Lesson Plan for Title Page Components by mOh6i5f


									                 Lesson Plan for Title Page Components

Materials Needed:      chalk and chalkboard or marker and tablet on easel stand

Necessary Background for Pupils: exposure to parts of a title page

Procedure: Tell class that together you are creating an imaginary title page for an
imaginary book. Urge them to think “out of the box” when it comes to supplying the
parts for this title page. I frequently remind them of this during the course of the lesson.
To allow for as much student involvement as possible, I allow subtitles, extra long
names, more than one date, and more than one place of publication. Each pupil is
permitted to contribute only one part of a name.

I ask for one component of a title page at a time. If it’s the author or illustrator, we
usually end up with a first name, four or five middle names, and a last name (which may
be hyphenated). The title is usually accompanied by a subtitle. The publisher is often a
compilation of imaginary companies. For the places of publication, I remind them that
the locations don’t have to be on the land as we know it. They can be places under the
ocean, up in space, in the middle of a desert, or wherever. For the dates of publication,
they can be in the far distant past and/or the near or distant future.

The ground rule, of course, is that no inappropriate language is used.

Benefits: The class members must think of the title page components. They become
engaged as a whole class. Anyone, regardless of ability, can participate. We all have fun.
It is painless.

Respectfully submitted,

Lea Blumenfeld

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