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									2013 Rally America National Championship Scion xD
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Brand came under the umbrella of Toyota Motor Corporation for the U.S. market, Scion, plans
to fight in the Rally America National Championship. And the model is a mainstay in the Rally
America National Championship is xD.
Model who began his racing debut at Sno * Drift Rally event, today (25/1), equipped with a new
front bumper design, new suspension system to be taller, tires with special tread rally, Brembo
brakes and LED lighting systems. Besides retire some of the components inside the cabin to cut
weight, Scion also grafted Sparco seats, digital instrument panel and a roll cage.
“Scion Racing is ready to take part in the 2013 Rally America National Championship. The
combination xD subcompact with top rally teams as well as one of the best rally driver, Andrew
Comrie-Picard, will make this event become more competitive and fun, “says Marketing &
Special Events Manager Scion, Steve Hatanaka.

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