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    Back Pain: How Can It Be Treated?
Back pain can occur due to sudden injury, incorrect
posture, excess body weight and inadequate exercises.
Innovative back pain treatments are available now with
technological advancements.
Thousands of people affected by back pain frequently visit
healthcare centers to find a solution for the pain and stress.
With considerable advancement in medical sciences,
several         treatment
options      are      now
available for back pain
relief. Some serious
symptoms related to
back pain are fever,
frequent     leg     pain,
numbness,         tingling
effect, bloody urination
and loss of bowel
control. If back pain
persists for more than
one week, it is better to consult a qualified physician.
Depending on the physical examination of particular health
problems, review of medical history and diagnostic tests, a
personalized back pain treatment protocol will be


How Can Back Pain Be Treated?
Unexpected muscle / ligament strain or injury of the spine,
                discs, nerves and bones are a few causes
                for back pain. A multidisciplinary
                approach incorporating professionals in
                orthopedics, neurology and physical
                therapy is essential to treat back pain
                effectively. Immediate medical care at
                the right time can alleviate back pain
                more quickly.
Physical examinations and diagnostic tests using advanced
techniques such as x-ray tests, CAT scans, bone scans, MRI
scans and electromyograms help to pinpoint the root cause
of back pain. Herniated discs, muscle spasm, spinal
stenosis, sciatica, spondylosis, lumbar spine arthritis and
osteoporosis are major reasons for back pain. Often,
personalized treatment protocols are designed according to
the severity of the condition, age, sex and other related
Common treatment modalities for back pain include:
    • Application of heat/cold packs to relax the muscles
      and to prevent muscle spasm


    • Pain relieving medications are injected directly at the
      point of pain. Different types of injections are trigger
      point, facet joint and epidural steroid.
    • Oral or tropical pain medications to lessen localized
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed
      to get rid of moderate back pain, muscle inflammation,
      stiffness or numbness.
    • Massages are done to stimulate flexibility of muscles
      and improve stability of regular body functions.
    • Chiropractic    manipulations   enhance     spinal
      movements. The treatment also helps to reduce pain
      and muscle inflammation.
    •    Physical therapy programs are created to restore
         normal body activities with high energy. Aerobic,
         stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises
         are recommended to strengthen the muscles, spine and
    • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) is
      provided to treat chronic and long term back pain. In
      this process, the nerves are stimulated using low
      voltage electric current.


    •    Spinal decompression is an effective back pain
         treatment. This non-surgical treatment helps to
         restore damaged spinal discs, reduce pressure on the
         spine and reverse nerve damage.
Advantages of Treating Back                                                       Pain            at          an
Established Healthcare Facility
An established healthcare facility               adopting a
multidisciplinary approach to treat pain provides the best
treatment available in the medical field. Rehabilitation
programs are also arranged in specialized healthcare
centers as part of the back pain management services. You
are also assured the service of trained professionals who
will focus on providing you back pain relief and a quick
return to normal life. Your awareness about the causes of
back pain and how it can be treated will surely help you to
maintain a realistic attitude about back pain treatment.
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