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									   Ron Eakes is a successful
Ron Eakes is a successful businessman and owns Mid
Plains Construction company in Plains KS. He started
this company in 1979 and since then he has expanded
the operations and now more than 70 full time
employees work in the company. He also owns three
concrete ready mix plants and have a successful
partnership in two large scale dairies. His construction
company offers various services such as general
construction, concrete construction, concrete ready
mix sales, concrete forming, concrete install, curing
concrete and advanced concrete construction.
Ron Eakes attended Dale Carnegie Course for
personal grooming and inculcating salesmanship,
public speaking and leadership skills. He started his
own construction company called Mid Plains
Construction Plains KS in 1979. This is one of the most
successful construction company in Kansas these days.
He has around 70 employees who are working under
his able guidance. Along with Mid Plains Construction
Plains KS, he also owns three ready mix plants and has
a partnership in two large scale dairies.
Ron Eakes also went for an extensive Dale Carnegie Course
which is a learn-by-doing course developed by Dale
Breckenridge Carnegie. Carnegie was a famous writer and
lecturer who wrote many self help books and developed
effective self-improvement courses to groom the personality o
people. The Dale Carnegie Course builds up self confidence
strengthens the skills of people, develops leadership qualities
and improves communication skills. This course also improves
the attitude and helps in reducing the stress. In 1979, Ron
Eakes established a construction company in Plains called Mid
Plains Construction.
Ron Eakes owns a construction company in Plains,
Kansas. This company, called Mid Plains
Constructions, was established in 1979 and has more
than 70 full-time employees. The company provides
variety of construction services such as Asphalt
Driveway Restructuring, Foundation repairs, floor
leveling, grading services, general construction,
concrete ready mix sales and advanced concrete
construction. The company caters to an array of
clients for 33 years.

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