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									What is Youtheory Collagen?

Youtheory Collagen Advanced Formula is the first supplement to combine all three collagen types
into a single tablet. Until now, most manufactures have sold collagen types 1 & 3 and collagen type 2
separately. The Nutrawise tablet combines collagen type 1 & 3 to support healthy hair, skin, nails,
tendons and ligaments, and collagen type 2 to provide complete joint and bone support, for all the
benefits of collagen in one bottle.

Darren Rude, CEO of Nutrawise, says the combination is all about consumer convenience. "Collagen
Advanced Formula is the highest quality collagen available, put together in one tablet," Darren said.
"Our product is made for consumer conscious customers looking for the highest quality collagen
product without the cost of buying two separate bottles."

Collagen Advanced Formula is the first product of the Youtheory line which aims to enhance the
definition of health and beauty. "We wanted to come out with a game-changing product right
away," Darren said. "The Youtheory brand is going to be all about exceeding customers' expectations
with outstanding quality and results."

About Nutrawise

Nutrawise Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of leading brands in the nutraceutical
industry. The company's manufacturing center in Tustin, California, exceeds all cGMP standards.
Company executives have extensive experience in the natural foods and supplement industry. Led
by CEO and founder Darren Rude, they are committed to exceeding expectations for customers. The
Nutrawise leadership team is among the most experienced in the natural product industry.
Nutrawise is a purpose-built company putting principles and people first and providing the highest
quality products and service to customers. The company is working to create products that enhance
individual health and beauty.

The company is the manufacturer of the Youtheory brand and a national distributor of other top
names in health and beauty industry. The company welcomes white label and global distribution

For more information on Nutrawise visit www.nutrawise.net or call 714-361-4660 or visit

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