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Acheron Subsea LBV 150

                 Company & Equipment sheet
                 Rev: 1.1
                                      Acheron Subsea
                            Excellence in Subsea Inspection

Background                                             drag. Despite this, the tether has a
                                                       remarkable operational strength of 100Kgs.
In 2010 Acheron Subsea took delivery of one
of the latest Little Benthic Vehicle (LBV) small       Rated at only 1200W, this system can easily
Observation class ROV to carry out inspection          operate from a single 110 or 220VAC power
and search & recovery operations to a depth            point.
of 150m.
                                                       The Seabotix LBV150 is capable of carrying
Spec                                                   out operations from hull and navigational
                                                       buoy moorings to oil and gas jacket surveys.
The LBV 150 provides high quality underwater           However, the real beauty of this system is
video or stills, through fibre optic cable, with       that it comes in 3 pelican cases, under 30Kgs
either a 570 line (0.2lux) Colour or a high
                                                       each, easily helicopter transportable and, can
contrast Black and White low light (0.02lux)           be set up within 1 hour for urgent
Camera.                                                requirements.


                                                       After market equipment fitted to the ROV
                                                       includes; the state of the art Tritech Micron
                                                       Scanning Sonar with an 80m radius sphere of
                                                       view. Standard lighting has been upgraded to
                                                       include 1 internal and 2 x external LED lights
                                                       tripling the standard illumination, and a set of
                                                       laser                                    diodes
Having a Length 530 x Height 250 x Width 250
mm and weighing only 12Kg, in standard
configuration, it is small enough to get in and
around the smallest of structures but is stable
enough to operate capably in 1½ Knots of

With auto depth and auto heading functions
mixed with auto trim, the vehicle is easy to fly
and to keep in position. The standard tether is
only 8mm in diameter (one of the thinnest on
the market) giving greater control to the pilot        have been fitted to provide accurate
and limiting the effect of current and tether          dimensioning of any target out to a range of
                                                       5m. Also upgraded is a 250m fibre optic

                                      Acheron Subsea
                           Excellence in Subsea Inspection

tether with an extra 2 spare twisted pairs to         During Feb/Mar 2012 Acheron was requested
allow for CP, UT equipment to be carried. Also        to provide internal shaft inspection of the
included is a single function manipulator with
soft line cutter attachment to allow cutting of
lines up to 19mm dia.


Additional equipment that can be supplied or
fitted on request include:

     Traklink mini USBL system
     Digi CP telemetry bottle
     Interlocking manip jaws                         Shell Phillippines Malampaya SWP. This was a
                                                      complex operation with remote location of
The system comes with extra spares but
                                                      the pilot station, abseiling required to the
additionally, Acheron has direct access to
                                                      shafts to open restricted access hatches, prox
Australian and Overseas Seabotix service
                                                      CP as well as sonar and video recording in
centres who can supply a replacement part or
                                                      chemically treated and open seawater
system within 24hours (in Australia), should it
                                                      environments to a depth of 40+ metres. The
be needed. Or we can supply an upgraded
                                                      internal structures ranged from simple to
vehicle with the capacity to cover operations
                                                      complex and limited access to support towers
in higher currents to 950m and carry out all
                                                      with multiple caissons and J tubes.
inspection tasks including CP, UT, FMD and
can carry the next generation multi beam              Experience
                                                      Although we are only a young company, at
                                                      Acheron we pride ourselves having
                                                      international accreditation and operational
                                                      experience in some of the most diverse areas
                                                      in the industry. From simple inspection jobs
                                                      to extensive jacket inspections, pipeline span
                                                      rectification, new jacket installations, subsea
                                                      module change outs, running tooling packages

Recent Projects

                                     Acheron Subsea
                          Excellence in Subsea Inspection

to deep subsea drilling. We also have
available highly experienced and regarded
ROV pilot / Supervisors ready to carry out
tasking at short notice, should it be required


For more information on the systems
capabilities please refer to the attached spec
sheet or contact Rick Dolstra via email on:                         or MOB +61 404
008 629 or phone +61 8 9591 2138 during
Australian business hours.

                                        Acheron Subsea
                            Excellence in Subsea Inspection

Acheron LBV150S2 - Specifications                                            HAD color - 0.2 Lux
                                                       Camera - Secondary    430 line B/W - 0.03
                                                       Focus                 Manual focus
Depth Rating               150 Meters                                        control via hand
                           Seawater (MSW) -                                  controller. 90mm to
                           500 Feet Seawater                                 infinity
                                                       Video Format          PAL
Length                     530 mm - 21 in
                                                       Output Signal         Composite
Width                      245 mm - 9.65 in
                                                       Transmission Type     Fibre
Height                     254 mm - 10 in
                                                       Internal Lighting     6 LED. Variable
Diagonal                   353 mm - 13.9 in                                  intensity via hand
Weight in Air              12 kg - 26.5 lbs                                  controller.
Protection                 Protective shell and
                           polyethylene                Control System
                           bumper frame                Configuration         Hand controller,
                                                                             monitor and surface
Thrusters                                                                    power supply built
Thruster configuration     Four (4) Brushless                                into protective case
                           DC thrusters - Two          Data Channels         3. 1 RS-232 for
                           (2) forward, one (1)                              LBV controls. 1 for
                           vertical and one (1)                              Sonar and beacon.
                           lateral. Each                                     1 spare
                           thruster is identical       Sensors               Heading, depth,
                           and isolated                                      temperature
Bollard Thrust (forward) 7 kgf - 15.4 ft/lbs           Auto Functions        Depth, heading,
Bollard Thrust (vertical) 3 kgf - 6.6 ft/lbs                                 trim
Bollard Thrust (lateral)   3 kgf - 6.6 ft/lbs
Speed at surface           3 knots - 3.45 mph -        Hand Controller
                           1.54 m/s                    Length                210 mm - 8.3 in
Max Operating Current      2 knots                     Width                 160 mm - 6.3 in
                                                       Height                75 mm - 3 in
Cameras & Lighting                                     Weight                650 grams - 1.4 lbs
Camera Tilt                180 degrees -               Joystick              Single - forward,
                           internal chassis                                  reverse, rotate left,
                           rotates                                           rotate right, roll left,
Range of View              270 degrees - 180                                 roll right
                           degrees from tilt, 90       Joystick Steps        32
                           degrees from
                           camera lens                 Vertical Thruster     Proportional control
Camera - Primary           570 line Ex-View
                                                       Additional Controls   Membrane keypad -

                                    Acheron Subsea
                        Excellence in Subsea Inspection

                        thruster gain               Strength Member         Kevlar
                        control, trim, auto         Buoyancy                Neutral in fresh
                        depth, auto                                         water - slightly
                        heading, camera                                     positive in
                        tilt, camera focus,                                 Seawater
                        camera switch, light
                        On/Off, light               Conductors              2 xTwisted pair with
                        intensity,                                          shield
                        accessories, video
                        overlay position,           On-Screen Information Display
                        power On/Off,
                                                    Information Displayed   Thruster gain
                                                                            settings, light level,
                                                                            Trim On/Off,
Safety                  I.P. 64 - splash                                    heading, depth,
                        proof                                               turns counter,
                                                                            camera angle,
Integrated Control Console                                                  water temperature,
                                                                            time, date, user text
Length                  452 mm - 17.8 in
                                                    User Text               Up to 28 characters
Width                   328 mm - 12.9 in
                                                    Positioning             Bottom, top or off
Height                  173 mm - 6.8 in
                                                    Menus                   Quick menu, setup,
Weight                  16 kg - 35.3 lbs                                    calibrate,
Input Voltage           100-130 VAC or                                      diagnostics, options
                        200-240 VAC
Power Requirement       1,200 Watts                 Transit Cases
                        maximum                     Case - 1
Safety                  Isolated input              Length                  762 mm - 30 in
                        power, circuit
                        breaker, line               Width                   516 mm - 20.3 in
                        insulation monitor,         Height                  452 mm - 17.8 in
                        leak detector.
                                                    Weight                  28.5 kg - 62.5 lbs
                        Meets and exceeds
                        "Code of Practice           Contents                LBV with options if
                        for the Safe Use of                                 fitted and spares kit
                        Electricity in Water"       Case - 2
Water Proofing          I.P. 64 - Splash            Length                  762 mm - 30 in
                                                    Width                   516 mm - 20.3 in
Umbilical                                           Height                  452 mm - 17.8 in
Diameter                8 mm - 0.3 in               Weight                  30kg - 66 lbs
                        nominal                     Contents                Umbilical,
Length                  250 meters                                          integrated console,
                                                                            spare thruster,
Working Strength        100 kgf                                             manuals and
Breaking Strength       600 kgf                                             vacuum pump.

                                   Acheron Subsea
                       Excellence in Subsea Inspection

Spares, Tools and Manuals
Spares Contents        Fastener kit, seal
                       kit, propellers,
                       spare Halogen
                       lamp, gel lube,
                       Kluber grease,
                       acrylic polish, fuse
Tool Contents          1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm
                       hex ball drivers, #1,
                       #2 Phillips screw
                       drivers, 10 mm
                       socket driver, small
                       straight blade
                       screwdriver, 11/16
                       socket, 19 mm
                       open end, O-ring
                       insertion tool,
                       vacuum pump
Spare Thruster         2 x Brushless DC
                       thruster assembly
Manuals                Operators manual,
                       service and repair


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