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Geneva McLaren P1. The wait is almost over for details of the most exciting British-built car for
decades. McLaren has confirmed that a production-ready version of its £700,000 hybrid
McLaren P1 hypercar – the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 – will be revealed at the
Geneva Motor Show in March. In the meantime, the manufacturer has released three new
images and a video of a prototype undergoing rigorous testing.

First shown as a styling model at the Paris Motor Show in September last year, the
McLaren P1’s technical details have been shrouded in mystery ever since, although pieces of
information have leaked out. Power is expected to top 700bhp using a tuned version of the
12C’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 boosted by an Formula One-style electric KERS system. It features
white outlines of famous circuits from around the world on a black background. We’ll bring you
all the details of what McLaren claims will be “the best driver’s car in the world on road and
track” when it’s officially revealed on 5 March 2013.

Anticipation of the new concoction McLaren hypercar, McLaren P1 is almost complete. Because
the British manufacturer has released the news that the prediction model with price tag ranging
from £ 700 thousand will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show next March. As can be seen
from the pictures that have been spyshot spreads in the realm of cyberspace, in McLaren P1
which is being tried looking pictures of famous circuits around the world. Analysts predict that
the McLaren P1 would be a great contender for the Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari Enzo
successor candidate. To that end, P1 needs a capable machine to serve the onslaught of
competitors. Like the V8 engine capacity of 3.8 liter twin turbo powered 12C-owned over 700
bhp which is equipped with the F1-style KERS system.
According page, McLaren P1 developed using CFD (Computational Fluid
Dynamics) simulation and the Formula 1-derived dynamics. And to conform with the jargon “the
best driver’s car in the world on road and track” the digadang McLaren, they complement
McLaren P1 version of the test with Akebono braking system and hi-perf tires Pirelly.

McLaren Automotive has a 20 year heritage in producing landmark sports cars for the road: the
McLaren F1 road car, which was launched in 1992, set the world land speed record for a
production car, and is regarded as one of the iconic sports cars of the modern age. McLaren
Automotive has now moved from these successful automotive projects to launching a new car
company that will design, develop, and distribute a range of high performance, highly efficient
and technologically innovative sports cars through a global network of highly respected
premium car retailers in every major automotive market.

McLaren Automotive’s debut model is the 12C. In 2011 McLaren Automotive announced the
launch of McLaren GT; a new race car manufacturer combining the expertise of McLaren
Automotive, McLaren Racing, McLaren Electronic Systems, McLaren Applied Technologies and
CRS Racing. McLaren GT is responsible for developing the first racing derivative of the 12C
sports car, the 12C GT3.

Here’s proof that McLaren’s new 2013 McLaren P1 supercar won’t change much from the
concept car shown at the 2012 Paris motor show. CAR magazine’s new spy photos snatched
in the south of France reveal a taped-up prototype on validation testing ahead of its full debut
next spring. The radical aero of the concept car looks to be largely intact, with the McLaren
‘tick’ headlights bleeding into the front air intakes and large, exaggerated scallops cut into the
flanks of the hybrid supercar. Click here to see the first gallery of photos of the McLaren P1
concept car.The centrally mounted ‘snorkel’ air scoop remains too, feeding air to the mid-
mounted engine.

McLaren P1 supercar: the hybrid bit

Providing the extra boost for this range-topping supercar is a hybrid pack related to the KERS
boost system in the McLaren F1 cars. Our information suggests the turbocharged V8 will
develop around 700bhp, while electric motors will add some 100bhp extra. Combined with
active aero flaps behind the front wheels adjusting air flow, the McLaren P1 is said to introduce
a drag reduction system to road cars for the first time and the aero package is claimed to be
one of the most advanced ever seen on a road car.

McLaren P1 vs McLaren F1

Sadly, as predicted by CAR magazine’s first scoops of the McLaren P1, it loses the F1′s central
seating position in favour of two more conventionally packaged seats, shown here in these
new photographs. McLaren Automotive chief Antony Sheriff told us: ‘We looked at three seats,
but decided against.

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