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									                             Friday 18th January 2013
                                    Edition 18

Dear Parents,
The most pressing topic of conversation here today understandably is the snow.
With regard to school opening Monday, obviously this will depend very much on the
weather we experience over the weekend, and what the forecast and conditions are
looking like for Monday. Please keep a close eye on the school website home page on
Sunday afternoon, and likewise Heart FM page which lists school closures.
I will endeavour to make a decision if possible on Sunday late afternoon/early evening,
however if the weather is still debatable then it may need to be made first thing on
Monday morning. Please make your first port of call the school website home page
during Sunday, I will only ring the snowline parents in the event of a closure and
therefore to avoid them being inundated with calls over the weekend, please
refrain from calling them Sunday evening unless you do not have access to the
internet. Monday morning if we are closed I will inform the snowline parents as
early as possible with the decision of closure if this is the case. Again please check
the websites regularly.
Next week…
Just a few reminders:
All of the remaining clubs start here next week.
Board games club is open to all class R and 1 who have already returned their forms.
Gymnastics – Greg Noach has informed us that there are some remaining places for
gymnastics for classes 1 and 2.
Netball – Due to shortage of numbers due to clash of clubs, netball will now be changed
from a Tuesday to a Thursday after school.
School Nurse Visit
Next Tuesday the school nurse will be visiting our year 6 children to talk to them about
growing up.
Next Monday we are having a new smart board and projector installed in our small
library room. This will provide an additional working space in the school for the
children to benefit from internet ready software during small group/individual work.
Roman Soldier Visit
Class 3 have a Roman Soldier visiting on Wednesday next week to support their topic on
the Romans.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs C. Mills Headteacher
                     Class with Highest
                  Attendance is Class 5 this
                         Well Done!
                                                            The tidiest classroom award this
                                                                    week went to...

This week’s Team Point Colour                                           M & 3
          was: RED
         Well Done!

                                                                     This week’s ‘stars of the week’
                         Happy Birthday to...
                  George (1), Isra (6), Lottie (2), Erin
                   (2), Ella (2), Mia (3), Lilly-Mae (2),
                                                                                 Megan – R
                          Ademola (2), Libbie (1)                               Rebecca – 6
                                                                                 Scarlet – R
                                                                                 Harvey – M
                                                                                 Freddie – 2
              Average Reading %                                                  Martin – 1
                                                                                  Olivia – 4
                                                                                 Jordan – 5
                                                                                  Alice – 5
   90%                                                                            Tilley – 5
                         95%                       88%                             Jack – 4
                         %                                                       Dolapo – 4
                                                                                Maddison – 3
  Class 1                                                                        Bradley – 6
                        Class 3                   Class 6
                                                                                   Zak – R
                                                                                  Libby – 1
    90%                                                                           Aaron - 2
                                                                         Congratulations and Well Done!
 Meerkats               Class 4

   85%                   91%

  Lemurs                   %
                        Class 5

                                             Congratulations to Mrs Sawyer and family on the
                                             safe arrival of their baby son Samuel Alexander.

                                             He was born this morning weighing 8lb, 10oz 

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