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Mr. A. Shehata                               Safe Arrival                                  Ms. M.K.Murphy
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                                               October 2012

First Nation, Métis and Inuit Families and
               Community                                    SIMCOE COUNTY INFORMATION FAIR
The Simcoe County District School Board is hosting          Children’s Treatment Network, in collaboration with
an information session on the                               the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB)
Culture Card: A Guide to Build Cultural                     will be hosting an event to help students, parents and
Awareness.                                                  educators navigate community resources available
Parents, families and community members are invited         for children with special needs, ages 0-19. This event
to attend.                                                  takes place on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, from
Guest Presenter: Gertie Beaucage                            1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., at Barrie Free Methodist
Tuesday October 23, 2012                                    Church, 284 Cundles Rd. East, Barrie, Ontario.
9:00am-12:00pm                                              Community agencies will highlight services available
Roy Edwards Room,                                           and break-out sessions will be presented. Event
                                                            information, including break-out session topics and
Simcoe County District School Board, Midhurst               times, is available at
Please RSVP to Lisa Ewanchuk, Principal of First            http://scdsb.on.ca/programs-services/special-
Nation, Metis and Inuit Education 705-734-6363 ext          education/upcoming-events/
11475 or at lewanchuk@scdsb.on.ca
                                                                         October Library News
        Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit
                                                            Thank you to families who visited the Library on
Your Child’s Immunization Record!                           Meet the Teacher Night. A big thank you to Jane from
The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is                  the Barrie Public Library who provided information
required by law to keep an up to date                       to families on free programs and signed families up
immunization record on file for every student               for a Library card.
who attends elementary or secondary school in
Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka.                  Oral language is the foundation for reading. Listening
Unfortunately the health unit does not receive              and speaking are your child’s first introduction to
immunization information directly from doctor’s             language. Read often to your child and have fun!
offices, therefore parents need to contact the              Tumblebooks and Tumblebook Cloud are an
health unit each time students receive a vaccine            excellent read aloud option! They are EBooks that
from their health care provider to update their             read to your child with expression. Tumblebook
record. If a student’s immunization record on file          EBooks are for Primary students (Fiction and Non-
with the health unit is not up to date, the health          Fiction stories available) and Tumblebook Cloud
unit will mail a notice requesting immunization             EBooks are for Junior and Intermediate students
information or proof of a valid exemption. If the           (popular chapter books/series). Please visit our school
information requested is not provided, the                  library webpage to find these E Books.
student may be suspended from school. If a
student is due for immunizations, an                        Go to: http://cundles.edublogs.org/, click on Library,
appointment can be made with their health care              then click on students, then under Languages see
provider or at the health unit immunization clinic          Tumblebooks and Tumblebook Cloud links.
by contacting Your Health Connection at 705
721-7520 or 1-877 721-7520. Parents can now                 Tumblebooks User name: scdsb
provide updated immunization information to the                         Password: books
health           unit           online          at          Tumblebook Cloud User name: scdsb
www.simcoemuskokahealth.org/immsonline                                  Password: login
                                                                          SCHOOL COUNCIL UPDATE
Thanks to everyone who attended the Open House event              At the October 1st meeting, the following parents were
on Thursday, September 27. We were delighted with the             installed as Members at Large (voting members) of the
large number of parents and students who attended. It             School Council for 2012-2013:
was a very successful evening.
                                                                  Joe Gabor-Co-chair
                                                                  Ken Boyington-Co-chair
                                                                  Laurianne Bayley
  PARENT/STUDENT CONFERENCES                                      Christina Chase-Nugent
                                                                  Donna Cah-Henry
If you attended the Meet the Teacher event on                     Tracy Metzger
                                                                  Denis Nugent
September 27, we hope that you signed up for a
parent/student conference to be held with your                    The next meeting of School Council will be held on
child(ren)’s teacher(s) from Junior Kindergarten                  November 5, 2012 at 6:30 PM in the Library. Any
through Grade 8 during the week of November 12-16.                parents who wish to join us for the meeting are welcome.
Any parents who have not yet signed up for a                      Please submit all agenda items to the office for Co-Chairs
                                                                  Joe Gabor or Ken Boyington by Friday, November 2.
parent/student conference, please contact your
child(ren)’s teacher(s).
                                                                  QSP Fundraising Event
School Bus Evacuation Training – School Bus                       Attention: Parents &
Safety Week October 15 through October 19, 2012                   Students
School Bus Safety Week takes place October 15 to                  We hope that each family can
19, 2012. To support schools in promoting school bus              help us reach our goal and order at least
safety to students, the Simcoe County Student
                                                                  one magazine for their child and help
Transportation Consortium (SCSTC), in partnership
with our Bus Operators, will be offering School Bus               promote reading.
Evacuation Training to all home-to-school                         Every single order placed, really helps our
transported students.                                             school.
During this special week, school bus drivers will be
educating students on how to evacuate a school bus                Suggestions: Chickadee (ages 6-9), Highlights (ages 6-12),
                                                                  National Geographic Kids (ages 6-14), The Magazine (ages
in an emergency situation.                                        8-14) PLUS Many More – see pages 43-45 in the
This training will occur during regular morning                   catalogue or look at the Kids & Teens Section online at
transportation once the bus arrives at the school                 www.QSP.ca.
with students. After the training has been completed
by the bus driver, students will unload from the bus.
                                                                  Children are made readers in the laps of
                                                                  their parents.
Training topics will include how to safely evacuate
                                                                  Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to
the vehicle using the front door, rear door, both
                                                                  the body.
front and rear door, and other evacuation options.
Training will also confirm that the bus driver is in
                                                                          Save time – GO ONLINE – visit
charge during any evacuation situation and that
students are to move away from the vehicle to a safe
location designated by the driver following an
evacuation.                                                       Enter our school group number is 8989
                                                                  Remember, paper orders must be
          FRIDAY OCTOBER 26 IS A P.A. DAY                         returned to school by: Friday October 12.
                                                                  Thank you for your continued support! Happy
Students and parents/guardians are reminded that Friday October   Reading!
26 is a P.A. Day. There will be no school for students on that
  FIRST TERM PROGRESS REPORTS                                              VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                                                               Thanks to all our school volunteers for the great variety of
Students in Grade 1 through Grade 8 will receive               supports they provide to our students and staff. We were
their first term progress reports on Friday,                   delighted to see the new and returning volunteers who
November 9. All report cards will include a                    attended our Volunteer Orientation Event in the Library on
parent/student response form. Please return the                September 25. At this time, we are looking for volunteers
response form to your child’s homeroom teacher.                interested in performing the following tasks:
Senior kindergarten students will receive a                    -Volunteers interested in receiving training in order to
progress checklist on Friday, November 9.                      perform periodic head lice screening of our students are
                                                               asked to leave their name in the office.
               STUDENT PHOTOS
                                                               -Volunteers willing to work one morning a week in our
                                                               Breakfast Club are asked to speak to Mrs. Boynton in the
Student photos were taken on Monday October 1st by our         office.
photograph company Lifetouch. Students who were absent
on our October 1st photo day and any other students who        ALL POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS ARE REMINDED OF
are newly registered since then, please be prepared for        THE NEED FOR A VALID CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK
student photos on the morning of Monday, October 29.
                                                               WITH A VULNERABLE SECTOR SCREENING DONE
Any students who require retakes of photos taken on            WITHIN THE PREVIOUS SIX MONTHS.      PLEASE
October 1st will also be included at the same time on          SUBMIT TO THE OFFICE YOUR CRIMINAL RECORD
Monday, October 29. For any retake photos, please
                                                               CHECK IN A SEALED ENVELOPE LABELED WITH
ensure that the student has with him/her the original          YOUR NAME, CUNDLES HEIGHTS AND “CRIMINAL
photos when the new photos are taken and a brief note          RECORD CHECK” ON THE FRONT OF THE
from his/her parent/guardian explaining why the retake is      ENVELOPE. PARENTS/GUARDIANS NEW TO THE
needed.                                                        SCHOOL THIS YEAR REQUIRE THE CRIMINAL
                                                               RECORD CHECK BEFORE THEY BEGIN TO
             PARKING-BUS ZONE                                  VOLUNTEER.     RETURNING VOLUNTEERS ARE
                                                               ASKED TO COMPLETE A BRIEF OFFENCE
Thanks to all our CHPS families who have previously            DECLARATION DOCUMENT AVAILABLE AT THE
                                                               SCHOOL    OFFICE   BEFORE    BEGINNING   TO
demonstrated safety, understanding and patience                VOLUNTEER THIS YEAR.
when using our parking lot to pick up and drop off
students. In the interest of the safety of all CHPS
students and staff, please continue to drive slowly and        PEDICULOSIS (HEAD LICE) CHECKS
carefully through the designated area. We continue to          Parents/guardians are requested to check their child(ren)’s
require the daily co-operation of all families in order        head(s) on a weekly basis for head lice. At school we do our
to maintain a safe parking lot. Please DO NOT stop             best to keep you informed of outbreaks of head lice reported to
or park any vehicles in the Bus Zone at the front of           us by parents. However, it is the responsibility of each
                                                               parent/guardian to monitor this situation and inform the school
the school. Use only designated parking spaces.                of an outbreak. Such reports will remain confidential, but
We continue to promote students walking to and from            general notification will be sent home to affected classes of
school, under supervision of a parent/caregiver or             students. If you wish to volunteer in order for us to conduct
older student as necessary, to promote student health          school-wide screening of students for head lice, please leave
and to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions and traffic            your name in the office.
congestion in our school environment.
                                                                  VISITORS TO CUNDLES HEIGHTS
                                                               For the safety of all of our students we are reminding all
Wednesday October 31 is Hallowe’en. The school has             parents/guardians that our school board policy insists that
designated this day as Orange and Black Day. Please            all visitors (non-CHPS students) are obliged to sign in at
check with your child’s teacher regarding any specific         the school office when entering the school for any
plans for your child’s class that day. In general, please be   purpose. We ask that consideration be given to not
advised that costumes are not to be worn to school.            disrupting students and teachers during their instructional
Please ensure that these safety rules are followed:            time. Our teachers would be glad to speak to you over the
-No costumes of any kind.                                      phone or arrange a personal appointment outside of their
-No masks of any kind.                                         teaching time. Messages for students should be kept to
-No scary or inappropriate themes.                             emergencies and left with Mrs. Boynton our school
-No toy guns, swords or any other toy weapons.                 secretary.
-Orange and black clothing may be worn and is optional
for those that choose to participate.
                                                           arrangements have been made to provide for their
  THE SCHOOL WEBSITE IS UP AND                             children’s safe return home at the end of the regular
                                                           school day, or during the school day if conditions
           RUNNING!                                        worsen and it is necessary to close the school at any
                                                           time before the end of the regular school day. If
The web team continues to update the school website        buses are cancelled in the morning they are
(cun.scdsb.on.ca). The monthly newsletter will be          cancelled for the entire day and will not run at a
posted on the website for all families who wish to         later time that day.
access it on-line. Please read the school newsletter on
                                                               If adverse weather conditions prevail over a wide
the website to help us save paper. We will continue        area, the school will be declared closed and all
to send a paper copy home with the youngest and /or        students and staff should remain at home. This will
only child registered at CHPS. Check the website           be announced in the media mentioned above.
regularly as new links are added.
                                                           EARLY SCHOOL CLOSING PROCEDURES
       Inclement Weather Procedures                        It may be necessary, in rare or unusual
                                                           circumstances of an emergency nature, to close the
                                                           school. Local media mentioned above will carry the
Please review and save the following inclement
                                                           announcement of the early calling of buses.
weather procedures.
                                                           Please     Note:   It    is  the    parent/guardian’s
Every reasonable effort will be made to keep the
                                                           responsibility to make alternate arrangements for
school open each day for those students who are
                                                           children’s supervision in the case of school closure
able to attend.
                                                           or early school closing. Should you encounter
EARLY MORNING PROCEDURES                                   difficulty in making such arrangements, please
                                                           discuss this matter with your child’s teacher as soon
1. Local media as well as the Simcoe County District       as possible so that a satisfactory understanding may
School Board website (www.scdsb.on.ca) will carry          be established.       Please review your alternate
news regarding any delays or cancellations of school       arrangements frequently with your children and your
buses or closures of schools. Please tune in to local      emergency contact adults. Please update the office
media from 6:30 – 8:00 a.m. to avoid having to call        records with all emergency contact information.
the school.
                                                            SAFETY AND SECURITY AT SCHOOL
2. The Simcoe County Student Transportation
Consortium and their contracted school bus                 We wish to remind all students and parents that all
companies together determine during pre-dawn               valuable and/or treasured items should be left at home for
hours if it is unsafe for buses to travel during           safe keeping. Those items may include (but are not
inclement weather. As well, school superintendents         limited to) CD players, CD’s, iPods, cameras, handheld
and principals together determine whether school           electronic games, toys, expensive watches and jewellery.
closures are necessary, depending on local weather         Cell phones are discouraged, but if parents believe that
conditions for each cluster of schools. Our school is in   they are necessary for their child, students are to ensure
the “Barrie central zone”                                  that all cell phones are shut off, out of sight and not used
                                                           on school property throughout the entire school
3. All parents/guardians are reminded that it is their     instructional day. The school cannot be responsible for
responsibility to decide whether or not it is safe for     any such items. Students should avoid bringing large
their children to leave for school under conditions of     sums of money to school. Payment for lunch orders, field
severe weather, as well as at other times.                 trips, or any other school related purpose should be made
                                                           to the child’s homeroom teacher as soon as the student
4. If buses are cancelled due to severe weather            arrives in the morning, preferably by cheque.
conditions outside the immediate school area, but
weather conditions are not hazardous in the                CUNDLES HEIGHTS STAFF LIST OCTOBER 2012
immediate vicinity of the school, the school will be
open to students. In cases where buses have been           School Administration
cancelled, it is the parents’ responsibility to decide
whether or not students who normally ride a school         A. Shehata, Principal M.K. Murphy, Vice-Principal
bus should set out for school, or should be driven to
school.                                                    Primary/Junior Division Teachers

Please be aware of your child’s bus number and the         S. Laurin(JK/SK)             T. Davies (Gr. 3)
company which provides the bus.                            H. Hammacott(JK/SK)          L. Russell (Gr. 3/4)
                                                           C. Vallins (JK/SK)
If parents drive their children who are normally           B. Guest (Gr.1)
bused to school on inclement weather days when             S. Hamelin (Gr.1/2)
buses have been cancelled, it is the parents’              G. St. Amand (Gr. 2)
responsibility  to    ensure    that  appropriate          S. Baker (Gr. 2/3)
Junior/Intermediate Division Teachers
                                                          WEB SITES FOR STUDENTS’ SUPPORT IN
                            P. Coville (Gr. 5)                       MATHEMATICS
L. Giller (Gr.4)            T. Orr (Gr.6)
                            E. Hennigar (Gr. 6/7)   Math FROG is a web site of free mathematics fun
                                                    resources and online games for Grades 4, 5 and 6
                                                    students, teachers and parents. Go to: www.mathfrog.ca

Intermediate Division Teachers                      The following are web sites that parents may find helpful
D. Eales (Gr.7/8)           S. MacKenzie(Gr.8)      for supporting numeracy skills/concepts. These sites are a
                                                    supplement and should not be considered a substitute for
                                                    regular school programming. Web sites for home use
Special Education Teachers
M.Underhill                    N. Forget (SERT)     www.nelson.com
(Learning Centre)                                   www.mathfrog.com
M.Blais (SocialSkills Class)   M.K. Murphy(SERT)    www.eworkshop.on.ca
A. Wall (SERT)                                      Mathville 1 is a web-based math resource designed to
                                                    make math fun for Ontario Grade 1 students. To students
French as a Second Language Teachers                it looks like a game collection, but each of the 12 activities
                                                    addresses an important topic in the Ontario Grade 1 Math
D. Dalton                                           curriculum. Find out more at www.mathville.com. There
S. Taylor                                           you will find a product description, manual, worksheet
                                                    generator, and Ontario curriculum correlation. Mathville 1
Librarian – J. Bennett                              is licensed for school and home use by all Ontario
                                                    teachers and students.
Planning Time Teachers
E. Numbers                                                    New!!!! Parent Coffee Hour
N. Forget
                                                    Cundles Heights is hosting a Parent Coffee Hour on
Early Childhood
                                                    Wednesday October 10th and October 24th. Come for
N. Melton                                           some coffee and conversation after the bell rings while
J. Nicholson                                        your kids are in class. It will take place in The Lodge
C. Winter                                           starting at 8:30am. Linda Quennell our Public Health
                                                    Nurse will run the group. Linda is looking for some topics
Educational Assistants                              for discussion- bring your ideas. Everyone is welcome!!
L. Drury       S. Scott
                                                    If you have any questions about Parent Coffee Hour
J. Foster-     B. Hurst
Kalte          M. Morris                            contact the school.
D. Monger
                                                    Remember to sign into the school in the front office and
Office Staff – S. Boynton                           proceed to The Lodge.
Custodial Staff
    A. McLeod
    W. Snoddy
    C. Gauthier                                                           Bottle Drive
                                                    Cundles Heights will be having a bottle drive on Saturday
                                                    October 13. Students and volunteer parents will be
                                                    driving around Cundles neighbourhood to collect any
                                                    bottles. Please help our students raise money for school
                                                    activities. Any students that are interested in helping out
                                                    with this fundraiser can come to the office to get a parent
                                                    permission form sign. Please return your permission form
                                                    to the office by Thursday October 11.

Rainbows is an international not-for-profit organization
that fosters emotional healing among children and
youth grieving a loss. These losses, among others,
include separation, divorce, death, incarceration, foster
care and deployment of a family member.
Rainbows provides a safe, non judgemental and
supportive environment for participants to process
their feelings, build self esteem and learn positive
coping tools to last a lifetime -- because ‘it doesn’t
need to hurt forever’. This is accomplished through our
unique 12-week peer support programs available from
pre-school to adult.

Rainbows is provided free of charge to children and

I would like my child to participate in the Rainbows
program at Cundles Heights.

Name: _________________________ Age: ____
Grade: ______

Child’s Signature:   __________________

Parent’s Signature: __________________

Please Check:   □     Parent has died

                □     Parents are divorced

                □     Other (please explain):

Please return to the office by October 22nd to
         help us prepare programming.

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