Children's Sermon: Held Together by sappken


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   Sermon: Held
  Love holds us together
         in unity.


         •   Tape
         •   Glue
         •   Stapler
         •   A bolt

     I would like for you to discover
     what this tape, glue, stapler,
     and bolt have in common. Think
     about it.
     (Allow them to answer.)

   That’s right! They are all used to
   hold things together. Most of you
   probably have tape and glue in your
   desk at school or in your room. You
   may also have a stapler of your own,
   or perhaps your teacher or parents
   do. Your father probably has a jar of
   bolts in the garage that he uses to
   hold metal or wooden objects
   together. Almost everything we
   have has to be held together by
   something. Can you name a few
   other things that hold things

  •   There is something else that
      needs to be held together as
      well and that is people.
  •   We need to be close to people.
  •   If we are not, life becomes very
      sad and lonely.
  •   We need to be close to our
      family, to our friends, and to
      our fellow church people-plus
      many others.
  •   Let me tell you what holds
      people together better than
      anything else: Love! Love is the
      best tape, the best glue, the
      best staple, the best bolt that
      you can find to keep you close
      to people.

  •   There are other things that we
      sometimes think keep us close
      to others but they don’t work
      as well as love.
  •   You may think that it’s because
      you live on the same street that
      you are friends with a certain
      person, but if that is all that
      makes you friends it will be
      over with the first time you
      have a serious fight.
  •   Sometimes we think we are
      close friends with someone
      because we like the same sport
      or the same games but this
      usually doesn’t last either.

   • Even living in the same house
     with your family will not
     automatically make you close to
   • In every case what we really
     need is love for that person.
   • No matter what you like doing
     with someone close to you, just
     remember that to love that
     person is the most important
     thing of all.
   • Love will be the tape, the glue,
     the staple, the bolt that holds us
     together in unity.

   Possible Bible Stories:
   Greatest Commandment
   (Matthew 22), Good
   Samaritan (Luke 10), They will
   know that we are Christians
   by our love (John 13:34),
   Command to Love one

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