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									  Dubai: A Mesmeric City

Ever wondered what brings millions of people to Dubai each year?
Well, it is the pleasant and safe environment, the standard of living,
and the liberal nature unlike other Middle East regions, that adds to
the warmth of this place. Dubai is a shopaholic's paradise, an
adventurous ride for the daredevils, and a fun zone for the little ones.
Have a one on one experience with nature: Soak in the sun, the
sand, or the sights around you. Let the touch of cerulean waters at the
beach cool you; the beautiful sunset embrace you and the velvety sand
under your feet tickle you. You could also find yourself standing
under some magnificent structures showcasing some brilliant
architectural marvels. Furthermore, the tour of a Dubai desert safari
combined with a dhow cruise is the ideal way to loosen up and find
peace and harmony within you. Yes! This is what Dubai is all about,
and a trip to Dubai a splendid city just cannot be missed. It is indeed
the seventh heaven with long stretches of coastline, beaches and of
course the manmade wonders around you.
Fill yourself with an emotional impact of overwhelming surprise:
The huge malls and the plethora of souks that cater to 300+ retail
outlets and local goods are undoubtedly an incredible choice for the
habitué in you. There is Dubai Mall, Ibn-E-Battuta, Mercato Mall,
Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall, and an assortment of other malls
plying to all your needs and desires.

Dazzling architecture surrounds you from all sides: Dubai is home
to the world’s only 7 star hotel: The Burj Al Arab, and the world’s
tallest building: The Burj Khalifa. It also has the largest artificial
island in the world: The Palm Islands. The city of Dubai is
flamboyant, grandiose, determined, and brazenly acquisitive. It is
absolutely appalling to know that it was once known as a sleepy
fishing village near barren deserts. After all, who could have thought
Dubai to be a munificent place that could easily take care of the
whims and fancies of the rich and famous, whilst catering to the needs
of the locals.
Dubai attractions will never fail to enthral you. They will give you the
best of hotels to live in, delectable cuisine to tickle your taste buds,
and a huge variety to go sightseeing to places that are warm,
comfortable, and friendly. So, make the most of your trip when in
In short, a Dubai desert safari tours helps you get a sneak peak at
the lifestyle of the Arabs. So, make sure that when you take a trip to
Dubai you have your priority list that reads Dubai Safari in bold!

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