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									    Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian
       Bay Clean-Up Fund (LSGBCUF)
                                              Application Form

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Recipient                                                                           Project No.
Name (Legal name of the Recipient):


Phone: (       )       -                      Fax: (     )     -                 Email:
Charitable/Non-Profit Organization Registration No. (if available)
                                           Contacts must be knowledgeable on the contents of the application.
Project Contacts
Name:                                                              Name:

Title:                                                             Title:

Phone (work): (            )       -                               Phone (work): (        )       -

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                                                                            Application Form

 Project Details
 Project Description Briefly describe your project including overall objectives (what, where, when, why,
 size and scope); methods utilized; expected benefits and highlights (reduction in the release of
 phosphorous to Lake Simcoe and/or South-eastern Georgian Bay, volunteer commitments, innovative
 programs/technologies, etc); and future direction or next steps as appropriate. Is there a knowledge
 sharing component?

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                  2
                                                                                        Application Form

 Project Summary
 Project Title

 Project Location
 (city, town, village, county, district, municipality)

 Start Date                          End Date                             Length:     months

 When determining the project start date, please take into account the information provided by the program (i.e., for Fall
 funding round, no project can start before April 1st of the following year) and the negotiation of a Contribution Agreement with
 the Government of Canada.

 Prior History with Environment Canada
 Identify if your group is a new or returning applicant/recipient of funding from Environment Canada.
     First time applying for funding                       Previously applied but did not receive funding
     Past recipient of funding
 If you are a past successful recipient of Environment Canada, please provide the funding program

 Project Budget
 Please be accurate and thorough when reporting contributions by various agencies. Program staff will
 be reporting on the overall progress of the Lake Simcoe/ South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund,
 including resources provided by other supporting organizations, and we do not wish to discredit those
 who have assisted with the project.

 The LSGBCUF seeks to support one-third of the required resources for a project but will consider up to
 two-thirds funding. Please ensure that your budget does not go beyond a 2/3 federal contribution (for all
 federal sources of cash and in-kind contributions).

 For projects reporting municipal sources of funding for a multi-year project, please note that funding
 contributions must be confirmed by a municipality upon signing of an agreement.

 Please provide a breakdown of resources required and funding sources to implement the project.
 Please ensure that your budget includes the cost for an independent audit if your project exceeds

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                                           3
                                                                                       Application Form

 BUDGET Part 1 – Human Resources
      Human Resources                                        Costs                         Funding Sources
                                           No. of                    Time    Total                       Other
 Service                                               Rate                           LSGBCUF
                                           People                   (each)   Cost               Cash          In-Kind
 e.g., volunteer planters                    10           $8/hr     40 hrs   $3200                            $3200

 e.g., coordinator salary                    1         $25/hr                $25000    $15000   $10000

 e.g. bookkeeping services                   1         $25/hr        100     $2500     $1500                   1000

                             Budget Part 1 – Human Resources

 BUDGET Part 2 – Materials, Supplies and Equipment
       Material, Supplies and
                                                                  Costs                    Funding Sources
                                                    No. of         Unit      Total                   Other
                      Item                                                            LSGBCUF
                                                    Units          Cost      Cost               Cash      In-Kind
 e.g., native plant seedlings                        500            $1       $500       $250     $250

 e.g., rental of excavator with operator             40           $150/hr    $6000     $4000    $2000

 e.g. boulders                                                               $1000                            $1000

 e.g., erosion control structures                     4           $1000      $4000     $1000    $1000         $2000

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                               4
                                                                            Application Form

    Budget Part 2 – Materials, Supplies and Equipment

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                      5
                                                                                                Application Form

 BUDGET Part 3 – Other Expenditures
          Other Expenditures                                            Costs                       Funding Sources
                                                           No. of         Unit         Total                  Other
 Item                                                                                          LSGBCUF
                                                           Units          Cost         Cost              Cash      In-kind
 e.g., newspaper ad                                           2           $150         $300                            $300

 e.g., translation services                                  100         $20/hr    $2000        $1000    $1000

                            Budget Part 3 – Other Expenditures

 Revenue Identify if the project will generate revenue.                                                          Yes    No
 If yes, include an approximate value of revenues in the Total cash contribution row below.

 Funding Summary
 Total contribution requested from the Lake Simcoe /
 South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund                                          $
 (The LSGBCUF will target a federal contribution of 1/3, but will allow up to
 2/3 contribution of the total cost of a project)

 Total cash contribution from other sources (including

 Total in-kind contribution from other sources                                    +$

 Total project value                                                              =$

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                                     6
                                                                                     Application Form

 Fiscal Year Breakdown
 If your project takes place over more than one fiscal year, April 1st to March 31st, please provide your
 best estimate of the funds required from the Fund per fiscal year.

 April 1st, 20               to March 31st, 20                               $

 April 1st, 20

 April 1st, 20

 April 1st, 20
                             to March 31st, 20

                             to March 31st, 20

                             to March 31st, 20

                                                                   Total =



                                                                                             }      Amount

 Other Funding Sources
 Please list all cash contributions and in-kind support from other funding sources, including ALL
 Government of Canada sources. For example, in-kind support may include: donations of equipment;
 materials; office space; volunteer time; and professional services.
 Please note: you must provide partner support letter(s) from all funding sources to indicate the cash or
 fair market value of the contribution being made. If letter(s) are not available at the time a completed
 application is submitted they may be sent at a later date. However, all letters must be received before
 a Contribution Agreement is signed with the Government of Canada.

 Source Contribution
                                                                                             Value of     Letter
 Partner Name                                    Description                     Cash
                                                                                             In-Kind    Included
 e.g., ABC Nursery                        Cash donation                              $250                 Yes

                                                                  Total          $           $

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                          7
                                                                            Application Form

 Project Details
 Environmental Priorities
 Identify the Environment Canada environmental priority issue the project primarily addresses:
    Research & Monitoring
    Conservation of critical aquatic habitats & their associated species populations
    Reduction of rural & urban non-point source phosphorous / nutrients
    Reduction of point source of phosphorous
 Context (Explain why the project is needed (include pictures and figures if available) and how the
 project assists with the goals of the LSGBCUF. Include previous attempts to solve the problem if

 Project Location
 Include a map of project/site location(s)

 Project Team (leader, in-house/team, external contractor, etc)

 Project Collaborators and their roles

 Site Description
 Describe conditions within and adjacent to the area in which your project will be located.
 Indicate the approximate distance from the proposed project to the nearest surface water source
 (where appropriate) and include unit measure (m, km, ft, yd or miles).

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                             8
                                                                            Application Form

 Project Approach / Work Plan
 Include environmental benefits and disadvantages of any considered alternatives to the project. If
 available, include information that supports the effectiveness of your proposed approach.

 Describe the tasks/activities and methods as applicable (modeling/computational analysis, field study,
 field implementation, or construction, etc.) related to each phase of the project in detail (e.g. planning,
 site preparation, construction, operation, and monitoring) including who will do each task or activity and
 who will manage the work and how. Please identify use of any heavy equipment for in-water or
 shoreline works if applicable.

 If your project involves planting, please supply a planting plan outlining your native species you will be
 using and where they will be planted on the site.

 If your project involves a fish habitat component, please identify benefits to cold or warm water fishes.

 Does you project include a knowledge transfer component? Will you share the results of your project
 within your community. If so, how?

 Schedule of Activities Include a schedule of project activities and a timeline for your project (indicate
 when each activity will start and finish). Describe any time limitations (i.e. Does the field component
 have to occur before a certain date? Describe any project activities that may not be subject to delay
 (i.e. the requirement for construction permits/approvals or construction work that is weather dependent)
 and consider potential delays into your project timeline.

 Supporting Documentation Provide a list of other relevant information available such as water and
 sediment quality data, planting plans and construction designs, scientific publications, permits required
 to complete the project as applicable. Is the project linked with existing management/conservation
 plans and strategies?

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                      9
                                                                            Application Form

 Monitoring Describe monitoring, or other follow-up activities, designed to assess the project’s success
 for the duration of the project and in the long term.

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                  10
                                                                              Application Form

 Measurable Achievements: Clearly identify the specific performance measures that will be submitted to
 LSGBCUF during the project, and at the end of project activities. (Itemize and describe project
 accomplishments and final products as concrete and measurable as possible (e.g. restore X kilometres
 of riparian habitat, implement X number of nutrient management plans, restrict X number of cows from
 streams, convert X hectares of land to conservation tillage, reduce annual phosphorus loading by X
 tonnes to X watershed{s}, reports, engineering drawings, monitoring plan, data report and etc as
 appropriate.) Once you have identified which environmental indicators you will track, assign an
 appropriate target for each.
 Examples of Environmental Indicators for LSGBCUF (Measurable achievements)

   Phosphorus diverted from use or reduced ________ # of Kilograms per year

   Number of livestock restricted from surface waters _____ # of cows
   Fencing installed to restrict livestock access to surface waters _______ # of metres

   Reduction in Sediment release _______ Tonnes per year
   Reduction in fecal coliform _______ CFU/100ml water

   Stream/lake bank protected or stabilized _______ # of kilometres or ______ area m2
   Erosion Control Structures constructed ________ # of kilometres or _______ area m2

   Environmental Management plans implemented/signed ________ # of plans
   Environmental Farm Plans implemented/signed __________ # of plans
   Links to existing management/conservation plans & strategies __________                name of plan

   Water saving devices installed ___________ # of devices
   Improved septic system maintenance (e.g. reduction of phosphorus in ________ # of septic systems)
   Number of downspouts disconnected ________ # of downspouts

   Native plants, trees and shrubs planted ________ # of plants/trees/shrubs _______ area m2

   In-stream structures installed ________ # of structures
   Aquatic habitat created or restored _______ # of Hectares
   Wetlands/aquatic ecosystem created, restored, or rehabilitated ________ # of Hectares

   Shoreline habitat created/restored ___________ # of Hectares
   Shoreline habitat preserved/protected ________ # of Hectares
   Habitat permanently protected ________ # of Hectares (acquisition, easement, covenant agreement)

   Habitat protected by land stewardship agreement _________ # of Hectares

   Others _________ # of units

 Items to support a Technical Review
 Project managers are requested to provide the following information to support a technical review by a
 multi-partite committee to determine whether the project meets one or more of the objectives of the

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                 11
                                                                            Application Form

 program; is technically sound and feasible; and project activities can provide tangible results. The nature
 and extent of this information should reflect the perceived environmental impacts of the project.

 Project Description
 Please include the following:
  title;
  location (provide a map);
  rationale for the proposed undertaking;
  schedule of activities;
  methodologies (identify any earthworks, habitat structures, in-water or near water works, operation of
 heavy equipment, vehicles, or vessels for in-water or shoreline works;
  vegetation clearing;
  evaluation of environmental benefits and disadvantages of any considered alternatives to the project;
 and, planting plans and construction drawings.

 Existing Environment
 Describe the existing socio-economic and biophysical conditions. Provide or indicate the availability of
 water and sediment quality data.

 Federal/Provincial/Other Regulatory Agencies Consulted
 List each organization contacted, the contact person, the date and nature of consultation (e.g. letter),
 Result of contact, regulatory approval/permit required, etc. Attach all relevant documentation, including
 copies of all permits, letters of advice, or other environmental assessments undertaken by other agencies.

 Public Consultation and Notification
 List each organization or individual contacted, the date and method of consultation (e.g. public meeting)
 And summarize the results and comments received.

 Environmental Effects of the Project
 Identify environmental effects that could or will occur because of project-related activities. Indicate the
 likelihood of these impacts, assess their significance and describe the methods used to evaluate them.
  biophysical effects – positive and negative impacts upon land, air, water, substrate, terrestrial and
 aquatic species
  directly related socio-economic effects – positive and negative impacts upon human health, physical
 and cultural heritage, aboriginal lands and activities, and any structure or site that is of historical,
 archaeological, architectural or paleontological significance
  transboundary effects (e.g. impacts across provincial or national boundaries, including impacts on and
 off First Nation reserve lands)
  changes to the project because of environmental effects (e.g., flooding, ice jamming, drought)

 Mitigating measures proposed for any potentially adverse environmental effects must be detailed.

 Cumulative environmental effects that may result from project activities should be identified and
 evaluated. It is essential to consider upstream and downstream influences and the potential impacts of
 any past, existing and future projects.

 Monitoring and other follow-up activities:

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                    12
                                                                                  Application Form

 Describe methods that will be used to evaluate project’s effectiveness, to determine its success or failure
 and to monitor against the possibility of accidents. Be specific about goals, methodologies, scheduling,
 duration and analyses.

 Other Related Documentation:
 Provide or make reference to any other relevant documents, such as master plans, site audits and
 provincial environmental assessment reports.

                                                   Project Specific Details
  If your proposed project involves any of the following activities, please ensure you have also included
  details such as, but not limited to, those listed below.
  a) Non-point source control projects
       fencing to restrict         Type of fencing, fence height, # of livestock and distance from any water body
      livestock from water
                                  Type of livestock watering system, # of livestock it will serve, nature of
     livestock watering         connection to a water body
                                  Dimension, composition and capacity (volume and # days per year) of nutrient
     nutrient storages and      storage management system and its distance from a water body; type of nutrient
      management                 to be managed and the schedule for any onsite application

     private septic system       Nature of septic system upgrade and repair and confirmation it meets applicable
      repairs and upgrades       by-laws. Set back from shoreline.

  b) Habitat projects
  In-water construction, e.g.,   Waterbody name & location, existing fish & wildlife communities, habitat function of
  habitat islands, reefs,        impacted area (e.g., spawning, migration route), water levels and circulation,
  headlands and groynes          predominant wind & wave action, project timing in relation to fish* & wildlife
                                 communities, design (include type of substrate to be used, shape, slopes, height,
                                 size & orientation of the proposed structure), stabilization methods, proposed
                                 vegetation and other habitat enhancements.
  Shoreline stabilization        Waterbody name & location, existing fish & wildlife communities, habitat function of
  using heavy equipment          impacted area (e.g., spawning, migration route), existing vegetation, stabilization
                                 methods, type of heavy equipment to be used, project timing in relation to fish
                                 communities*, revegetation plans detailing species.
  Installation of barriers to    Waterbody name & location, existing fish & wildlife communities, use of impacted
  restrict fish passage (done    area (e.g., spawning, migration route), water levels and circulation, project timing in
  temporarily during             relation to fish communities*, barrier design and operation.
  construction activities)

  Wetland                        Name and location of any connecting waterbody, hydrological regime of site (e.g.,
  construction/enhancement       groundwater recharge, floodplain, ephemeral), current and/or proposed use of
                                 wetland, existing fish, wildlife, vegetation communities and habitat function, previous
                                 land use (e.g., historical dumping or industrial use, pesticides applied in the past 12
                                 months), project timing in relation to fish*, water levels and circulation, location of
                                 any CSO and stormwater outfalls, water & sediment quality data at inflow and
                                 outflow of wetland, wetland design including planting plans and species lists.

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                              13
                                                                                 Application Form

  c) Point Source

   Municipal wastewater          Describe how this is new and innovative.
   Stormwater systems            Management responsibility, location, size, volume, drainage area and where does it
                                 drain to? Photos of existing conditions, designs, permit approval status, shouldn’t be in
                                 new subdivision, type of upgrade, monitoring plans involved, long term maintenance,
                                 BMP used e.g., planting, novel technology used? Sediment contaminant studies,
                                 status of public review and tender process timelines. Amount of phosphorus diverted.
                                 Status of feasibility study.
  d) Supporting Studies
  Studies/Monitoring involving     Any existing baseline monitoring, analytical background studies, and master plans;
  physical work (construction)     proposed water quality, vegetation and wildlife monitoring during and post project
                                   implementation; project evaluation criteria.

 Other Relevant Information
 If required, this space is provided for inclusion of any other relevant project information that was not
 captured in other sections.

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                             14
                                                                            Application Form

 Application Checklist
     A complete and signed Application Form, including all budget and funding source information.

     Letters of confirmation from other funding sources-cash and in-kind. It is highly recommended that
     all letters be forwarded with the Application Form — (if unavailable at the time of submission, letters
     may follow at a later date). (Note: all letters are to be dated and signed.)

     Copies of any required permits from federal, provincial/territorial or municipal governments, or other
     regulating organizations.

     Other supporting information (if applicable) such as: site maps; species lists; and general letters of

 We certify that the information provided in this application, including all enclosures, is accurate to the
 best of our knowledge and that we are authorized to sign on behalf of the group (two signatures are

 Name:                                                        Name:

 Title:                                                       Title:

 Signature:                                                   Signature:

 Date:                                                        Date:

Lake Simcoe / South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund – Application Form                                      15

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