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									Engineer                                               International qualification recognition is the process of
                                                       verifying that the knowledge, skills, work experience and
Engineering in                                         education obtained in another country are comparable to the
New Brunswick                                          standards established for Canadian professionals.
In New Brunswick, engineering is a
regulated occupation. To practise as                 Step Two: Examinations                  is uncertain about your academic
a professional engineer, you must                    APEGNB reviews your university          qualifications. The examinations
complete the qualification process.1                 background and compares it to           assigned are based on your discipline.
                                                     a Canadian engineering degree.          You may also be required to take
You cannot call yourself or advertise                                                        examinations on non-technical
                                                     An examination program may be
yourself as an engineer if you are                                                           subjects, for example, engineering
                                                     assigned to ensure that academic
not licensed. During the licensing                                                           economics or management.
                                                     requirements are met.
process, however, you can work in                                                            Examination sittings are held twice a
an engineering field if a licensed                   APEGNB will assign an examination       year.
professional engineer takes                          program if you do not have a
responsibility for your work. Once you               bachelor’s degree in engineering
have met the academic requirements                                                           Step Three: Work experience
                                                     from a recognized university or if it
for licensure, you may also wish to                                                          APEGNB evaluates your previous
enrol as an engineer-in-training to                                                          engineering experience. The
receive advice and guidance from the                   The Association of                    evaluation is based on the application
Association of Professional Engineers                  Professional Engineers                of engineering theory, practical
and Geoscientists of New Brunswick                     and Geoscientists of New              experience, exposure to project
(APEGNB) (www.apegnb.com).                                                                   management, communication skills
                                                       Brunswick (APEGNB)
                                                                                             and the recognition of the social
                                                       was incorporated in                   implications of engineering.
How do I get my                                        1920 and is governed
credentials recognized?                                by the Engineering and                Four years of acceptable engineering
                                                       Geoscience Professions                experience is required. Experience
Step One: Submitting                                                                         obtained outside Canada may be
                                                       Act (1999). APEGNB is
                                                                                             acceptable if sufficient documentation
required documents                                     responsible for regulating            is provided. A minimum of 12 months
Contact APEGNB. You will be asked                      the practice of engineering           of acceptable experience must be
to submit at least the following                       and geoscience and                    completed in a Canadian environment
documents:                                             for governing these                   to ensure that you are familiar with
                                                       professions in accordance             Canadian codes and standards.
    • Proof of residency in Canada or
      Canadian citizenship.                            with the act and the                  You may enrol as an engineer-in-
                                                       bylaws; establishing and              training once all your academic
    • Original diplomas, degrees or full
      transcripts recording your courses               maintaining standards                 requirements are met while you are
      and marks, and the official program              of knowledge and skill                gaining your 12 months of Canadian
      syllabuses or course descriptions.               among its members;                    work experience.

    • The names of people willing and                  and establishing and
      able to act as employment and                    maintaining standards of
      character references.                            professional ethics among
All documents must be officially                       its members.
translated in English or French.
    The qualification process is the same for all
    applicants, both domestic and foreign trained.
Step Four: Professional                                                         Before you arrive
practice exam                               There are many resources            While you are waiting to come to New
You must write and pass the                 available to help you               Brunswick, there are many important
professional practice exam – a two          find employment in New              things you can do to improve your
hour, closed book examination               Brunswick, including                chances of success.
designed to ensure familiarity with
Canadian professional practice
                                                                                The Foreign Credentials Referral
and ethics, engineering law and             agencies and job banks.             Office (www.credentials.gc.ca) is
professional liability. (The passing        Visit                               an organization of the Government
grade is 65 per cent and the cost to        www.gnb.ca/immigration.             of Canada that provides helpful
write the exam is listed on the APEGNB                                          resources. The Government of New
website.) Normally, you would write it                                          Brunswick has specially designed tools
any time after you have completed the     Additional resources                  to help you make Canada your home.
assigned examination program.             New Brunswick Immigration Portal      Please visit www.gnb.ca/immigration.
Once all the requirements for licensure                                         Use these resources to find important
are met, the association will issue you   Citizenship and Immigration Canada    information and to develop your job
a licence to practise engineering in      www.cic.gc.ca                         search plan.
New Brunswick.                            Service Canada
                                          www.servicecanada.gc.ca               Also, while you are preparing to
                                                                                move to New Brunswick, you can
Finding a job in                          Foreign Credentials Referral Office   contact APEGNB to enquire about the
                                          www.credentials.gc.ca                 documents that you will be required
New Brunswick
                                          Service New Brunswick www.snb.ca      to complete for the accreditation
There is a need for engineers in both                                           process and make sure that you have
big cities and smaller communities        NB Jobs www.nbjobs.ca                 collected all the documentation
across New Brunswick; you can also                                              before moving to Canada.
                                          Working in New Brunswick Tool
find jobs in one of the two official      www.gnb.ca/immigration
languages of the province: English                                              New Brunswick is a bilingual province.
or French. You should take time           Government of Canada Job Bank         To complete the foreign qualification
to research job requirements and          www.jobbank.gc.ca                     recognition process successfully and
develop a plan for finding work. You                                            to secure employment, you need to
can ask for help. There are many                                                have an intermediate/high level of
resources available that you can use                                            English and/or French.
before coming to New Brunswick and
after you are here. For example, you                                            You might need to prove – or be
can register on the APEGNB website,                                             tested-on your language skills in
which is a free job service for those                                           English or French. You can find
seeking engineering jobs.                                                       information at www.language.ca. If
                                                                                you need to improve your language
Also, in New Brunswick, there are                                               skills, start before you come to
immigrant-serving agencies that                                                 Canada.
can help you create your resumé
and prepare for interviews. You can
contact these organizations before
you arrive to find out available
services. For a full list, please visit


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