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Merit Aid Scholarships                                                        Finacial Aid websites and information                                                                   FAFSA PIN #                                                                  FAFSA:              Free College Scholarship Search                                                  FAFSA Forcaster Tool:        
Discus Awards                 write about yourself                   Winners compete for $2,000 a month - Must choose 3 areas of achievement

Fastweb                                                                                                                                              1/29/2013

Western Undergraduate Exchange                  16 states are part of the WUE program            
                             Students can apply and pay a greatly reduced tuition rate. Over 150 colleges participate in this program

Confused about college? Unsure of where you should go?                                           

These two websites can help. Simply enter info and receive college options                       

Need AFFORDABLE Textbooks for College? Your resource for inexp college text books                
You can rent, E-Textbooks or sell. 2 websites to help you find what you need                     

    Scholarships for Military dependants                                   official Website      
American Legion                  Financial Aid handbook for Veteran's Dependents                 

Coast Guard Scholarships          varies          seniors

Air Force ROTC Scholarships                             Marines ROTC Scholarships 

ARMY ROTC Scholarships                         Navy ROTC Scholarships 

  Maricopa Presidential           Seniors       Presidential Scholarship - If you are in the top 15% of your class (jr or sr year) , you qualify for 2 years PAID tuition to any of
    Community College              only         the Maricopa Community Colleges. If you achieve a high score on the ACCUPLACER Exam you can also qualify

UNCF African American Scholarships           Various scholarships - deadlines vary               

Hispanic Scholarship Fund          varies          varies     opens 9/1/12 - deadline 12/15/12   

Native Americans Scholarship Assist.               Jr - Sr    Free help with scholarship search, 

U of A Scholarship Univ           all year          Srs       tons of scholarships for incoming  
                                                              Fall 2013 students
 Asian America/Pacific Islander Scholarships - 27 scholarships to apply for                      

Journalism scholarships           varies             Sr       over 20 scholarships listed        
Name of Scholarship            App. Due     Who applies                  Brief Info                                               Website

Scholarship Search Engine       All year      Fr-Srs      Like          
High Five                                   enter your information online and they will match you up with scholarships you could qualify for

College Week Live               All year      Seniors     online chat with colleges      

Get answers, speak to college reps online                 select 3 colleges to chat with and be entered into a drawning for $2,500.00

Zinch Weekly Question           all year      Fr - Sr     answer a question 280 characters
EASY                         once a week                  chance to win $1,000 weekly questions

College Prowler                 all year      Seniors     no essay - 2 minute online application
        $2,000 - EASY        Only one entry allowed per student per month. You can re-enter every month. A new winner will be chosen every month

GPA isn't everything            monthly         Srs
Scholarship - EASY                                        Very short application. Apply once every month for a chance at $1,000.000

The ACT Poster Contest         1/21/2013        Srs       Create a poster "Why take the ACT"

                                                          promoting college and the importance of taking the ACT

Art Institute                  1/24/2013        Srs       Essay, write your fav recipe down

Best Teen Chef                                            complete application, photo and get ready to go against other teenage chefs

Art Institute                  1/31/2013        Srs       Create an original poster design that

Poster Design Competition     157 awards                  expresses the theme“You Can Create Tomorrow.”

ACTE AZ                        1/31/2013        Srs       Must be enrolled in a CTE class such
                                            as: Video, DECA, Marketing, BioTech, etc. Application must be TYPED. Follow directions or be disqualified

AXA Achievement                2/1/2013         Srs       Outstanding work with volunteering

                                            12 - $2,000 scholarships based on community service

Art Institute                  2/14/2013        Srs       2 different categories to chose from:

Passion for Fashion            82 awards                  1) Fashion Design 2) Marketing
Name of Scholarship               App. Due    Who applies                    Brief Info                                               Website

                                 2/15/2013          Srs      Minority students - Leadership, FAFSA
Jackie Robinson Scholar
                                                             Community Service, ACT-22, SAT-1000

AZ PTA Scholarship               2/15/2013          Srs      min 3.0 GPA, financial need-must

$1,000 for each year in college up to 4 years                complete FAFSA, application must be mailed. Must attend an AZ community college or university

Best Buy @ 15                    2/15/2013        Fr - Srs   min 2.5 GPA                   

                                                             demonstrate commitment to and involvement in community volunteer service or work experience

The World of 7 billion           2/21/2013        Fr - Srs   Make a video about the connection

video Contest                                   7 billion people and one of the following: Food Security, Global Status of Women/Girls or Wildlife Habitat will have on earth

Lowes Scholarship                2/28/2013          Srs      Min 3.25 GPA, commitment to their
140 awards                                                   community through leadership activities, community service or work (must create an account)

NIAAA Athletic Scholars          2/28/2013          Srs      Top 25% of class, 2 sports-2 years

                                                             at least 1 varsity letter, ACT 24 or SAT 1100 (Math & Verbal)

Buick Achievers Scholars         2/28/2013          Srs      Major in Engineer/Tech or Design/

      BIG MONEY $$                                           Business. School leader, community service minded. Must complete FAFSA financial need
Eagle Scout of Year Award         3/1/2013       15-17 yrs Scouts should submit completed  

  VFW Scouting Scholarship form, resume of high school activities, scouting record, community service record and letters of recommendation to a local VFW Post by due date

                             1st prize - $10,000. 3 runner ups will each receive $2,500.00
Scout of the Year Award           3/1/2013       15-17 yrs All info online                 
                                                Be a registered, active member of a Boy or Girl Scout Troop, Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship.
                                                Be the recipient of the Eagle Scout Award, Gold Award, Venture Silver Award or Sea Scout Quartermaster

Phoenix Suns Scholars             3/1/2013          Srs      Must create a Zoom Account    
We had 2 winners last year                                   Min GPA 2.7 online application and essay response
Name of Scholarship            App. Due    Who applies                  Brief Info                                                      Website

Chicanos Por La Causa           3/1/2013       Srs       AZ resident, Top 20% of grad class

Thomas Espinoza - ASU                      comm. Involvemt/leadership, min. 3.0 GPA, would replace other Merit scholarships awarded by ASU - provides full tuition

Joaquin Bustoz - ASU            3/1/2013    Soph - Srs Math requirements must be met by   

Earn FREE college credits                  underclassmen-online application, personal statement, ltr of recomm., - fully paid opportunity if selected

Visine Scholarship              3/1/2013        Srs      For students who have a clear    

10 awards of $5,000                                      vision of where they are headed - no info you must create an account in order to view application

Silver Apple Award              3/1/2013      Fr - Sr    This is for your Favorite Teacher

We've all had that one teacher who gave us advise that helped us. Here is your chance to recognize them. 100 words or less essay and the Principals signature

Stuck on You Duct Tape          3/1/2013       Srs        Create your prom outfit from Duct tape
You can go online and see what the competition created and begin working on your outfit now. $5,000 for 1st prize

Dr. William Huizingh            3/1/2013       Srs       Must select Accountancy as major           See Mrs. B. for application

Scholarship                                              at ASU's WP Carey School of Business, Top 10% of graduating class with Leadership skills

2013 Desert Schools             3/4/2013       Srs       50 or more hours of documented   

All papers must be mailed    community service between 7/1/12 and 3/2/13 - Min. 3.0 GPA, have an account or a relative who has an account. Use their service form

Cesar E Chavez                  3/6/2013    Soph - Jrs Are you a leader? Min. 3.0 GPA,    

Leadership Institute                                     involved in school and community. If selected the program is FREE! Live on ASU campus for 1 week!

Friends Place Community        3/26/2013       Srs       min. 2.5 GPA, requires community 

Volunteer Scholarship         WF had 1 winner for the past 2 yrs. service outside of club requiremented service hours - application must be typed

Don & Sybil Harrington         3/29/2013       Srs       min. 3.5 GPA: ACT-28, SAT-1250   

Scholarship                                              rdg & math only, 12 credit hours per semester, complete FAFSA

Helen Dyar King Scholar        3/29/2013       Srs       min. 2.75 GPA, must be dependent 

                                                         of military or law personnel - must complete FAFSA
Name of Scholarship            App. Due     Who applies                Brief Info                                                 Website

Jerome & Gale Glaser
                              3/29/2013         Srs       min. 2.75 GPA. Attend AZ college
Scholarship                                               committed to community service - must complete FAFSA

Pride Scholarship Fund        3/29/2013         Srs       Min 2.5 GPA, must be involved in
                                                          LGBT community, full-time college load, must complete FAFSA

.ME Scholarship               3/30/2013         Srs       min. GPA 3.0, ACT-21, SAT-1,000
Go                                              500 word essay how did the internet help you in school or elsewhere

American Fire Sprinkler        4/3/2013         Srs       Open book contest - read/print the

Scholarship Program-EASY information provided on fire sprinklers, answer 10 questions from the essay. Each correct answer gives you 1 entry into the drawing

Ken Vandehei                   4/5/2013         Srs       min. 3.0 GPA, leadership, involved You must see Mrs. B. for application
Memorial Scholarship                                      in community and school - scholarship can be deferred

2013 Student View Scholars    4/22/2013         Srs       No min. SAT/ACT. Complete an
   Random draw - EASY                       online 15-25 min. survey for auto entry into drawing - 11 winners. Select Arizona once on website

Lee Family Memorial           4/26/2013         Srs       Chinese American Heritage who
                                                          majors in education at ASU

Melva Joan Owens              4/26/2013         Srs       Admitted to nursing college at ASU,
Scholarship                                               U of A or NAU. Financial need - must complete FAFSA

Wilna G. Tygum Scholarship    4/26/2013         Srs       Admitted to nursing college at ASU,
                                                          U of A or NAU. Financial need - must complete FAFSA

A.W. Bodine Sunkist           4/30/2013         Srs       Family must be involved with
Growers Scholarship                                       agriculture. Must complete FAFSA

B. Davis Scholarship          5/28/2013      Jrs - Srs less than 1,000 word essay on  
Discuss, in less than 1000 words, what you would consider to be the most important issue that society has to deal with in the next 10 or 20 years?

Why do you think this issue so important?
Name of Scholarship             App. Due    Who applies                 Brief Info                                               Website

Jim Troxell Foundation         5/31/2013        Srs       Top 30% of graduating class or min.
                                                          3.5 GPA. Attend ASU, U of A or NAU - (preference for NAU) complete FAFSA

Rick Oehme Memorial            5/31/2013        Srs       Attend a trade or vocational school
                                                          anywhere in USA. ANY field of study is ok

Kay T. DeMichele Angel Tree    5/31/2013        Srs       Min 2.5 GPA, Parent who is or has
Scholarship                                               been incarcerated in a state facility

McLaren Scholarship            5/31/2013        Srs       Former or current foster care youth
                                                          for any college. Must complete FAFSA

Abbott & Fenner                6/15/2013     Jrs - Srs an essay between 500 - 1000 words
What have you done outside the classroom that demonstrates qualities sought after by the post secondary institution that you are hoping to attend?
Also, which of these qualities means the most to you?

Big Sun Scholar                6/21/2013        Srs       Must play in a sport, doesn't matter
                              which sport, answer a 3 part question and submit                    Essay must be uploaded to:

Breylan Communications         6/30/2013        Srs       Min. 2.5 GPA, must answer essay

           $1,000                                         question online, US citizen
If you want to save money, you can start your college degree at one of the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges and then transfer to a university.
All Maricopa Community Colleges have agreements with the instate universities. U of A is called "The Bridge", ASU "MAPP", and NAU 2+2.

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