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Previous Inf init i, has introduced a compact executive sedan Q50 Coupe at the Detroit Auto
Show. And within two or three years the luxury car division of Nissan Motor Company owned
will bring coupe version of the replacement Infiniti G.

“I think the coupe is an important part of the platform. And we are currently developing a coupe
version of this model, known as the Q60, “said President of Infiniti Global Limited, Johan De

Infiniti Q50 Coupe carry the latest version of the 3.7-liter V6 barn runway powered 328 hp,
suspected also be embedded in the engine compartment Q60. As mentioned on another
engine option for the Q50 Coupe, de Nysschen said that Infiniti adopting turbocharged four-
cylinder engine and a diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. “Just like the transmission. We will
cooperate with the Jatco, producing transmissions are also used by Daimler, “he said.

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