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BMW and Toyot a have signed an agreement to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell engine
technology, light vehicle and a sports car platform. This is the finalization of the alliance
between the two manufacturing technologies as reported to the public in late 2011.

Long-term agreement announced officially at an event at Toyota headquarters in Toyota City,
stated that BMW and Toyota will incorporate fuel cell resources and knowledge to develop a
fuel cell system, including the fuel stack, hydrogen tanks as well as the motor and battery in
2020. They also plan to conduct further studies related technologies such as lithium-air
batteries and lightweight technology, including developing carbon fiber for the body of the car.
And the most interesting in a joint decision between BMW and Toyota’s collaboration is for
sports car development project. Despite more info added yet been announced, but it could be
the project could follow in the footsteps of the program Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86 or the
Subaru BRZ.

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