by
  eliminating the biggest threats from the opposite clan and choose the right
                   players in every combat to ensure victory.

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