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					Claudia Voss is an independent Trainer and
Consultant based in London. She got a MA
degree of International Social Work and a
BA degree Social Pedagogy. With 15 years
experience in various fields of Social Care she
links practice and theory in her trainings
which makes them unique.
                                                                                 Claudia Voss
                                                                                 Independent Social Work

                                                                                 …be your bestand beyond

                                                  Claudia Voss
                                                  Independent Social Work
                                                  Independent Social Work   Training and Consultancy
                                                  Phone: 02089685600
                                                  Mobile: 07907802592       Social Work and Social Pedagogy

                                                  vossclaudi@gmail.com      Coaching and Supervision
…be more reflective in your work!                    ...be more effective in communication!               ….be more skilled as a team!
This training is designed to help individuals and    The training of communication explains the           This training is designed to help a team to work
teams to manage their cases in a more                model of Communication in a simple, logical          more efficiently due to special methods out of
comprehensive and holistic way. By using the         way. Communication is often related to               team development; psychological assessment and
method of reflective practice every case, every      misunderstandings, false interpretations and a       pedagogical case studies enables the team to be
situation will be assessed and reviewed in several   source of verbal fights. To understand               more self aware as individuals as well as a team.
steps.                                               Communication is the key to a successful and
                                                     efficient way to communicate – in private as in      To work efficient in a team it is relevant that
Reflective practice is a methods which is divided    business life.                                       every individual of the team develops a
in four phases, every phases includes several                                                             professional identity – this is only manageable by
steps. The four phases are Anamnesis,                Communication is related to a person                 exploring their very own identity (Personal,
Diagnosis, Intervention and Evaluation.              (experiences,      expectations,  style    of        Cultural, and Private) and how each influences
                                                     communication, situation and location). To           the other and how they are linked.
By following the steps a person will be enabled      understand the logical ways and influences of
to understand the whole case better and more         communication enable individuals and teams to        When every individual team member
holistic, which leads to better outcomes and         communicate in a straightforward manner              understand their part within the team; a team is
action. Client centered and with participation of    focused on positive outcomes.                        able to put their individual strengths together and
the client as well as the whole team, this will                                                           built up team strengths.
make a change in decision making.                    In this training you will understand the principle
                                                     of communication by Friedemann Schulz von            This ensures trust, reliability, honesty and
                                                     Thun, a German psychologist, who explains            respect within the team. Being a team means as
                                                     communication as a square with four sides to it.     well to act like a team – be consistent in the daily
                                                     By understanding the four sides of a message         practice with clients. Acting as a team, means
                                                     and the related ways of receiving a message,         that every individual still keeping their
                                                     participants are enabled to listen more sensitive    individuality by being aware of the fact that single
                                                     and to bring the message across they like to send.   decision needs to be team decisions as well.

                                                                                                          Team equals a body, if you use the metaphor:
                                                                                                          Every team member represented a certain part
                                                                                                          of a body – the body can only function in its best
                                                                                                          when ALL parts of the body is working towards
                                                                                                          the same. This training enables a team to
                                                                                                          become a ONE.

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