Alcatraz Group’s Winning Preliminary Annotated Bibliography by ceili221


									Alcatraz Group
Composition II
Professor Schweitzer
January 26, 2013

               Step One: The Last Statements of Death Row Inmates

Primary Source Website:

The URL above is a great primary source for the last statements of Texas Death Row inmates,
located on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website, the most informative site for Texas
Death Row information. The link leads directly to the “Executed Offenders” page where an
ample amount of data is provided. In addition to the inmates’ last statements, it has the following
information regarding the executed offender:

       *First and last name                           *Date of Birth
       *Race, hair and eye color                      *Height and weight
       *Death Row Number                              *Date and age entered prison
       *Native county and state                       *County of offense
       *Date of offense                               *Age at time of offense
       *Co-defendants, if any                         *Prior prison record
       *Summary of offense                            *Execution number
       *Occupation                                    *Education level
       *Photos                                        *Execution date
       *Age at execution                              *Citizenship of offender
       *Race and gender of victim                     *Scanned images of official documents

This site also contains, through various links, history and statistical information about the Texas
Death Row system, information regarding current death row inmates – including women, and
their scheduled execution dates, and resources for both the victim’s and offender’s families.

Additional Texas Death Penalty Websites:
This URL for the Death Penalty Information Center’s site contains the following information:

       *History of death penalty                      *Death Row locations for men and women
       *Location of execution chamber                 *Famous cases and notable exonerations
       *Texas “firsts” and other interesting facts    *Statistics and links to additional sources
       *Crimes punishable by death penalty            *Information about lethal injections
       *Murder rates                                  *Recent legislative activity
       *National death penalty information            *Links to books, articles, and databases
This link from the Texas Execution Information Center’s website contains the following

       *Scheduled upcoming scheduled executions
       *Execution Reports
       *Yearly death row statistics
       *National and state news
       *Links to Texas newspapers online
       *Operation of the capital punishment system
       *Definition of capital murder
       *Appeal process
       *Day of execution procedures
       * Links to Texas government websites
This webpage contains the following information from Tarlton Law Library of the University of
Texas website:

       *Capital felony case procedures
       *Clemency Information
       *Crimes punishable by death penalty
       *Methods of execution
       *Links to the Texas Penal Code and the Texas Code of Procedure
       *Additional legal guides and resources

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