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   Leadership in
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   Santiago, Chile
     Maureen Angus
    September 9, 2009
                                             Ontario - Facts

of Canada’s:
39% GDP ($558.9 B)

39% Population (13 MM)

63% Canadian R&D

45% Financial services

48% High-tech employment

49% Manufacturing

43% Goods exports

•   Figures for 2005/2006 (Most current
•   Sources: Ministry of Finance, Industry
    Canada, Statistics Canada
 Energy Conservation and Alternative
         Energy in Ontario
• Energy conservation:                • Clean energy:
     • Conservation / demand               • Waste heat capture /
       management (CDM)                      cogeneration
     • Geothermal / ground                 • Natural gas cogeneration
       source heat pumps
     • Deep Lake Water
       Cooling                        • Other alternative energy:
     • Solar thermal                       • Energy from waste

• Renewable energy
  generation:                         • Alternative fuels / energy
     •   Hydroelectric                  storage:
     •   Wind                              • Biofuels
     •   Solar photovoltaic                • Hydrogen / fuel cells
     •   Biomass / biogas / bio-oil        • Batteries
     •   Landfill gas
          Environmental Action -
• Ontario has set renewable energy targets:
     • 10% additional new renewable energy capacity
       contracted by 2010
     • By 2025, double the amount of electricity drawn
       from renewable sources, bringing the total to
       15,700 MW.

• Ontario is seeking to replace coal-fired electrical
  generation by 2014.

• Energy conservation goal – reduce peak demand
  by 6,300 MW by 2025.

NEW – Ontario’s Green Energy Act, 2009
  Green Energy Act

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act
 (enacted on May 14, 2009) coordinates a
 number of actions to encourage the growth of
 renewable energy in Ontario, with two equally
 important thrusts:
  •   Making it easier to bring renewable
      energy projects to life, and
  •    Fostering conservation by assisting
      homeowners, government, schools and
      industry to move to lower and more
      efficient energy use.
    2006 and 2025 Supply Mix

   2006 In-Service                                         Target 2025 In-Service
   Capacity Mix                                            Capacity Mix

2006 Supply Mix: IESO
2025 Supply Mix: Ministry of Energy Directive to the OPA
  Energy Conservation in Ontario
• Conservation Bureau set up by the Ontario
  government in 2004 as part of the Ontario Power

• Ontario energy conservation target is a reduction
  of 6,300 MW of peak demand by 2025
    •   Of this, more than 40 per cent will be saved by
        2010, representing an investment of up to $2 billion
        by Ontario’s Conservation Bureau.

• Annually, local distribution companies (LDCs)
  deliver more than 500 energy conservation
Ground Source Heat Pumps /
      Solar Thermal
        • In 2007, Ontario announced a
          target of 100,000 solar roofs
          (thermal and photovoltaic)

        • Grants available for solar thermal
          systems – industrial / commercial /

        • Renewed interest in ground source
          heat pumps – also known as:
            •   Earth Energy (term used by Natural
                Resources Canada)
            •   GeoExchange™ (term used by
                Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition)
               Solar Photovoltaics
• Megawatt-scale solar photovoltaic ‘farms’ have been
  proposed in Ontario

• New rates for solar photovoltaic electricity are being
  proposed in draft Feed in Tariff, as part of Ontario’s
  new Green Energy Act

       5 kW Installation

                              100 kW Installation
           Geothermal - Deep Lake
               Water Cooling

•   The Deep Lake Water     • Reduces electricity
    Cooling system            usage by 90%,
    exchanges heat with       freeing 61 MW from
    water from Lake Ontario   the power grid.
    to cool buildings in
                            • Can air condition 100
    downtown Toronto
                              office buildings –
•   District energy system    equivalent to 6800
    connects buildings        homes.
Biomass / Biogas / Landfill Gas

                         Landfill gas from
                         the Waterloo
                         Facility is used to
                         generate power for
                         2,500 homes.

• In 2007 a $9 million funding program for
  biogas systems was announced
    • Up to $400,000 per project

• Biomass energy opportunities in Ontario’s
  agricultural and forestry sectors.
   Hydroelectric Energy

• Ontario’s original source of electricity –
  currently 25% of power generation capacity
• Further hydroelectric development in northern
  Ontario is planned
                Wind Energy

•   Prince Wind Farm I and II (Sault Ste. Marie) –
    second phase was completed in 2006.
•   126 wind turbines with capacity of 189 MW -
    providing electricity for up to 40,000 homes.
         Wind Energy: Rapid Growth
    Ontario’s Total Capacity, Installed & Contracted: 2005
      – 2012
         2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
• Annual Average Growth in excess of 27% from 2006-2012
  Energy Conservation / Alternative
  Energy – R&D funding

• Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) – Centre
  for Energy
• Provides funding for academic research and
  academic/industry research partnerships
• In 2007, Centre of Energy was allocated $15
  million to support R&D – 3 target areas:
   • Hydrogen
   • Solar energy
   • Energy conservation
• Six projects announced in 2008, with 3
  focused on solar energy
  Energy Conservation / Alternative
  Energy – R&D funding

• Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) – Centre
  for Energy and other centres
• Alternative energy projects include:
    Industry Partner     Project

    Advanced Engine      Cleaner diesel fuel
    Biodiesel Reactor    Cleaner biodiesel
    Cleanfield Energy    Small wind energy
    REGEN Energy         Electricity conservation
    StormFisher Biogas   Biogas energy
    ThermalFrost         Waste heat capture
  Energy Conservation / Alternative
  Energy – R&D funding

Ontario Centres of Excellence
Investment Accelerator Fund
Early stage seed fund designed to help Ontario-based,
  start up and early stage technology companies bring
  their products and services to market.
Through investment of up to $500K, the fund helps launch
   high potential technology ventures.
Advanced Educational Programs
in Alternative Energies
                             Why Ontario?

Ontario’s renewable energy industry has developed as a result of several key

•   Ontario’s strong advanced manufacturing base – i.e. auto industry,
    aerospace and the many spin offs in both technology and expertise to
    address manufacturing challenges

•   Strong R & D and commercialization coming out of Ontario’s Universities
    and Ontario Centres of Excellence

•   Government incentives have spurred domestic demand for renewable
    energy solutions/technology. This in turn has provided the impetus for local
    capabilities to evolve to address this demand.

•   Ontario companies tend to be SME’s , a size which is ideally suited to
    partnerships with Chilean counterparts and to growing together.

•   Ontario companies have a long history of working internationally and have
    proven their adaptability, flexibility in providing the right solution for each
              Ontario Mission Participants

•   360 Energy Inc. – David Arkell, Ryan Lang
•   CH Four Biogas Inc. – Benjamin Strehler
•   Glenbarra Energy Solutions Inc. – Lars-Eric Sjoberg
•   Hatch Ltd. – Antonio Velez
•   JNE Consulting Ltd. – Norbert Devas
•   Morgan Solar Inc. – Nicholas Morgan
•   Plasco Energy Group Inc. – Luisa Rebolledo
•   Skypower – Robert Carillo
                     MEDT – Our Mandate

Increase the number of successful Ontario exporters

•   Assist Ontario firms to begin exporting or expand into new markets
•   Assist Ontario firms to accelerate along the ‘learning curve’ and
    compete successfully in international markets
•   Showcase Ontario's products and services internationally
•   Build a ‘global mindset’ at the community level
                    Contact me:

Maureen Angus
Area Director, South America
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Tel: 416-325-9821
       Ontario Representative Office in Chile

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