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									Theory of Job satisfaction


Job satisfaction in Maslow's theory of motivation that ranks high. Because it deals with the human
purpose to realize and actualize their potential in the job. However, motivation is sometimes blocked by
a wide range of routines, resistance less balanced work environment, or situation and the working set is
ergonomically not support an increase in labor productivity. Employee stress and job satisfaction is
coveted as the two conditions are not only related, but at the same antagonistic.
Employees and the company are two things that can not be separated. Employees play a major role in
running the company's life. If the employee has a labor productivity and motivation is high, the rate of
wheel will run faster, which ultimately will result in better performance and achievement for the
company. On the other hand, how could the wheels are going well, if the work is not productive
employees, meaning employees do not have high morale, not resilient in the work and have low morale.
It is the duty of management to employee morale and morale has a high and persistent work. Based on
experience and from some books I have ever read, usually employees who are satisfied with what he got
from the company will give you more of what to expect and he will continue to improve its
performance. Instead of employees who work satisfaction low, tend to see the work as being dull and
boring, so he works with forced and perfunctory. For it is a necessity for companies to identify any
factors that make employees satisfied with the company. With employee satisfaction, productivity will
Many companies believe that income, wages or salary are the main factors that affect employee
satisfaction. So when the company was already providing sufficient salary, he felt that the employees
are satisfied. The truth is not absolute job satisfaction is influenced by salary alone. Many factors affect
the job satisfaction of employees, including the suitability of work, organizational policies including
opportunities for growth, work environment and employer behavior.

To further believes that the chance of developing a major factor for job satisfaction, we can compare the
level of satisfaction of new employees and old employees in the company. New employees tend to have
higher levels of satisfaction than employees who work for longer period. This is because, typically new
employees get more attention from management, especially from direct superiors. More attention is
because as a new employee, management will certainly clarify their responsibilities and duties. So
established communication between superiors and subordinates. This makes them feel cared for and
eager to work. Even some new employees who receive some training to support its work in the early
years of service.

Meanwhile, long-time employee who has worked within a certain time, will feel boredom. They want a
change and a new challenge in his work. These challenges include both the magnitude of the
responsibility or perhaps the type of work. When a company does not give them the opportunity to
grow, this will make them demotivation, lazy work and productivity down. When this feeling is felt by
most long-time employee, you can imagine how low the level of productivity of the company as a whole
and if allowed the company will lose money.

One of the famous cigarette company PT. XYZ in East Java that has been in operation over 80 years has
created a corporate culture that became a vision and mission for the direction of good productivity.
But demonstrations in Transport Division PT. XYZ is caused by the presence of management policies for
the use of transport services outside the company for the delivery of goods to various areas.
Management's decision to use external freight, as delivery of goods to a variety of often experience
delays. By wearing this outside party transportation services, then the driver and helper are incentives it
receives will be reduced. So is the premium out of town trips, overtime pay or other compensation will
be lost. This is what triggered the drivers and conductors protest demonstration against corporate

The author would like to analyze why the case of the driver and helper demonstrations PT. XYZ in East
Java against the leadership of the company.


An organization / company consists of inputs, processes and outcomes. Input is the components that are
outside the organization such as human resources and government regulations. The process includes
components such as motivation, perception, communication, leadership and conflict. While the
component outcomes include individual and group performance and organizational effectiveness.
Understand more about one of the components of the organization, then the kit aperlu understand that
every individual as a resource, people in an organization / company have values of work (work values),
that is a personal belief of a worker on the results of what is expected from his job and how he should
behave at work.

Work values dibadi 2 is the intrinsic work values (intrinsic work values) and extrinsic work value
(extrinsic work value). George & Jones provide a comparison between the value of the work as follows in
the table:

Intrinsic work values extrinsic work value

- Work of interest - high salary

- Work that challenges - Security job

- Learn something new - Benefits of work

- Making an important contribution - Status of the wider community

- Potentially high - Social contacts

- Responsibility and autonomy - Time with family
- Be creative - Time for a hobby and because they have the values of work, they also have a working
attitude. Attitudes by Robbins (2001) is an evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects,
people, or events. Attitude is not the same as the value, but both are connected.
Robbins pointed out that behavioral research organization has focused on three types of attitudes are:
1. Job satisfaction (job satisfaction)

Refers to an individual's general attitude toward his work.

2. Involvement of work (job involvement)

Is a measure of the extent to which a person's degree of impartiality

Psychological their work and consider their performance as measure of self-esteem.

3. Organizational commitment (organizational commitment)

Is the degree of the extent to which an employee of an organization's impartiality and intends to
maintain a certain membership in the organization of the three types of attitudes that a component of
determining the attitude of employees, then formed a complacency / absence of one's work.
According to Robbins (2001) defined job satisfaction as a person's general attitude toward his work. This
definition implies a broad. In other words, job satisfaction is a complex summation of a number of
elements of the work that distinguished and separated from each other (discrete job elements). When
referring to the George & Jones (2002), a collection of job satisfaction and beliefes feelings people have
about their work. Disclosure of employee dissatisfaction can be delivered in 4 ways:

1. Voice Response (active & constructive, give advice)

2. Response Loyalty (passive: do nothing / constructive: hope conditions improve)

3. Repon neglect (Pasive: do not wanna know / Destructive: let conditions deteriorate)

4. Response Exit (Destructive: employee exit / Active: find a new job)


From the framework above, then I think the demonstrations are caused by the intrinsic value of ektrinsik
and the drivers are not getting job satisfaction:

Intrinsic work values for PT "XYZ"

Work not interesting, probably because the day to day just to drive a car, work less challenging, because
it used to work there so it was not a challenge, not to learn something new, not making contributions
penting.Karena system has been running, so just run alone, without need to create a new concept, is
considered high potential, because it can drive, less responsibility and autonomy, because salaries and
small facilities, less creative, because doing things the monotonous every day.

Ektrinsik work values for PT 'XYZ'
Salaries are not high so they work only because it was already paid and reluctant bernuat over their
jobs, Occupational Safety, there is no job security for transport use outside of the company, job gains,
the gains will not work anymore, because there is no premium travel, money overtime and other
compensation lost due to transport from the outside, the status of the wider community, social contact,
time with family, time for hobbies, maybe did not have much time for it.
Rated value of the above then arise attitude caused by:

1. Job Satisfaction reduced, marked by demonstrations by the demands of facility improvements and
increased compensation annually

2. Job Involvement reduced, because it was considered incapable of making them touch the ego self
3. Organizational Commitment is a personal need, they are more concerned about the money that can
go into their pockets rather than the professionalism of the company as a whole.
And the formation of attitudes that lead them to their dissatisfaction mengungkapakan Voice Response
(active and Konstruktiv), they issued suaa by demonstration. The point is they still want so
transportation is not submitted on the outside but still run by them.


Demonstration of cases at PT. XYZ East Java can be concluded that the management company PT. XYZ in
East Java has not comprehend and understand the concepts of values, attitudes and job satisfaction in
the implementation of the Company or Organizational Behavior

Supposedly before taking a policy and the company's decision to change the company's policies,
especially the old and routine, the management company must first understand and learn the concepts
of values, attitudes and job satisfaction.

Efektive communications should be taken by the company in order to obtain agreement bias are
encouraging. Some hints for the lead in communicating with members:

• Leaders must be committed to the importance of communication

• Measures must be in accordance with the words of

• Kommit for two-way communication

• An emphasis on face to face communication

• Make sure that the employees get the right information and enough

• Dealing with bad news

• The need for information is not the same for every employee / group

• Treat communication as an ongoing process .Because of the organization, communication has four
functions, antaralain:
• Provide information according to the needs of members of the organization to make decisions.
• As a tool to motivate members. Communication is needed to explain the purpose of the organization,
providing feedback towards the achievement of objectives and strengthening the behavior of members.
• As a means to control behavior.

• As a medium to express an emotion

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