BIOLOGY 211 LAB SYLLABUS
                                  BIOL 211 – Biology lecture and Lab 5 Credit Hours
                                             Eastern Oregon University

Lab Instructor: Dr. Joe Corsini
Office: BH303D
Phone: 962-3334
Office Hours: T,W, Th 11-12:00 AM

Catalog Description: Basic concepts of modern biology. Cellular chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics.
Textbooks: Life, The Science of Biology, 9      Edition, by Sadava, Hills, Heller, Berenbaum

Laboratory Manual: ‘A Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory’ by van De Graff & Crawley

Co-requisites: Chem 204 or Chem 101. This course is permeated with biochemistry. For the much of the term we
cover biochemical aspects of the cell. If you have not had high school biology, it is recommended that you drop this
course and check into Biology 101.

    To introduce the student to basic biological terminology used in the biology laboratory.
    To enhance the understanding of basic concepts in modern biology including genetics, cell biology, plant and
       animal cell metabolism, and molecular genetics.
    To prepare student for health professions entry exams (MCAT, DAT, etc…)

    Students will be able to apply the scientific method in a laboratory setting using experimental approaches.
    Students will demonstrate competence at using microscope, identifying a variety of organisms, and taking
    Students will be able to utilize the basic terminology of organismal and molecular biology in a laboratory

GE Outcomes:
    Content: All tests, POGIL’s, and lab quizzes
    Inquiry: All POGILS in lecture and Lab experiment/report
    Critical thinking: All POGIL’s and lab report
    Communication: Written, via Lab report and POGIL’s
Course Content:
The first part of the term deals with various biochemical aspects of the cell. The second part of the term covers various
aspects of cell biology as well as genetics. After an initial overview of life on earth, students will study cellular structure,
cellular metabolism, cell cycle, single-celled vs multi-celled life, reproduction, genetics, and molecular genetics. All
concepts are presented in the context of evolutionary forces that have produced the wide variety of life forms on earth.

Evaluation and Grading: Biol 211 is a combined lab-lecture course. Lab and lecture points will be combined at the
end of the term to obtain final score. The lab report must be completed in order to pass the class. If it is not completed,
you will receive an F in the overall class.

Lab: 218 points
Lab notebook: Keep detailed notes throughout semester because you will need them to study for your weekly quiz.

a) Weekly quiz – Seven quizzes at 20 points each for a total of 140 points. Each student will also be allowed one
missed quiz during the term. Because of this grading system and the flexibility it gives each student, there will be no
make up quizzes.

b)Report on Radish seed experiment, including statistical analysis. Lab report is required to pass the class-in other
words, if you don’t hand in the lab report, you will not pass the class. Also, this report is to be written by you and you
alone-group reports are not allowed. 60 points

c)POGIL’s. These will not be graded, but I will look them over and check them off as you leave the lab. You will
receive 3 points for each POGIL that you complete.

Lab Delinquency (negative points).
-Assigned microscope 5 points off each time its left improperly attended
-Messes on bench 5 points off every time we have to clean up your bench top

Grading and testing philosophy
Grading will be straight 90%=A, 80%=B, etc.

1. Late reports incur a 10% penalty per day.
2. Ask for help, if you need it. We hold at least 5 office hours per week for your benefit – other office hours can be
scheduled upon demand. Do not postpone this until the final few weeks when it is too late for your grade. If you
score less than 70% on first exam, please see one of us immediately.
3.The lecture notes, the homework, the lecture quizzes, and the POGIL’s are designed to help you learn the material.
We determine whether you have learned the material by asking you a variety of questions on the lecture exams and
lab quizzes.

Attendance Policy:
Attendance in lab is required in the form of a weekly quiz given at the beginning of every class. Take good notes,
because we will test primarily from the material presented to you in class and lab. Labs can not be made up. Try to
arrive to class on time – if you are not there for the quiz, you can not take it later in the period. Iif there is a problem
with this, i.e. long commute, kids, or whatever, please inform one of us.

Cell Phone and LapTop computer policies
Cell phones and other gadgets are disruptive – they are not allowed in class. I will collect cell phones and assorted
handheld gadgets in a box as you enter the classroom, and you can pick them up when you leave. If you choose to
keep it hidden, and I hear it or see them in class, you will loose five points on the next quiz. Laptops can be used for
note-taking, but because we have found that students watch movies and play games during class, they must be used
up near the podium where we can monitor them.
Plagiarism: Direct copying of any written material without crediting the creator of the text is unethical and illegal. This
includes copying and pasting materials from the worldwide web or from fellow students. Avoid this potential problem
by turning in assignments that use your own wording and writings even if you study or work in study groups. Any
plagiarism will result in zero points for that assignment and we will report you to the office of academic affairs. Note
that receiving zero points on a large assignment will often result in a failing grade.

Information contained in this syllabus and schedule was, to the best knowledge of the instructors, considered
correct and complete when distributed for use at the beginning of the semester. This syllabus should be
considered only a guide for instructors and students, not a formal contract between Eastern Oregon University and
any student. The instructor reserves the right, acting within the policies and procedures of EOU, to make changes
in course content or instructional techniques.

Academic Honesty:
Students are encouraged and expected, with the assistance of the faculty, to conduct themselves in conformity
with the highest standards with regard to academic honesty. Any violation of college, state or federal standards
with regard to plagiarism, cheating or falsification of official records will not be tolerated. Students violating such
standards will be advised and disciplined by the instructor, and should be advised that such violations may result in
course failure, suspension or dismissal from college. It is recommended that students seek the advice of
instructors as to the proper procedures to avoid such violations.

Civility in Academic Settings:
Civil behavior enhances the academic setting, and is expected at all times. Courtesy and respect for others creates a
pleasant environment and improve learning for all. It is the policy of Eastern Oregon University to administer its
academic and employment programs and related supporting services in a manner which does not discriminate on the
basis of gender, race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, or marital status. Appropriate action will be taken in
the event that a student or employee violates the above policies.

Withdrawal Policy:
Request for withdrawal must be presented to the instructor no later than the end of the seventh week of classes. No
withdrawals will be allowed after that date.
Tentative Class Schedule
WEEK            LAB                                 EXAMS&
1               Life on Earth

2               The cell - Animal, Bacteria, and    Quiz
3               Enzyme lab                          Quiz

4               Cellular metabolism & Radish seed   Quiz
5               Yeast Experiment                    Quiz

6               Photosynthesis                      Quiz

7               Mitosis                             Quiz

8               Meiosis and Sexual reproduction     Quiz

9               Thanksgiving – no lab

10              Work on lab report

11              Finals, No lab                      Final

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