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									You Bought Your Boat, Better Keep
      it From Getting Stolen
Boat theft is a dreaded thing for a lot of boat owners. In fact a lot of boat finance
companies consider the incidence of boat theft in the area of a potential borrower as a
deciding factor for a loan approval or declination.

If you happened to gain the approval of your boat loan lender but are worried about
getting your new boat stolen, here is a set of things that will help you secure your

Mark engraved yet discrete identification on your boat

Have your Hull Identification Number plus a secret code engraved in discrete areas in
the boat. A good example of a secret code would be the couple last digits of your birth
year followed by the last couple digits of the date you got married, followed by the
initials or your first child.

Have the engravings, say, under a seat or somewhere near the transom. Don’t forget to
have the same engravings on your towing accessories as well.

Install an alarm system on your vessel

Most modern vessels feature an alarm system that drives thieves away. However, if
your vessel does not include this feature or if you figure that your vessel would benefit
from an alarm system, upgrade then don’t waste time to get this done.

Just as your purchase of this vessel is taken as investment, whether you had it through
a boat finance Australian company or whether you charged it on your credit card or
whether you got it through cash, investing in a reliable alarm system is an investment
that will surely make you get the most out of your boat.

Remember that boats are often at sea or that they get wet and damp so get a system
that is actually meant for vessels.

Keep your boat inside the fence

No matter how secure and well-lighted the street in front of your house is, never think
that your vessel will be good out there. In fact, even when you’ve secured your trailer
and have “totally immobilized” it, as long as your vessel is out there then you have no
right to a good night’s sleep.

Make sure that you keep the vessel inside the fence. Better if you can free up space in
your garage for the boat before you go hunting for a company that will help you get your
dream vessel the boat financing deals they offer.

A smart boat owner does not only tend to his boat loan repayments. He also makes
sure that he’ll get the most of his purchase by keeping his boat with him, in the best
condition, at the longest time possible. So don’t stray from the precautionary measures
we’ve mentioned. Always remember that if a boat is worth buying then it definitely is
worth keeping.

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