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									    MicroGreens                    MicroGreens                   PetiteGreens                 PetiteGreens                  TenderGreens™
Micro Amaranth Red           Micro Mizuna                 Petite Amaranth Red           Petite Okra                   TenderGreens Arugula
Micro Anise                  Micro Mustard Dijon™         Petite Arugula                Petite Onion                  TenderGreens Basil Italian
Micro Arugula                Micro Mustard Red            Petite Arugula Sylvetta       Petite Orach Red              TenderGreens Broccolo Spigariello
Micro Arugula Sylvetta       Micro Okra                   Petite Basil Cinnamon         Petite Oregano                TenderGreens Bull's Blood
Micro Asian Mallow           Micro Onion                  Petite Basil Italian          Petite Pak Choy               TenderGreens Chervil
Micro Basil Cinnamon         Micro Oregano                Petite Basil Lemon            Petite Pak Choy Red           TenderGreens Fennel
Micro Basil Italian          Micro Pak Choy               Petite Basil Licorice         Petite Parsley Curled         TenderGreens Mizuna
Micro Basil Lemon            Micro Parsley Curled         Petite Basil Nutmeg™          Petite Parsley Italian        TenderGreens Mustard Red
Micro Basil Licorice         Micro Parsley Italian        Petite Basil Opal             Petite Parsnip                TenderGreens Pak Choy
Micro Basil Nutmeg™          Micro Pepper Green           Petite Basil Sacred           Petite Pea Green              TenderGreens Sorrel
Micro Basil Opal             Micro Radish Daikon          Petite Basil Spicy Globe      Petite Pumpkin Green          TenderGreens Tatsoi
Micro Basil Thai             Micro Radish Ruby™           Petite Basil Thai             Petite Sage                   TenderGreens Watercress
Micro Benitade               Micro Rapini                 Petite Benitade               Petite Sea Beans
Micro Borage                 Micro Sage                   Petite Broccolo Spigariello   Petite Sea Fennel                TenderGreens™ Mixes
Micro Broccoli               Micro Salad Burnet           Petite Bull's Blood           Petite Sea Grass              TenderGreens Asian Salad
Micro Brussels Sprouts       Micro Savory                 Petite Buzz Leaf™             Petite Shiso Green            TenderGreens Chard Mix
Micro Bull's Blood           Micro Sea Beans              Petite Celery                 Petite Shiso Korean           TenderGreens Herb Salad
Micro Buzz Leaf™             Micro Shiso Green            Petite Chervil                Petite Shiso Red              TenderGreens Italian Salad
Micro Cabbage Chinese        Micro Shiso Korean           Petite Chives                 Petite Shungiku               TenderGreens Primavera Salad
Micro Cabbage Red            Micro Shiso Red              Petite Chives Garlic          Petite Sorrel
Micro Caraway                Micro Shungiku               Petite Cilantro               Petite Spinach Lilac™
Micro Carrot Fern Leaf       Micro Sorrel                 Petite Dill                   Petite Spinach New Zealand
Micro Carrot Top             Micro Tangerine Lace™        Petite Edamame™               Petite Spinach Sweet Red™
Micro Celery                 Micro Tarragon               Petite Epazote                Petite Stevia™
Micro Celery Feather Leaf™   Micro Tatsoi                 Petite Fava Leaf™             Petite Tangerine Lace™
Micro Chamomile              Micro Thyme                  Petite Fennel                 Petite Tarragon Spanish
Micro Chervil                Micro Turnip Greens          Petite Frisee                 Petite Tatsoi
Micro Chinese Cedar          Micro Verdolaga              Petite Haricot Leaf™          Petite Thyme
Micro Chives                 Micro Wasabi                 Petite Hearts on Fire™        Petite Verdolaga
Micro Cilantro                        MicroGreens Mixes   Petite Iceplant               Petite Watercress
Micro Cress Pepper           Micro Absinthe Mix           Petite Iceplant Delicata      Petite Watercress Red
Micro Cress Upland           Micro Antioxidant Mix™       Petite Lavender               Petite Wood Sorrel
Micro Cress Water            Micro Asian Mix              Petite Lemon Balm                      PetiteGreens Mixes
Micro Cucumber               Micro Basil Mix              Petite Lemon Grass            Petite Am. Carnival Mix™
Micro Cumin                  Micro Cajun Mix              Petite Lettuce Freckles       Petite Asian Mix
Micro Cumin Black            Micro Chard Mix              Petite Lettuce Lollo Rossa    Petite Basil Mix
Micro Dill                   Micro Chef's Blend           Petite Lucky Shamrock™        Petite Chard Mix
Micro Epazote                Micro Citrus Mix             Petite Mache                  Petite Citrus Mix
Micro Fennel                 Micro Fiesta Blend           Petite Marjoram               Petite Fines Herbes Mix™
Micro Hearts on Fire™        Micro Fines Herbes Mix™      Petite Mint                   Petite Herb Mix
Micro Iceplant               Micro Herb Mix               Petite Mint Italian           Petite Italian Mix™
Micro Kale Chinese           Micro Intensity Mix™         Petite Mint Lavender          Petite Kale Mix
Micro Kale Red               Micro Italian Mix™           Petite Mint Lemon             Petite Legume Mix™
Micro Kale Tuscan            Micro Lettuce Gourmet        Petite Mint Licorice          Petite Lettuce Gourmet Mix
Micro Leek                   Micro Merlot Mix             Petite Minutina               Petite Licorice Mix™
Micro Lemon Balm             Micro Mint Mix               Petite Mitsuba                Petite Merlot Mix
Micro Lovage                 Micro Mirepoix Mix™          Petite Mizuna                 Petite Mint Mix
Micro Mache                  Micro Mustard Mix            Petite Mung Leaf              Petite Mustard Mix
Micro Majenta Orach          Micro Ocean Mix              Petite Mustard Green Frill    Petite Ocean Mix
Micro Marjoram               Micro Poultry Mix            Petite Mustard Red            Petite Primavera Mix™
Micro Mint                   Micro Primavera Mix          Petite Mustard Red Frill      Petite Season's Mix™
Micro Mint Lavender          Micro Radish Mix             Petite Nasturtium Leaf        Petite Shiso Mix
Micro Mint Lemon             Micro Shiso Mix                                            Petite Southwest Mix
Micro Mint Licorice          Micro Southwest Mix                                        Petite Spinach Mix
Micro Mint Lime          Micro Spectrum Mix                                               Petite Sweet Spice Mix™
Micro Mitsuba            Micro Spicy Mix
                         Micro Sweet Spice Mix™

         Shoots                    Tiny Veggies™                 Mini Crowns™                          Herb Tops            Edible Flowers
Edamame Shoots Gold™     Tiny Veggies™ Beet             Mini Crown™ Arugula               Amaranth Carnival Tops    Angelica Flower
Fava Shoots Gold™        Tiny Veggies™ Carrot           Mini Crown™ Bull's Blood          Mint Apple Tops           Arugula Blossom
Haricot Shoots Gold™     Tiny Veggies™ Celery           Mini Crown™ Freckles              Mint Banana Tops          Bachelor's Button
Kaiware Shoots Gold™     Tiny Veggies™ Cucumber         Mini Crown™ Frisee                Mint Chocolate Tops       Basil Blossom
Kaiware Shoots Red™      Tiny Veggies™ Fennel Root      Mini Crown™ Iceplant              Mint Lime Tops            Bean Flower
Mung Shoots Gold™        Tiny Veggies™ Leek             Mini Crown™ Kale Colorstar™       Mint Orange Tops          Borage Blossom
Pea Shoots Gold          Tiny Veggies™ Mustard          Mini Crown™ Lollo Rossa           Mint Peppermint Tops      Buzz Button™
Peanut Shoots Gold       Tiny Veggies™ Onion            Mini Crown™ Mache                 Mint Pineapple Tops       Calendula
Popcorn Shoots           Tiny Veggies™ Onion Red        Mini Crown™ Mustard Green Frill   Mint Spearmint Tops       Camelia
Squash Shoots Gold       Tiny Veggies™ Pak Choy         Mini Crown™ Mustard Red           Mint Sweet Gum Tops       Chives Blossom
Golden Shoots Mix        Tiny Veggies™ Parsley Root     Mini Crown™ Mustard Red Frill     Mint Wintergreen Tops     Chocolate Bellflower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Parsnip          Mini Crown™ Pak Choy Red          Rosemary Tops             Cilantro Flower
Pea Shoots Green         Tiny Veggies™ Pepper           Mini Crown™ Radicchio             Sage Gold Tops            Cucumber Flower
Sunflower Shoots         Tiny Veggies™ Radish           Mini Crown™ Snow Crystal™         Sage Purple Tops          Dahlia
                         Tiny Veggies™ Onion Purple     Mini Crown™ Spinach Red™          Sage Tricolor Tops        Dill Flower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Scallion Red     Mini Crown™ Tatsoi                Stevia Tops               Elder Flower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Squash           Mini Crown™ Tom Thumb                                       Fava Flower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Turnip                                             Herb Tops Mixture         Fennel Flower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Turnip Red       Mini Crown™ Chard Mix             Mint Tops Mix             FireStix Mix™
                                                        Mini Crown™ Fusion Mix™           Sage Tops Mix             Firestix ™
                         Tiny Veggies™ Carrot Mix       Mini Crown™ Lettuce Mix           Shiso Tops Mix            Fucshia
                         Tiny Veggies™ Crudité Mix                                                                  Garlic Flower
                         Tiny Veggies™ Mirepoix Mix                                                                 Lavender
                         Tiny Veggies™ Radish Mix                                                                   Marigold
                         Tiny Veggies™ Turnip Mix                                                                   Mustard Flower
                                                                                                                    Onion Flower
              Leaves               Little Veggies™              Nature Straws™                        Herb Buds     Orchid
Amaranth Giant Leaf      Little Veggies™ Carrot         Nature Straws™ Green              Basil Buds                Oyster Flower
Celery Snowflake Leaf™   Little Veggies™ Celery         Nature Straws™ Red                Coriander Buds            Pansy
Giant Fire Leaf™         Little Veggies™ Onion                                            Dill Buds                 Radish Flower
Hibiscus Leaf™           Little Veggies™ Onion Red                                        Fennel Buds               Rose
Oyster Leaf              Little Veggies™ Radish                                           Shiso Buds                Rose Petals
Rootbeer Leaf            Little Veggies™ Turnip                                                                     Snapdragon
Shiso Bicolor Leaf                                                                                                  Sparkler Tops™
Sorrel Silver Leaf       Little Veggies™ Carrot Mix                                                                 Sparklers™
Sunset Geranium Leaf™    Little Veggies™ Crudité Mix                                                                Viola
                         Little Veggies™ Mirepoix Mix
                         Little Veggies™ Turnip Mix                                                                 Herb Flowers Mix
                                                                                      Premium Assortment (Mix)
                                                                The Taste of Quality™                               Premium Confetti
                                                                760 822-6171
Micro Blue Sapphire™
Micro Bachelor's Buttons Floret™
Micro Dianthus™
Micro Firestix™
Micro Fucshia™
Micro Honeysuckle Flower™
Micro Jasmine Flower™
Micro Lavender Flowers™
Micro Marigold Floret™
Micro Marigold™
Micro Orchid™
Micro Pepper Flower Purple™
Micro Pepper Flower White™
Micro Star Flower™
Micro Sun Daisy ™
Micro White Mum™
Micro White Rose™

Micro Flowers Blend™

*Some Edible Flowers are Seasonal*

        Crystallized Flowers
Rose Petals

Crystallized Micro Basil

Herb Crystals™

Flower Crystals™
Elder Flower

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