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  Why is natural gas better
    than coal boilers?
Crown Capital Eco Management
The economic development of one
country is dependent upon the ability of
the authorities to set up a highly suitable,
competitive and reliable electricity sector.
Why is natural gas better than coal
Only      when    there      is    extreme
environmental pressure or substantial
reduction in loads that conversion from
coal to 100% natural gas is possible.
Not until the 20th century until natural gas was
used for production of energy, it was dismissed as a
useless byproduct of crude oil production until
then. But now natural gas accounts for 23 percent
of the world’s energy consumption and still
growing. The International Energy Agency predicts
that the demand for natural gas will grow by
approximately 44 percent through 2035.
Natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel not to
mention it has been one of the most economical energy
sources. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient
source of energy. It produces lower levels of greenhouse
gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuels such as coal
and oil. Natural gas fuels electric power generators, heats
buildings and is used as a raw material in many consumer
products, such as those made of traditional plastics.
However, natural gas has never been a cheaper fuel than
Coal is one of the longest-used and is considered as
the most abundant fossil fuels on Earth. Coal mining
has been going on since then 17th century. Coal
burning boilers have also been around for a long
time, and while they may not always be popular,
these machines have some definite advantages in
terms of costs and simplicity.
Because it is the most abundant it is the cheapest
form of fossil fuel to burn. But coal boilers on the
other hand have harmful effects on the environment
and human health. Its emissions contain sulfur
combines with air to create the poison gas sulfur
oxide. When this gas releases into the atmosphere, it
causes polluting rain. Extracting coal from mines
further damages soil and water resources, adding to
the disadvantages of using coal burning boilers.
While coal prices are expected to remain stable
natural gas prices are expected to increase as higher
cost natural gas reserves need to be developed to
meet growing demand and offset losses from
depleting gas wells. On the other hand, natural gas
based technologies have a capital cost advantage.
Whatever the costs may be, don’t you think it is better to use
natural gas rather than the coal boilers? Even though natural
gas is more costly than coal boilers it is less harmful to the
environment and to human health. It is always better to take
into considerations the things that are more important than
money. It is not wise to be thrifty over something that in a
long run would back fire on you and worst your kids. Long
term effects of coal boilers are scarier than the costs in terms
of money that it will bring us today. Environmental effects
and health issues will sure be more costly in the future.

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