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                                          ‫בית כנסת שער שלום‬
                        Parasha: Bereshit, Genesis 1-6:8
                        Hertz Pentateuch, page 2
                                                                Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10
                                                                Hertz Pentateuch, page 21           ‫שבת שלום‬
October 13, 2012        Stone Chumash, page 2                   Stone Chumash, page 1130            27 Tishrei, 5773

      Rabbi              Friday, October 12th Candle Lighting                                             6:21 p.m.
 Martin J. Berman        Minha                                                                            6:00 p.m.
                         Saturday, October 13th
     Cantor              Shaharit                                                                        8:45 a.m.
  Ben Silverberg         Mishpacha Minyan                                                               10:45 a.m.
                         Minha                                                                           6:11 p.m.
   Torah Reader
                         Rabbi’s Study                                                                   5:41 p.m.
Shlomo Wanounou
                         Shabbat Ends                                                                    7:21 p.m.
    President            Friday, October 19th Candle Lighting                                            6:09 p.m.
 Janice Shachter
                         This Saturday- Welcome to our Mishpacha Minyan (Young Family Services)
 Executive Director
   Mel Fishman                      This interactive service and learning experience, created especially for our families
                                    with young children, is led by Cantor Ben in the Cayne Family Chapel. After the
Youth Co-Ordinator                  service is over, we encourage our families to stay for a special, kid-friendly
   Max Marmer                       sit-down Kiddush and birthday celebration for children under 12.

                                     MAZEL TOV TO GILLIAN SHERMAN ON THE
                                       OCCASION OF HER BAT MITZVAH

                                             Daily Service Times for Upcoming Week:

 Please join us!         Sun. Oct. 14th                                    Thurs. Oct. 18th
We hope you enjoyed      Shaharit                     8:00 a.m.            Shaharit                        7:00 a.m.
  your time today.       Minha/Ma’ariv                6:11 p.m.            Minha/Ma’ariv                   7:00 p.m.
  Please consider
 joining our Shaar       Mon. Oct. 15th                                    Fri. Oct. 19th
   Shalom family.        Shaharit                     7:00 a.m.            Shaharit                        7:00 a.m.
                         Minha/Ma’ariv                7:00 p.m.            Minha/Kabbalat                  6:00 p.m.
   Contact Us
    2 Simonston Blvd
      Thornhill, ON      Tues & Wed. Oct. 16th & 17th                      Candle Lighting                 6:09 p.m.
        L3T 4L1          Rosh Chodesh - Cheshvan
Phone: (905) 889-4975    Shaharit                   6:45 a.m.           Some of our members are very sensitive to
  Fax: (905) 889-1575                                                    scents. We are appealing to everyone to
         E-mail:         Minha/Ma’ariv                7:00 p.m.         please minimise the amount of scent used
office@shaarshalom.ca                                                       when attending events in the shul.
 www.shaarshalom.ca                                                                    Thank you!
                       ְ ֵ              ַ          ָ
                .‫רֹאש חֹדש חֶ שוָן יִהיֶה שלישי וּביוֹ ם ְרביעי הַ בָּא עלֵ ינוּ וְ על כָּל ִישׂ ְָראל לטוֹבָ ה‬
                                                              ִ ִ       ְ    ִׁ ִ ְׁ ְ      ְׁ ׁ ֶ ׁ
Parasha: Bereshit, Genesis 1-6:8                                                                '‫בראשית א' א' –ו' ח‬
Hertz Pentateuch, page 2                                                                      Stone Chumash, page 2

T      he Torah begins with the account of Creation. The language of the creation story is not the language of the
       modern scientist but the mythic language of the ancients. It is simplified – there is no discussion of the billions of
years it took from the big bang ( “ l et there be light ” ) until the stars formed, planets were created and life began its
evolutionary climb. The voice of G ‑ d pronounces each act of creation and the elements respond. The goal is to teach
that the universe exists not because of accident but of will – the Divine Will. The foundations are laid by G ‑ d and
therefore all life owes its very being to the Creator and not simply to an accident or simply probability on a Quantum
physics level.
Human frailty is at the centre of the early stories. We must struggle to survive because we failed the test of the Garden
of Eden. Yet, that very failure is expressed in the desire to have knowledge. Being human is in part searching for
knowledge. Knowledge is good, but it leads to self-awareness “ the eyes of both of them were opened and they
perceived that they were naked. ” This same knowledge forces us to contend with the world to survive and to thrive.
Self-centeredness and pride set up barriers between us. Brothers kill brothers because of perceived slights. Unable to
live in peace with neighbours human beings wander about the earth always looking for greener pastures.
People marry and have children. Populations grow and the earth becomes filled with the children of Adam and Eve.
Parashat Bereishit ends with a story of lust – ‫ ( בני אלהים‬according to Rashi the sons of authorities or angels ) “ saw
how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among those that pleased them. ” This was not in the
Divine plan and therefore G ‑ d shortens the human lifespan.
Finally, human activity continues to spiral downward and evil results. G ‑ d is not pleased and life is about to be washed
away “ But Noah found favor with the LORD.

Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10                                                                     '‫ישעיה מ"ב ה' – מ"ג י‬
It is G‑d who is the author of creation fashioning heaven and earth and breathing life into human beings. Israel was
created to be a light unto the nations. The LORD will not share His glory with idols.
The prophet Isaiah tells us that G‑d has power over the elements of the world as well as the inhabitants thereon. When
Israel sins, He will punish; when Israel sincerely repents, He will lead them home in safety. From the corners of the
earth He will gather His sons and daughters. The passage ends with a reminder “Before Me no god was formed, And
after Me none shall exist—.” There is but one G‑d the creator of Heaven and Earth as in the opening chapters of
                                                           THANK YOU TO OUR KIDDUSH SPONSORS:
                                        Brian Sherman & Jennifer Gruson on the occasion of their
      Marshall Garnick                  daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.
      Denise Greenberg
       Mark Potashner
      Marguerite Feder
         Leon Kozierok                                  MAZEL TOV TO THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:
           Susan Marr
     Lawrence Newstadt                   Brian Sherman & Jennifer Gruson on the occasion of the Bat Mitzvah of their
           Mark Borer                    daughter Gillian Sherman, and to grandparents Hilary & Pamela Gruson and
            Sara Fox                     Fred Sherman & Myra Nelson, also to loving brother, Daniel.
         Beverly Segal
     Hartley Zwingerman                  Sharon and Keith Segal and family on the birth of their new grandson,
     Stephen Kamnitzer                   Zachary Mackenzie Herzog to proud parents Beth and Sean Herzog of
            Sam Marr
          Linda Birman
                                         Sydney, Australia on September 11th, 2012
          Allie Offman
      Dorothy Levinson
       Illona Rappaport
       Tessa Wassyng
          David Bross
           Riva Levick                                                     Sam & Susan Marr
     Morty Weisselberg                                                    Robert & Betsy Richler
                                                  Upcoming Events
 This Sun. @ 7:30 pm - Adult Education                               Upcoming Classes/Ongoing Programs
 Mr. Richard Marceau, author of “A Quebec Jew: From
                                                                     Mon. Oct. 15th @ 7:15 pm Mitzvah Knitters
 Bloc Quebecois MP to Jewish Activist”, will speak about his
 transition from a Quebec Catholic Separatist to a proud             Thank you for all your dedication and support over the past
 Jew and an advocate for Israel. The presentation will be            year in creating the many gifts of healing shawls, lap
 followed by a dialogue with those in attendance. Signed             blankets and more for those in need. We hope you will be
 copies of Mr. Marceau’s book will be available for sale at          able to join us once again for an evening of great friendship
 the end of the program. All are welcome. Admission is               in the Sisterhood Wing. Call Arna Cappe at 905-881-8631, or
 free. Program starts at 7:30 pm.                                    Janice       Shachter    at     647-340-3173    or      email
                                                                     mitzvah_knitters@live.ca for more information.
 Sun. Oct. 21st @ 7:30 pm - Singles Program
                                                                     Tues. Oct. 16th @ 10:00 am Ladies Chumash Class
    Amazing, Entertaining and Acclaimed Mentalist                    Sisterhood Chumash Class in the Brotherhood Wing: Led in
  He will leave you laughing and mystified. Don’t miss               English by Rabbi Berman. One hour weekly in-depth study of
 his encore performance on Sunday October 21st, at                   Exodus. Everyone welcome to attend.
 7:30 pm. Admission only $10.00 includes refreshments
                                                                     The Book of Judges - Starts Tuesday, October 16th

     Board of Governors Installation October 27th                    Join Rabbi Berman for a bi-weekly exploration of the heroes
Plan to attend Shabbat services on October 27th welcoming            and problems that took place during the period of history
                                                                     between Joshua and King David. Tuesdays at 7:30 pm.
your new Executive and Board of Governors as we also say
                                                                     Oct. 16 - Introduction through Ehud, Chapters 1 - 3
thanks to the outgoing Board who have served us so well.
                                                                     CSA Market — Every Wednesday 3:30 pm—7:00 pm
      Shaar Shalom Synagogue, A Proud Participant in
                                                                     Community Supported Agriculture. Shaar Shalom is hosting
                Holocaust Education Week
                                                                     our own CSA where individuals or families receive fresh,
    Presents on Saturday, November 3rd @ 8:00 pm                     local, organically grown produce weekly.
           Guest Speaker - Hannah Lessing
         The National Fund of the Republic of Austria
                                                                     Sun. Oct. 28th @ 8:45 am - “Ask the Rabbi”
              for Victims of National Socialism
                                                                     Come armed with your most intricate and interesting
   Each year we remember our lost families and embrace our           questions and be amazed as our Rabbi dissects and
 survivors and their families by asking them to light candles. We    answers, even the toughest ones!! Everyone welcome to
  are looking for those survivors (members and non-members)          attend this breakfast program sponsored by the Shaar
   who are willing and able to light candles. Traditionally this     Shalom Brotherhood.
  candle lighting is a multi-generational affair and survivors are
 encouraged to light the candle with their children, grandchildren                    UPCOMING MEETINGS
   and great-grandchildren. If you are a survivor or know of a              Wed. Oct. 17th Board of Governors @ 7:30 pm
   survivor who would like to join in our remembrance, please                 Tues. Nov. 6th Brotherhood @ 7:45 pm
             contact the shul office at 905-889-4975.                             Wed. Nov. 7th Ritual @ 7:30 pm

  Social Bridge at Shaar Shalom starts October 22nd                      Learn Bridge at Shaar Shalom starts October 22nd
Social bridge                                                        Learn to play bridge conducted by John Ebden

Mondays from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. commencing October 22,                 Mondays from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. commencing October 22
Cost for one 8 week session,                                         Cost for one 8 week session,
        $56.00 for Shaar Shalom members,                                      $80.00 for Shaar Shalom members,
        $90.00 for non-members                                                $120.00 for non-members
Space is limited to a minimum of 8 participants                      Space is limited to a minimum of 8 participants
and a maximum of 24.                                                 and a maximum of 24
                                                                     Instruction books available @$15.00 each
Refreshments provided for both Bridge Groups                         Contact the synagogue office at 905-889-4975 to register.
  Thank you for your kind                    donations:
  DONATIONS:                      Youth Fund                      In appreciation of Ralph         In honour of Jacquie
                                  In honour of Jacquie            Gan                              Oppenheimer for Eshet
  We thank you for                Oppenheimer for Eshet           Stephen Lebner                   Chayil
   acknowledging both the         Chayil                                                           Steve and Barbara Held
   good times and the                                             In appreciation of Shaar
   difficult ones through         Steve and Adele Weinstein       Shalom                           In honour of Mark Wallach
   donations to our               In honour of Mark Wallach       Stephen Lebner                   for Chatan Torah
   synagogue funds.               for Chatan Torah                In appreciation of the           Steve and Barbara Held
                                  Steve and Adele Weinstein       Sukkah get together              Mazel Tov to Ralph &
  Building Fund                                                   Ben Silverberg                   Marika Levine on the
  In appreciation of Alan &       Holocaust Memorial Fund         In honour of Barry Rebuck        upcoming wedding of your
  Elaine Frysh                    In appreciation of Keith        for Chatan Bereshit              daughter
  Stephen Lebner                  Hammerschlag                    Steve and Barbara Held           Steve and Barbara Held
  In appreciation of Beverley     Selwyn and Sandy Kahn           In honour of Brenda &
  Maister                         In appreciation of Ralph &      Stephen Stein                    Torah Fund
  Stephen Lebner                  Marika Levine                   Steve and Barbara Held           In honour of Barry Rebuck
  In appreciation of Natie        Stephen Lebner                  Mazel Tov to Paul Haas on        for Chatan Bereshit
  Maister                         In loving memory of Bella       becoming a grandfather           Harold and Jacqueline
  Stephen Lebner                  Pukier                          Ralph Gan                        Oppenheimer
  In appreciation of Wilfred &    Henry and Paula Pukier                                           In honour of Esther Hadida
  Sylvia Frysh                    In loving memory of                                              on the birth of your twin
                                                                  Digital Holocaust Fund
  Stephen Lebner                  Shaskel Lichtenfeld                                              grandchildren
                                                                  In loving memory of
  In honour of Barry Rebuck       Henry and Paula Pukier                                           Shaar Shalom Singles
                                                                  Abraham Miller
  for Chatan Bereshit                                                                              In honour of Mark Wallach
                                                                  Emanuel and Barbara Bar-
  Steve and Adele Weinstein                                                                        for Chatan Torah
                                  Chesed Fund                     Dayan
  In honour of Harold &                                                                            Harold and Jacqueline
                                  My sincere condolences to
  Jacquie Oppenheimer your                                                                         Oppenheimer
                                  Trudy Direnfeld on the loss     Prayer Book Fund
  45th anniversary and            of your brother, Perry Platt                                     In loving memory of my
  Jacquie for Eshet Chayil                                        In loving memory of Hillel &     parents
                                  Ralph Gan                       Bessie Wilks
  Sunny and Anne Schatz                                                                            Shirlee Aronson Dolman
                                                                  David and Marlene Sefton
  In loving memory of Cecil                                                                        In loving memory of your
  Breslow and Aaron Breslow                                                                        mother, Mary Mattey to
                                  In appreciation of Mike &       Social Action Fund               Bonnie Joseph and family
  Barney and Adele Breslow        Elka Top
  In loving memory of Jacob &                                     In honour of Brian &             Wayne and Ann Caplan
                                  Stephen Lebner                  Rosalie Antman on the
  Sarah Breslow
                                  In appreciation of Rafi Bida    upcoming wedding of your          It’s never too late. If you 
  Barney and Adele Breslow                                        daughter                          haven’t done so already, 
                                  Antman & Gerskup families
                                                                  Steve and Barbara Held            please send pledge today 

Yahrzeitin this week:                  ‫זכרונם לברכה‬                              May their memories serve as a blessing
October 13, Tishri 27                        October 16, Tishri 30                    Githa Hart, Mother of Barbara Held
Aba Dovid Dembo, Father of Anne Schatz       Bert Etlin, Father of Cal Etlin          Harold Migdal, Brother-in-law of Barbara
Harry Gottlieb                               Wolfe Ribkowski, Father of Esther         Bar-Dayan and Sarah Laiken
Rae Horwich, Mother of Louie Salmons          Goldman and Shirley Rachman,            Sam Miller, Father of Herb Miller
Rose Kozierok, Mother of Leon Kozierok        Husband of Frieda Ribkowski             Lillian Saslove
Harry Tepperman, Father of Perry             Hyman Salamson                           Bess Farber, Step-mother of Bernie
 Tepperman                                                                             Farber
                                             October 17, Heshvan 1                    Kevin Kates, Brother of Gerald Kates
October 14, Tishri 28                        Joseph Freeman, Father of Bev Devins     Fannie Rogul, Grandmother of Lee
Eugene Rakoff, Brother of Riva Levick                                                  Cappe
                                             October 18, Heshvan 2
October 15, Tishri 29                        Arthur Basch, Father of Seymour Basch October 20, Heshvan 4
Kay Elizabeth Epstein                        Rabbi Mayer Berger, Grandfather of    Rosa Barnes, Mother of Barry Barnes
Riva Velsher, Mother of Yuri Velsher          Joel Cappe and Stephen Cappe         Hugo Gutfreund, Father of George
                                             Malka Brand                            Gutfreund

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