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									             Post Google's Penguin Update Rankings

       Hi you all and welcome at this opening eyes tutorial . My name is Dan and I am
specialized in linkbuilding for many years. My main activity is to test some different strategies
to rank on Google's number one page.

       So when Google launches Penguin update and everybody thought SEO is dead I
stopped working the old fashioned way and test some new things and I have had very good
results in a very short period of time .

       I want to share this information and strategy of work with you cause I am very happy
that SEO is still on and even stronger that before but with some new approaches.

       So I have structured this work on this little chapters :

           1. What is SEO main goal ?
           2. What is this Google's Penguin update about?
           3. Ask Google for which keyword to rank .
           4. Good linkbuilding never dies.
           5. BONUS : some marvelous Wordpress plugings !!

       So let's get on rolling...

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                                       Chapter 1
                            What is SEO main goal ?

      I have decided to start with this chapter cause I've noticed that lately we forgot the
answer for this simple question.

      So, what is SEO main goal ? My answer is straight : The main goal of Seo is to bring
targeted traffic from the search engines, especially Google to our website.

      I hope you all feel the same about it !!

      But lately, Seo becomes a set of tools for telling Google for what keyword to rank us .
      This is the main mistake that was penalyzed by Penguin update.

      So in the past 2 years every single seo company or consultant tries to rank for specific
one or more keywords and tried hard to order Google to rank them well by over page
optimization ( meta keywords, h1 tags, bold text, underline tags) or many anchor links built
with a lots of softwares.

      This was Seo in the past years : over page optimization and the run to get as many
focused anchored links as possible. And it have worked like this , until The penguin update.

      Check the next chapter to understand what is this famous Google' s Penguin update
and how it strikes, and remember the main issue of this chapter : the red paragraph.

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                                        Chapter 2
            What is Google's Penguin update about ?

      Google's Penguin update is also called Over optimization penalty update.

      Today, we want to change gears a little and expound on the over-optimization penalty
and linking.

      By discovering what NOT to do, you can gain a better understanding of what TO do and
find out specific SEO strategies that will make sense for your website.

      As we usually say, no one knows Google’s exact algorithm or what Google is ready to
penalize. All we can do is take what we know and apply its principles to the best of our ability.

      I have find some very authorized opinions of this over optimization penalty and share
with you below .

      Cyrus Shepard, SEOMoz associate, created a video where he discussed, from personal
experience, what causes sites to drop in rankings as it relates to over-optimization.

      Keyword Stuffing – Keyword stuffing is using too many keywords in text, images, and
navigation links

      According to Cyrus, there are also three areas to which Google pays attention,

especially when marketers use too many keywords in these areas simultaneously. If your
keywords are similar for all three, you will most likely see a decrease in rankings because it

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does not look natural.

      Title tag
      Inbound anchor text

      Link Profiles – We saw the destruction of link profiles when Google took down many
popular link networks . Google announced it would be de-valuing administrative links which
come from common sites linked to each other.

      Years ago, it was a normal SEO practice to buy dozens of keyword-rich urls and create
mini-sites that linked to each other and to the main money site. According to Cyrus, this is
over-optimization and website owners could face possible penalties or even de-indexing.

      Link Balance – Any technique done excessively will be categorized as over-
optimization. Cyrus suggests varying article directory links, blog commenting, and others to
make it more natural.

      As you are transitioning from beginner SEO to more intermediate SEO, Cyrus
recommends not giving in to the temptation to over optimize, but instead creating great

      Content Calendar – Whether daily, weekly or monthly, set a content creation schedule
and stick to it. The constant flow of content will produce new long tail keyword opportunities.

      New content tells Google your site is relevant and it contributes to the freshness
factors, which is one of the more recent Google algorithm updates.

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       As you create new pages with new content, you have the opportunity to link back to
your main site and older pages more often which tells Google to crawl them and to see them as
relevant. Of course, this is not as crucial as external links, but it is still important.

       Creating content gives you what Cyrus calls “Link Assets” which refers to content to
which webmasters want to link.

       Carson Ward, SEO consultant with Distilled, talks about building a legitimate link
portfolio by eliminating low-quality links and avoiding over-optimization of anchor text.

He uses this image to discuss his reasoning:

       According to Carson, low-quality sites are, “sites (and pages) that have little or no
relevance, few incoming links, unnatural link portfolios of their own, and few branding
signals. Having too much exact-match anchor text from legitimate domains is a hard thing to

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do, but it has happened through things like widgets with unnatural anchor text.”

       Carson suggests building links with methods and strategies that are scalable and
effective for the long term. Think about what makes you different from your competitors,
discover your unique selling point, and ramp up your content marketing.

       Carson also mentions that building links from legitimate sources is hard and requires a
lot of time and creativity. Because of the effort investment required, SEOs often turn to
“spammy” techniques.

       At Distilled, content marketing is united with SEO efforts and looks like this:

       Researching & identifying influencers and communities
       Keyword research & analysis
       Competitive content research
       Creative content generation
       Outreach and promotion
       Analytics, measurement and tracking

       Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas sat down with Aaron Wall, founder of
SEObook, to discuss linking and how SEO is changing in reference to over-optimization.

       Both Jim and Aaron are strong proponents of link building and they still believe it is
one of the premier methods to gaining rankings. However, there is a right and a wrong way to
build links.

       Jim strongly believes in the power of the long tail. In his analysis of his clients’
websites, in nearly 98% of the cases, no more than 5% of their traffic comes from short tail

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phrases. And the more content-rich pages they have, the more long tail keywords they get.

       He said that he wasn’t surprised by Google’s recent takedown of link networks since
this activity is always going to happen as something gets too big or too popular.

       According to Jim, “the popular “short cuts” of today are the popular penalized networks
of tomorrow… there will always be someone who will create a network (of others sites they
control, or their new friends control, or of near expired domains, or blogger groups, etc) and
that someone will start selling links, and advertising, and it will catch on, and they will sell to
everyone and it will become so interconnected that it will cause its own algorthymitic penalty,
or it will get popular, and get the eyes of Google on it, and then it will get filtered, or there will
be exact match penalties, or entire site penalties.”

       Jim mentioned that quality link building takes a lot of time and effort and marketing,
but that is the price to pay for rankings.

       Below is one of the exchanges where Jim talks about the role of content in getting high
quality links:

                      Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
      Some marketers are chanting the death of SEO, but I think we can surmise that link
building is still very much alive even with Google’s over-optimization penalty.

      What do you think of the over-optimization penalty? Have you seen a drop in rankings?
What linking strategies do you use that are still going strong?

      This lines was taken from a very good article from Jenna Scaglione at

      I have used this exact article because I consider this as a very good and real analysis of
What Penguin update is . And beside that this was the started point of my research.

I hope you are now familiar with the concepts of SEO and what is this Google Penguin about.
So now let's get over it and go further to ...How to ask Google for which keyword to rank.

                     Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
                                         Chapter 3
               Ask Google for which keyword to rank

       Yes Google tells everyone which are the natural keywords he consider that you are very
prepared to rank .

       For finding this results you have to use the famous Keyword tool that Google provide
for free. It is very important to get targeted traffic for your site so let's check which are the
keywords Google consider that we are right to rank, so very natural to buid links on it.

       All you have to do is go to Keyword tool and make some settings like this :

           1. In the “ Word or phrase “ let empty , do not put anything.
           2. In the “Website “ field put your url you want to rank for as :
           3. Below at “Locations “ choose your targetd audience by country and at
              “Languages” by language.
           4. In the left site you have to check the “Exact” field and uncheck “broad”, for
              findind the exact searches for the keywords.

       And you will got a list of keywords that Google recommends to naturally rank for your
page. So choose up to 10 keywords for that url by “local monthly searches” , the highest are
the numbers the better.

       Also I recommend to choose keywords on “Low” or “Medium” competition for faster

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       So in conclusion if you work like this you will not be considered as spammy and you
will see very quick traffic raising in a few weeks.

       But remember to follow this exact golden rules !!!

           1. Try to not over optimize your page at on page factors

           2. Use at least 5 anchored links ( 10 are recomended) for one url.

           3. Link diversity . Use all kinds of links not only 2 types.

           4. Check the next chapter called “ Linkbuilding never dies “ to see
              which types of links are recommended and which are Forbidden

           5. Linkbuilding timing. Create your own timing , not put all the links at
              once. I recommend to start with not more than 20-25 links at 3 days.

       And now knowing this strategy it is time to get the tools. Let's check in the following
chapter which links are not considered spammy and get you good results in Serps.

                      Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
                                         Chapter 4
                       Good linkbuilding never dies

       Ok , we are at the final stage of our approach so we have to discuss about the tools we
use in linkbuiding.

       First of all I will tell you what kind of links you should forget about. This kinds of links
will harm your site so you have to avoid them in the future. Google penalize this kind of links
that are very easy to obtain :
           1. Wordpress comments
           2. Article directories
           3. Forum profiles and signatures on low pagerank sites !!
           4. Guest book comments.

       So , this are the main kinds of links you should forget about !!

       I was a big fan of forum profiles but now I will give up working on them . Not entirely ,
I will make a list of pr 4 and above or high authority edu and gov forums.

       So let's see which are the links that I have tested and have results after thuis penguin
update :
           1. Edu and Gov links ( but not wordpress comments ) . Try to find Wiki's
              ( contextual links), high forum profiles, mooddle types, etc. Even wiki's are no
              follow I have ranked very well with it. I am simply in love with it!.
           2. High pagerank pages ( 4-7) : it is hard to find but I am in love with this
              pagerank 4 up to 7 do follow Tumblr related links. I have a 40 minutes video
              tutorial and a large list here : Unlimited high pagerank backlinks.

                      Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
3. Wiki sites : very good for rankings . I have huge lists , contact me at skype at :
   bradudan for details.
4. Social media links : I have let them at the bottom cause this I consider that you
   know already ! It is obvoius that this are the top links . I personally promote
   every single url on every site to this high authority social media or bookmarking
   sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Linkedin, Diigo, Reddit, Tumblr,
   Delicious, and of course Pinterest . There are many many more , you can use
   them with trust that will never harm your site .
   I have found recently two services that do all the social links that I want for
   me in a automated way. Please read below the two systems that simply do all the
   hard work for you :

   One of them it is an entire system that help promote your links to almost any big
   social site with one click , beside that has an plugin for Wordpress that do this
   operation automatically without you to know about it. You can fully automate
   your social links . Think about it !!

   This system was voted best backlink system of 2011 . You can read more
   about the Wordpress plugin here and the whole system here. You will find it
   even greater now with Penguin update on .

   The second tool I want to tell you about a Social hub local software with a very
   low price that will submit all of your links to your social hubs , read more here.
   This tool comes with a little “brother” that create all the social accounts
   automatically, so you will have the time to create great content. Check this here.

   Try this tools and you will get amazing results in the very short period of time in
   a very White seo way.

          Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
              And if you want to increase your followers, likes etc I recommend

          5. Blog posts with contextual anchored links on as many as possible related blogs.
              This kind of links are very very good for your rankins .

      BE AWARE !!!

      If you want to buy links on different websites be very carefull about it . Buy contextual
links instead of footer or blogroll links. And be aware to number of indexed pages that tha
website where you buy link have. I recommend websites with a low number of pages , but
pagerank at least 2.
      If you are interested in buying good quality pagerank 2 up to 8 , even contextual links I
recommend the best resource online :

      That is all with this tutorial , I hope you have understood the whole idea and you will
have good and clean rankings. It is so simple but nobody have told you .

      I know you feel that , I have had the same feeling when this idea came to me .

      So in conclusion try not to give orders to Google but to listen what he tells you for good

rankings and you will see how easy it is to make your business and got Google respect for not
being spammy .

      If you have any other questions please contact me at Skype : bradudan or email :

                       Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks
                                        A product by :

             Some marvelous Wordpress plugings !!

       At the end I want to share with you some SEO related Wordpress plugins which will
help you rank better with your site . You will find these plugings in your downloaded archive
In Plugins folder.

       All in One SEO plugin : This plugin is used to create SEO friendly tags and
descriptions to help you rank better on Google.
       WP Auto Tagger : This plugin will automatically create tags which will increase the
amount of pages indexed on Google. The more pages you have, themore keywords and traffic
you will receive.
       Statpress: This is a great plugin which allows you to keep track of your visitors in real
time via Wordpress dashboard.
       Ppinger : This will ping your websites pages so that it can easily get indexed on
       Search Terms Tagging 2 : This plugin will create search terms which are attracting
visitors onto your page, and insert those keywords onto your page.. This will help automate

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your SEO and keywords within your website.
      Google News Sotemap : This will create a sitemap onto your website so that ot can
help get your site crawled and indexed on Google instantly.
      SEO friendly images : This is a optional plugin that will allow your images to be
search engine optimized automatically.


                    Unlimited High Pagerank backlinks

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