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									                  Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School
 Science Medium Term Planning for Autumn term 2                               2010        Year Group 6
                                Miss Mottram
We     Unit         Learning          Success                               Resources             Cross
ek                 Objectives      Criteria/Outco                                              curricular
                                        mes                                                    links (where
1   6B Micro-organisms To show their               Complete a thought      Science books. Literacy- reading
                        understanding of micro      shower of what they     Task 1.         non-fiction texts.
                        organisms so far.           already know about      PowerPoint
                       To understand what          micro organisms.        from
                        micro-organisms are?        Children can recall     primaryresource
                        To understand that          some diseases, such     s.co.uk
                        micro-organisms are         as mumps, measles       The story of
                        very small living things.   and chickenpox,         Edward Jenner.
                                                    which are caused by     Louis Pasteur.
                                                                            Espresso- KS2
2   6B             Some micro-organisms            Can recognise that      Task 5 and 6,     Numeracy- data
    Micro-organisms can cause common                diseases can be         page 6-7.         handling and
                    illnesses.                      passed on by very       Digital camera.   measurement.
                   To understand that              small organisms and     Discuss safety    ICT- creating
                    micro-organisms bring           that this is based on   about mould       tables and
                    about decay.                    scientific evidence.    and microbes.     graphs.
                    To plan, carry out an           Can use results to
                    investigation on the            recognise that          Espresso-
                      decay of bread and       micro-organisms          KS2 Science-
                      consider the evidence.   cause decay.             Digital
                                               Can explain that         microscope-
                                               grow and reproduce
                                               on food.                 sms- Start

3   6B                  To understand that    Can explain that         Task 7- food      Literacy- reading
                          food needs to be
    Micro-organisms       handled and stored   micro-organisms          hygiene.          non-fiction texts
                          with care.           grow and reproduce       Task 8- keeping   and retrieving
                        To understand that    on food, and that this   healthy.          information.
                          bring about decay.   can cause food           Task 9-
                                               poisoning.               investigating
                                               Can identify that        what decays.
                                               some things, such as
                                               leaves and grass,
                                               Can identify that
                                               some things do not
                                               decay, such as some
                                               Can recognise that
                                               decay helps to
                                               remove unwanted
4   6B             To understand that         Can explain that         Task 10- mixing Numeracy- data
    Micro-organisms micro-organisms feed       sugar and yeast,         yeast and       handling and
                    and grow.                  mixed and kept           sugar: yeast,   measurement.
                   To plan, carry out an      warm, make a gas.        beaker, warm
                    investigation on the       Can use equipment        water, sugar,
                    effect of mixing yeast     safely, can make         round balloon,
                    and sugar together.        observations and         test tube.
                                                relate patterns to
                                                scientific knowledge.

5   6B             Use scientific              Can explain that        Task sheets 5        Numeracy- data
    Micro-organisms knowledge and               dough rises when it     and 6. Task 11-      handling and
                    understanding to            contains yeast, but     page 12.             measurement.
                    explain the effect of       without yeast dough     Plain flour, dried   Extracting
                    yeast on dough.             will not rise.          yeast, sugar,        information from
                   To understand that          Can explain how         tepid water, jug,    tables and
                    some micro-organisms        yeast makes dough       mixing bowl,         graphs.
                    are used to make food.      rise.                   identical
                    To set up a fair test,      Can use equipment       beakers,
                    take repeat readings,       safely, can make        weighing
                    find averages and look      observations and        scales, marker
                    for patterns. Also to use   relate patterns to      pen, ruler,
                    a graph to make             scientific knowledge.   labels.
                    (Discuss safety- do not
                    eat bread etc.)

6   6B                     To understand       Can explain the         Task sheet 7.        ICT- researching
    Micro-organisms          ‘the story of      yoghurt                 CD-ROMS and          and extracting
                             yoghurt.’          manufacturing           Internet.            information from
                           To name other       process.                                     large databases
                             foods and drinks   Can identify            Assessment           such as the
                             that are made      examples of the use     sheets.              internet.
                             using              of micro-organisms in
                             micro-organisms    the production of       Espresso- KS2
                             .                  food.                   Science-
                      Assessment tasks to                               Micro-organis
                      check understanding       Look at recent          ms (News
                      and knowledge.            articles to see         Archive)
                                                updated news about

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