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									Everything You Need to Know About the Loans Expert Refund

Loans Expert is one of the most trusted loan comparison sites in the UK. It’s easy to see why this is the
case. After all, a lot of people depend on it since they know that the company is very reputable. A lot of
people are comforted by the fact that the site is partnered with hundreds of lenders and more than a
thousand loans. This is why they have no problems applying.

Is there a Fee for Using this Service?

Of course, being a business, it’s just right that the site requires a fee for people to use their dependable
service. After submitting your debit or credit details, you will be asked to pay a fee of £69.50. Now, this
fee is small compared to other services. In addition, it’s also a small fee considering the bigger picture
that it can help you get a loan.

But still, most people want to protect themselves which is just right. You want to make sure that you’re
protected and part of being protected is checking out if there’s a Loans Expert refund. You want to
know that if in case things don’t work out, can you get a refund for the £69.50 fee?
You are Protected

Since the site takes pride in being a legal business, and with the help of the protection given by the
Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004, a Loans Expert refund is possible provided
that you cancel your agreement with Loans Expert within 14 days of receiving the terms and conditions
of the service. You’ll get a full refund which will be given to you within 30 days of sending your request.

How to Get a Refund

The request should be made in writing. You should make a written request to cancel the agreement and
get a refund and send the request to this address: Loans Expert, Office 5344, London, W1A 6US. For more
information about loans expert refund please visit http://stephencook.webnode.com/news/taking-your-first-loan-

You can get more information about getting a Loans Expert refund by going to the site and checking out
the Terms & Conditions section. You should also check out the other terms and conditions of using the
service to make sure that you’re fully protected.

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