SERMON NOTES                          THE LORD’S DAY - July 13, 2008
“Our Personal God”                    MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE 9:30 A.M.

                         A Warm Welcome is extended to all who have come to worship
                         with us today. You are invited to join us for coffee in the
                         fellowship hall following the service. The ALS System is available
                         for those with hearing impairments. A nursery room is also
                         available and is located at the bottom of the west basement stairs.

                     GOD GATHERS HIS PEOPLE

                          Prelude: Leah Alons, pianist
                          Call to Worship
                          Silent Prayer
                     *    God’s Greets His People
                     *    Hymn #171 “It is Good to Sing Your Praises”

                        Reading of the Law
                        Hymn of Confession #267 “And Can It Be”                     vs 1,2,5
                        Assurance of Pardon

                     TO HEAR HIS WORD

                          Prayer for Illumination
                          Scripture: Exodus 12 (p 58)
                          Pastor - This is the Word of the Lord
                          People respond - Thanks Be to God

                          Message: “The Blood That Saves”
                          Prayer of Application
                     *    Hymn #552 “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”

                     TO GIVE THANKS
                        Congregational Prayer
                        Offering: 1st - Budget and Benevolence
                                  2nd - Building Fund

                     *  Hymn #297 “O Come My Soul, Sing Praise to God”               vs 1-3
                     * God’s Blessing
                     * Doxology #632 “To God Be the Glory”
                     * Moment of Silent Reflection
                     * Postlude
                                                                   *stand if you are able
                                           THE LORD’S DAY - July 13, 2008
    Sermon Notes                         EVENING WORSHIP SERVICE 6:00 p.m.
“The Blood That Saves”

                             Prelude: Jamie Carlson, pianist
                             Welcome & Call to Worship
                             Opening prayer

                         LET US WORSHIP GOD WITH JOYFUL HEARTS

                             Hymns #4 (PB) “O How I Love Jesus”
                                    #13 (PB) “Jesus Paid It All”
                         *          #11 (PB) “At the Cross”
                         *   God’s Greeting
                         *   Confession of Faith

                         LET US OFFER GOD OUR THANKSGIVING

                           Congregational Prayer
                           Offering: Christian Education Assistance
                         * Hymn #282 “Break Now the Bread of Life”

                         LET US HEAR THE WORD OF GOD PROCLAIMED

                             Prayer for Illumination
                             Scripture: Exodus 2: 23 - 25 (p 50)
                             Message: “Our Personal God”
                             Prayer of Application

                         LET US LIVE THE WORD OF GOD

                         *   Hymn #579 “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
                         *   God’s Blessing
                         *   Doxology #627 “Bless His Holy Name”
                         *   Silent Prayer
                         *   Postlude

                                                                   *stand if you are able
                                                                               Mission Emphasis Sunday - August 10: Dinner will be served
WORSHIP NOTES                                                                  after the morning service, with a series of “Roundtables” to follow:
Rev. John Engbers will lead us in worship today. Today is also                 Love, INC, ATLAS, the CARY SERVE TEAM, and CRWM.
Preparatory Sunday for the Lord’s Supper. Rev. Dale Fopma, our
former pastor, who now serves in the Calvin CRC in Le Mars, will be            REQUESTED ANNOUNCEMENTS
with us for Communion Sunday next week, D.V.                                   Sanborn Christian will hold a mandatory registration on Weds.,
                                                                               July 16 from 7 - 9:30 p.m. at the school. If you are unable to
The Evangelism committee will be presenting a short CD concerning the          attend, please call the school at 729-3288 or email at
Clay County Fair booth (sponsored by Midwest Evangelism League) --    to make other arrangements.
please be seated after the doxology.                                               Sanborn Christian School memorabilia or photos are
                                                                               needed to put on display in the Sanborn Heritage Museum during
CONGREGATIONAL LIFE                                                            Railroad Days. Please mark each item and bring them to Sanborn
We express our sympathy to Gerald & Deb, Leah, and Aaron & Renee               Chiropractic clinic by July 18. Thank you in advance for helping
Alons at the loss of their mom and grandma last week Saturday. The             promote Sanborn Christian.         SCS Promotion committee
funeral for Marlene was on Tuesday.
We also express our sympathy to Thelma Elgersma and her family at the          In your mailbox - You will find a list of non-perishable items you
loss of her sister-in law, Kay Granstra.                                       may donate to the SCS Auxiliary Cookie Committee “Christmas in
   May the Lord give comfort and strength during this time of sadness          July” pantry. We appreciate your support of this project!

Caleb Sybesma may be able to come home this week sometime. We                  Western Christian will hold its registration on July 23 & 24 from
praise God for the opportunity for the Sybesma’s to be at home together.       4 - 8 pm in the cafeteria. Any students with conflicts who can not
                                                                               register on these dates can come to the office on August 5 from
Today is Angie Elgersma’s 90th Birthday. Her family will be serving cake       8 am to 7:30 pm to register. WCHS office closed: July 28 - Aug 1.
in her honor, during our time of fellowship.
                                                                               The Bible League Volunteers “Christmas in July” Bazaar will be
Tuesday, July 15 at 7 pm - Meet with us to pray for Pastor Greg and the        Monday, July 28, beginning at 1:30 p.m. at the Newkirk Reformed
Sea to Sea Bike Tour. Dr. David Ludwick, president of the Int’l Theological    Church. Ladies, mark your calendars!
Education Ministries, will speak and show pictures after the prayer
meeting, at approximately 7:30 pm.                                             CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS - Listen to Dr. David Feddes speak
                                                                               of the manisfestation of God’s wrath through the cycle of sin and
Deacons note: Because of several conflicts, we will be taking another          the redemption we can received through Christ’s mercy. Go to
offering for the Friendship Community Church, Sunday morning, July 27. anytime or KDCR Radio, Sundays at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                        CAN I GET A WITNESS? Is showing Christ to others as
                   Notes from Evangelism committee                             important as telling others about Christ? Listen to Kids Corner
Sanborn Railroad Days - July 25 and 26: We will be working on the float on     at 7 am on Sunday mornings (KDCR Radio - 88.5 FM ).
Weds. evening, July 16, at the Vander Haag building -- come and help if                 WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? We're all searching for something
you can! We will also need “float riders” - young, old and in between are      in life. Sometimes we even take shortcuts to get what we want.
most welcome. If you’re willing, please talk to Rich VW, Esther DB, Ken &      It could be cutting through a parking lot instead of waiting for a
Liz E, Jean DJ, or Dave & Vonnie H. Finally, we are going to be selling root   street light or maybe it's adding a couple extra hours to the time
beer floats and ice cream as a fundraiser for the Cary Serve Project. We       sheet to get a little more money in the pay check each week. Does
plan to have a booth at city park, but will also be “mobile” at the various    it really matter if we ignore one of the rules? Find out on the
activities. Please let a committee person know if you are willing to serve!    July 20 Back to God Hour.
Bread for the World . . . .The financial costs to end hunger are relatively     Love INC requests prayers for a client who is currently in an
slight. The United Nations Development Program estimates that the basic        abusive relationship. She has children and doesn’t know what
health and nutrition needs of the world’s poorest people could be met for      to do next. May God grant her discernment and courage.
an additional $13 billion a year. Animal lovers in the United States and
Europe spend more than that on pet food each year.
                      CHURCH CALENDAR                                REQUESTED ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                     Please note: Due to lack of interest, the CRC Family Conference
 Today         8:45 a.m.     Meet for Prayer in Pastor’s Study
                                                                     near Alexandria, MN has been cancelled for this year.
               9:00 a.m.     Church library opens
              10:30 a.m.     Coffee Fellowship
                                                                     ATLAS of Osceola invites you to a time of Prayer and Praise on
 Tuesday       7:00 p.m.     Sea to Sea Prayer mtg/ followed by
                                                                     Tuesday, July 15 at 7 pm at the ATLAS office in Sibley. Please join us
                             Dr. David Ludwick, president of ITEM
                                                                     at this informal gathering. Prayer and Praise times are held the third
 Thursday      7:00 p.m.     Elders meeting
                                                                     Tuesday of each month at the ATLAS office.
               8:00 p.m.      Council meeting
                                                                     Ice Cream Social at the Christian Retirement Home on July 17 at 7 pm.
                                                                     “The Gospelaires” quartet will be singing. Bring a lawn chair & join us
 Greeters: A.M. John & Ruth Vander Haag, John & Amy V. Haag
                                                                     out front for ice cream, music, and fellowship -- Freewill donation.
             P.M. John & Delores Vander Werff, Rich & Joy V. Werff
 Nursery    A.M. Susie Van Tol, Jaleesa Dyk, Lejeana Anliker
                                                                     Village Northwest Benefit Gold Tournament - at Landsmeer Gold
            P.M. Tonya Wiekamp, Reuben Vander Haag
                                                                     Club in Orange City on Monday, July 21. Registration includes 18 holes
 Hospitality:     Roy & Jeri Prins
                                                                     of golf with cart, noon lunch, catered evening meal and prizes.
                  Jerry & Cella Bosma            LIFTING OUR LAMBS   Pre-register by calling Judy at 324-5416. What a great opportunity to
                  Mike & Amy Baker               TO THE SHEPHERD     enjoy an afternoon of golf while supporting people with disabilities!
 Prairie View:    Harv Verbrugge/Larry Stanley
 Video:           Josh Bosma
                                                 Pastor Greg & Kay   Author of “90 Minutes in Heaven” will be at the Clay County Regional
 Audio:           Stefan Sybesma
                                                               Dyk   Events Center in Spencer -- Weds., July 23 at 7 pm. Check poster!!
                                                  Dorothy Bosma      Attention all Young People! Two weeks and counting until the start
Offering: A.M.      1st - Budget & Benevolence
                                                                     of the Midwest B.A.S.I.C. Youth Bible Camp. Room is still available for
                    2nd - CES (Fair Share)         Ben & Adrienne    you and your friends (forms are on the back table).
             P.M. Wycliffe                                Reitsma
 Greeters A.M. Randy & Teresa Van Dyke
                                                                     SEA to SEA BIKE TOUR Celebration in Sioux Center - Tuesday,
                     Steve & Cristin Van Oort
                                                                     August 5. More information in a couple of weeks.
             P.M. Jim & Joy Van Dyke
                     Keven & Robin Van Meeteren
                                                                     Parents and Teens: Today’s culture is bombarding teens with mixed
 Nursery: A.M.      Reink Vander Haag,
                                                                     messages regarding sex, alcohol, and drugs. Mentors can provice
                    Danielle Altena, Grace Bootsma
                                                                     support and encouragement to teens. In order to start the process of
            P.M.    Betty Elgersma, Catherine Schreur
                                                                     connecting your child with a mentor, please call Barb Trowbridge,
 Organist: A.M. Milly Kroese
                                                                     Mentor Coortinator, Bethany Christian Services @ 712-737-4831.
 Pianist: A.M. Amy Vander Haag
                                                                           Bethany Christian Services will be hosting a Video Production
            P.M.    Cella Bosma
                                                                     Camp for teens through its “Keyed-In to Abstinence” program on
 Hospitality:       Larry & Alvina Reitsma
                                                                     Aug. 8 & 9 in Orange City. This is an opportunity for area teens to
                     Denny & Bev Brouwer
                                                                     work creatively together to create a video promoting abstinence and
                     Jerry & Sharla Back
                                                                     making healthy choices that will impact their peers. It will be broadcast
Prairie View:        Elders
                                                                     on the web! For more information please contact Vaughn Donahue
Video:     Jeri Prins Audio:        Andy Prins
                                                                     at 712-737-4831 or
                                                                        WORLD MISSIONS - Vacation . NOT! While many people enjoy a time
Jan & Darlene Van Ee - Dorothy Bosma
                                                                     of rest and relaxation this summer, a crew of new missionaries,
Rev. Sam & Karen Keyser - Bill Bousema
                                                                     volunteers and interns are hard at work preparing for challenging
Kent & Rachelle Bosma - Josh Bosma
                                                                     overseas assignments. This week they will undergo intensive
Rev. Michael & Megan Ribbens - Martin Breems
                                                                     orientation. Add a piece of armor to their gear -- pray for them!!

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