Their Eyes Were Watching God: American Literature Unit Plan by zQ9p4Jh


									       Their Eyes Were Watching God: American Literature Unit Plan

       Date                                   In Class                                        Homework                          Assessment
Tuesday, January 5th    1.   Handout: AP Vocabulary List for “Eyes”          1. Make your own tree either on            Verbal feedback as
                        2.   AP Practice Ch. 1                               construction paper or 3-D. The drafting    students work.
                        3.   Tree: A Symbolic Self (handout)                 sheet in class is NOT your final copy.
                        4.   Draft your tree                                 2. AP Practice Passage 2
                        5.   Answer the EQ in a paragraph of ten or
                             more sentences: How can you symbolically
                             represent your culture and that of others
                             with a tree?
                        1.   Multiple Choice Test over Ch. 1-10              1. AP Practice Passage 4                   1. Deliver presentation to
Thursday, January 7th   2.   Groups: Discuss Passage 2 & come to             2. Choose a scene from the novel that      the class.
                             consensus. As a class: AP Practice Passage      Hurston describes using figurative         2. Multiple Choice Test I
                        3.   Present Your Symbolic Tree LSV2                 language. Illustrate the action on plain
                        4.   Figurative Language Wkst                        paper or construction paper. Be very
                        5.   Answer the EQ in a paragraph of ten or          detailed in your drawing. You can also
                             more sentences: How does figurative             use clipart or pictures from magazines.
                             language enhance a piece of literature?         For each element in your picture, write
                                                                             a line from the text in MLA format to
                                                                             support the image.
Monday, January 11th    1. Groups: Discuss Passage 4 & come to               1. AP Practice Passage 6                   1. Speaking Grade for
                           consensus; AP practice passage 5                  2. Write an essay where you compare        Group
                        2. Janie and Joe’s relationship graphic              and contrast the reactions of both         Communication/Problem
                           organizer                                         women to her husband’s death. Use          Solving
                        3. Discuss                                           your graphic organizer. You must have      2.Writing & Reading Comp
                        4. “Story of an Hour” and Janie graphic              a minimum of 2 body paragraphs             grade for essay
                           organizer                                         explaining two similar reactions and
                        5. Answer the EQ in a paragraph of ten or            two different reactions. Type using
                           more sentences: What determines the way           Times New Roman, size 12, and double
                           a person responds in a crisis? / Is it possible   space. Use MLA format for your quotes.
                           to predict how a person will react in a
Wednesday, January 13th   1. Groups: Discuss Passage 6 & come to          1. Type a friendly letter to Nanny to      1. Multiple Choice Test II
                             consensus                                    Janie explaining why she must marry        2. Writing & Reading Comp
                          2. Multiple Choice Test over Ch. 11-20          young.                                     grade for essay
                          3. Read the “Slave Narrative of Mary            2. Use evidence from Mary’s life as
                             Reynolds”                                    reasons why; use your graphic
                          4. Complete the Janie vs. Mary graphic          organizer. Include at least 3 rhetorical
                             organizer.                                   devices. Highlight three pieces of
                          5. Answer the EQ in a paragraph of ten or       evidence from Mary’s life and highlight
                             more sentences: How does the life of Janie   your three rhetorical devices.
                             parallel that of a slave?
  Friday, January 15th    1. AP LEVEL TEST passages 7-8                                                              1. AP Level Multiple choice
                          2. Symbols and motifs graphic organizer                                                        test
                          3. Group Discussion                                                                        2. Speaking grade for
                                                                                                                         Group Communication
Wednesday, January 20st   1. AP TEST passages 9-10 (RL1)                  1. Choose either a symbol or theme         1. Reading Comp and
                          2. Silent Socratic seminar                      and a character. Explain, in three         Writing grade for Theme
                          3. Themes graphic organizer                     paragraphs, the impact the theme or        Analysis.
                                                                          symbol has on the character. Each
                                                                          paragraph should present a different       Begin literary
                                                                          impact with evidence from the text.        analysis/research paper
                                                                          Use your graphic organizers.               next class.

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