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					     Network London
       IT Services
          IT Support In London
• Our virtual desktop IT
  system is the ultimate way to
  keep your data and your
  company safe and secure
  with built-in disaster
  recovery as standard. You
  will never have to purchase
  expensive hardware or
  Microsoft Office licenses
     IT Support & Outsourcing
• Let Network London add value
  to your business. Outsource
  your IT Support and helpdesk
  requirements so you can
  concentrate on your core
  business activities. Using the
  best industry tools, your
  support requirements will be
  met with the expertise you
     Cloud Computing Services

• Cloud hosting solutions give
  you enterprise infrastructure
  without the headache of
  managing large, complex
  systems. Network London's
  hosted desktops and virtual
  servers empower your staff
  with fast, global access from
  multiple devices.
           Email filtering service
• Network London’s email filtering service adds value to
  your business and provides much needed security against
  malicious emails and viruses.
                  Web Services
• web development services
  team have been developing
  bespoke websites and web
  applications for over 10
  years and have had the
  privileged of delivering real
  success and benefits for vast
  organizations across the
                Hosted Desktops
• If you want speed, security, compliance and the ability to
  access your cloud hosted desktops via iPhones, iPads,
  Android, Apple and Windows devices, we have the ultimate
  solution for you.

• Our customers enjoy 99.99% service guarantees and we work
  to strict compliance standards such as ISO, FSA, SEC and
  FINRA. We provide satisfaction and peace of mind to
  customers across multiple industries such as hedge funds and
  financial institutions, recruitment, professional services,
  accountants, publishing, surveying, insurance and fashion.

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Description: Network London is a boutique IT company that delivers outstanding IT & Web solutions that add massive value to your business. Clients range from hedge funds, financial institutions, leisure organisations, retail chains and professional service businesses.