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Heres a follow up post, on how you can start generating instant traffic to using file sharing sites. It's easy, and it's free.

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									January 30th, 2013                                                                                              Published by: Hank Klinger

Generating Instant
Traffic Using File Sharing
                                                                        3. Format to Pdf. -When finished you will need to format
  This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook                    your blog into a Pdf file. This can be done one of two
  Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,                   ways (that I know of). First – you can use a site like
                                                                 , it can be used free, or paid with added
  ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.
                                                                           perks. Second – you can use Ms word Simply copy your
  Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more                          blog post, and paste it onto your word If you have a video,
  features and hide this message.                                          use a snippet tool like Jing, and insert the picture into you
                                                                           blog with a hyperlink connecting it to your actual post
                                                                           with the video. Ms word produces more pleasing post,
                                                                           but not all sites will accept the format from word. Not
Generating Instant Traffic                                                 sure why, just the way it is.
Using File Sharing Sites                                                4. Share your Pdf – This is easy once you’ve joined
Generating Instant Traffic Using                                           the sites. I like to use, Box.Com, And
                                                                  These three sites get the most hits, so you
File Sharing Sites                                                         can start Generating Instant Traffic Using File Sharing
                                                                           Sites like these. All you need to do is go to each of these
In this post I will focus on how                                           sites, and join (for free). And begin uploading your post.
you can start generating instant                                           You’ll have to do a description and title of course, as well
                                                                           as some tags. Be descriptive in your tags, and make them
traffic using File Sharing Sites like                                      relevant to your title and description. It’s that easy.
Docstoc and Slideshare                                                  5. Be Consistent - If your doing free marketing, or any
These are some of the easiest techniques, and once you learn               marketing, and generating instant traffic using File
the ropes so to speak… You can apply these strategies quickly              Sharing Sites , you have to do it everyday, if you skip a
and efficiently to to start Generating Instant Traffic Using File          week, you will fall off. Make sure to do this with every
Sharing Sites.                                                             blog post. PERIOD.
Generating instant traffic using file sharing sites may sound
                                                                      So that’s it, I hope this was informative. these are just a few
foreign and scary at first. but I asure you it’s one of the fastest
                                                                      techniques I like to use to start generating instant traffic using
easiest methods you can use for generating instant traffic.
                                                                      file sharing sites.
If you want to learn all this by video, you can learn
                                                                      One last thing I would like to add is be creative, search for other
about Generating Instant Traffic Using File Sharing Sites by
                                                                      file sharing sites online, there are to many to list. And have fun
watching a module in our 15K formula, get access to it here.
                                                                      with this. It’s only as hard as you make it.
  1. Write A Blog Post – while any Blog Post can work, I              You can see other related post on the wall to the right. Please
     highly recommend writing a post containing valuable              leave comments or questions in the box at the bottom of the
     content, take this post on generating instant traffic using      screen and “like” if you found value.
     File Sharing Sites for example, it’s focused on a targeted
     audience, Bloggers Marketers, Etc, and delivers value.
  2. Speed Blog – since we won’t be focusing on SEO, and
     instead will be generating Instant Traffic Using File
     Sharing Sites. Write fast… Our traffic will come from
     syndication, not SEO. I’ll get more into SEO on another
     Post. Try to limit yourself to 30 mins. per blog start to
     finish (1 hour for newbies).

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