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December 2009 Newsletter.pdf - Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter


									December 2009

                         CPCU Newsletter
   President’s Forum            By Jen Humphries, CPCU

   It is hard to believe the holiday season is here already this
   year! It is especially important at this time of year to take   Chapter Board 2009-2010
   time out of our busy lives to be thankful for all of our
   blessings. Take the opportunity to spend time with family       ● President: Jen Humphries,
   and friends and express your heartfelt thanks for their in-       Auto-Owners
   volvement in your life.                                          Insurance Company
   Congratulations to our eight new designees who were rec-
   ognized at our November lunch meeting: Nicholas Car-            ● Vice President: Tracy
   bone, Dawn Elzinga, Derek Fricano, Ross Hacker, Katie
                                                                    Nichols, Auto-Owners
   Maloney, Sharon McCarthy, Gail Parker and Chris Tyler.
   Welcome to the Mid-Michigan Chapter of CPCU!                     Insurance Company
   Thank you to Hilary Ludema, Chapter secretary, for the
   thorough, accurate and timely board meeting minutes she         ● Treasurer: Sam Gustafson,
   provides to the Chapter each month. It is through her tal-        Auto-Owners
   ent and dedication the history of our board meetings is          Insurance Company
   maintained for future members. Hilary, thank you for a
   job well done!                                        
                                                                   ● Secretary: Hilary Ludema,
   I would also like to say a special thank you to Debbie Har-       Auto-Owners
   ris for her recent work on updating our Chapter rosters
                                                                    Insurance Company
   with the CPCU Society national headquarters. She also
   selects all prizes for the Chapter year and oversees the
   distribution of these amazing prizes. Debbie, thank you         Directors:
   for a job well done!
                                                                   ● John Davis, Michigan Millers
   I look forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting on        Mutual Insurance
   Tuesday, December 8. Dr. Lois Bader will be with us from        ● Rodney Thuma, Farm Bureau
   the Capital Area Literary Coalition (CALC) and will be            Insurance of Michigan
   presenting information on our chosen Good Works recipi-
   ent this year. It is also our holiday meeting, which will       ● Cathy Cox, Auto-Owners In-
   feature numerous prizes for members.                              surance Company

   Happy Holidays!

 Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                     1
      Chapter Events Schedule for 2009-2010                    Need to update your info?

        Meeting location is the Lexington Lansing Hotel
                    unless otherwise noted*                     Visit the chapter Web site,

   Tuesday, Dec. 8                11:30 am - 1:00 pm            To update, follow this path:
         Speaker:                 Dr. Lois Bader, Capital
                                  Area Literacy Coalition         Security/Member-Logon.cfm
           Topic:                 Good Works Project
                                                              After you log in, the links to up-
   Tuesday, Jan. 12               11:30 am - 1:00 pm          date your personal/professional
         Speaker/Topic:           TBA                              profile are on the left.
   February TBA*                Time TBA
           Speaker/Topic:       TBA                            The article deadline for the
   * - Joint Meeting with CMUA and NAIW                          January newsletter is
                                                                      December 28.
   Wednesday, Mar. 10             11:30 am - 1:00 pm
         Speaker/Topic:           TBA/Ethics Awareness             If you know of promotions
                                                                       or other noteworthy
   Thursday, April 15             11:30 am - 1:00 pm              accomplishments involving
         Speaker/Topic:           TBA                             CPCUs, please send them to
                                                                       the editor anytime.
   Thursday, May 12           11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
         Speaker/Topic:       TBA
         Annual Business Meeting                             Mid-Michigan CPCU Chapter Newsletter
                                                              Published monthly, September - June
   *June TBA                      11:00 am - 7:00 p.m.
          Event:                  Joint Golf Outing with        Andy Flanagan, CPCU, Editor
                                                               Auto-Owners Insurance Company
                                                                     6101 Anacapri Blvd.
           Place:                 Brookshire Inn and Golf,          Lansing, MI 48917-3968
                                                                      517.886.1980 (direct)
                                                                        Fax: 517.391.1915

Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                     2
         Chapter Biographies: Hilary Ludema, Erin Kleiman
       Hilary Ludema is this year’s Chapter secretary. She has worked in the personal auto actu-
arial department at Auto-Owners Insurance Company for the past three years. Hilary has
                worked at Auto-Owners for six years, and she really enjoys her current posi-
                tion. She has always worked in the actuarial department, with time spent in the
                automation and statistical area, and commercial property and liability actuarial.

               Hilary grew up in central Indiana and graduated from Taylor University in 1997
               with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and minor in physics. She received her
               master’s degree in mathematics at Michigan State University in 1999. After
               school, she taught part time for Lansing Community College while her two
               daughters were small. Other designations she has earned are AIS, API and
 Hilary Ludema AU. Hilary is currently studying for an actuarial exam.

       Hilary spends her time outside of work with her husband of 12 years, Mark, and their two
daughters, Rebekah (9) and Ainsley (7½). Her family likes to camp, ride bikes and watch Little
House on the Prairie reruns. This past summer, they took a nine-night camping trip to Hartwick
Pines State Park, Wilderness State Park, and Tahquamenon Falls State Park, all in Michigan.

         In her spare time, Hilary enjoys scrapbooking, sewing and playing racquetball.

         Erin Kleiman earned her CPCU designation in 2007 and is the Chapter’s I-Day chair.

        Erin has worked for five years at Auto-Owners Insurance Company and
is currently a software developer in the Pega group, working on the new TPP
Web online quoting system. She has held several positions in the IT department
at Auto-Owners.

       Erin earned her Bachelor of Science in computer science from Hope Col-
lege and has earned the following designations: CPCU, FLMI, ACS, AIS, AIC,
API, AU, AIM, AIT, AIAF and ARA.                                                           Erin Kleiman

       Erin has two beautiful children, Charlie (3) and Dakota (1), and enjoys spending most of
her spare time with them. She also enjoys nature, sports, fitness and movies.

                    CPCU Society Strategic Goals and Objectives
                                            Mission Statement
           The CPCU Society is dedicated to meeting the needs of professionals who have earned the
            CPCU designation, so that they may serve others in a competent and ethical manner.

Goal 1
         The Society pursues excellence in education, information and research.
Goal 2
         The Society promotes the CPCU designation
Goal 3
         The Society promotes ethical behavior and high ethical standards.
Goal 4
         The Society provides networking, career enhancement opportunities, and other services for members.

Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                              3
                           The Mid-Michigan Chapter
                           December Luncheon Meeting

 Date:          Tuesday, December 8, 2009
 Where:         Lexington Lansing Hotel — TBD
 Time:          11:30 a.m.
 Topic:         Good Works Project: Capital Area Literacy Coalition
                Dr. Lois Bader

 Once again this year each meeting you attend will count toward qualifying you for our Grand
 Prize drawing at the end of the year. You must attend at least 5 monthly meetings to qualify.

 This month’s menu will feature a choice of either Baked Butter Cod or Beef Skewers, served
 with a field greens salad; lemon bars for dessert and a choice of beverage (lemonade, coffee or
 iced tea). A vegetarian option is available.

 The cost is $18.00.

 Email, Fax, Call, or Snail Mail your reservations no later than Tuesday,
 December 1, 2009

 Mail: Tracy Nichols                                 Fax:    517.391.1903
       GL/DB Underwriting
       Auto-Owners Insurance                         Voice: 517.327.4935
       P.O. Box 30660                                Email:
       Lansing, MI 48909

 If you must cancel:
 All cancellations must be received by Tracy Nichols at Auto-Owners Insurance by Tuesday,
 December 1, at 4:30 p.m. to avoid being billed for the reservation.

 Company/Firm: _____________________________________________________

NAME(S)                                                 MEAL SELECTION
                                                      Baked Butter Cod / Beef Skewers
                                                      Baked Butter Cod / Beef Skewers
                                                       Baked Butter Cod / Beef Skewers
                                                      Baked Butter Cod / Beef Skewers
                                                      Baked Butter Cod / Beef Skewers

Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                       4
               Pictures from the November Meeting

   The Chapter honored our eight new designees with a conferment ceremony in November. Pictured
   are (seated, l to r) Derek Fricano, Auto-Owners Insurance; Gail Parker, Accident Fund Insurance;
   Katie Maloney, Auto-Owners; and Ross Hacker, Auto-Owners; (standing, l to r) Jen Humphries,
   Chapter president; Nick Carbone, Auto-Owners; Dawn Elzinga, Farm Bureau Insurance; Shari
   McCarthy, Farm Bureau; Chris Tyler, Accident Fund; and Mike Wilson, CPCU National Governor.

   CPCU Society National Governor Mike Wilson ad-
   dressed Chapter members during the conferment
   ceremony for new designees. At left is Ron Simon,
   chairman & CEO, Auto-Owners Insurance. Also
   attending was Jim Robinson, executive vice presi-
   dent, Farm Bureau Insurance.

Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                          5
       Good Works Project: Capital Area Literacy Coalition
        This year the Chapter board of directors has agreed to support the Capital Area Liter-
 acy Coalition (CALC). CALC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer literacy organization founded
 in 1985. Its mission is to help children and adults learn to read, write and speak English,
 with an ultimate goal of assisting individuals in achieving self-sufficiency.

        Due to the distressed economic climate in Mid-Michigan, CALC has faced a loss of
 funding from the United Way. The funds you contribute to CALC can make a substantial im-
 pact on the lives of literacy-impaired children and adults in our area. With $75, CALC can
 cover the cost of diagnosing, matching, tutoring and supporting two students for five weeks of
 one-to-one tutoring. If the Chapter can match last year’s charitable donation goal of $4,001,
 we can help CALC provide tutoring services for over 50 students!

                                    For more information about CALC, please check out their Web
                                    site at

                                    Donations can be made anytime from now through the end of
                                    2009. Contact Good Works Chair Dan Burgess to make a do-
                                    nation at or (517) 703-2564.

 Capital Area Literacy Coalition
                                      Because of CALC’s tax status, your contribution may make
 you eligible for tax deductions.

        Can’t Make a Meeting? Please Call, or Find a Sub
       Attendance numbers have been up for the last few meetings and we are thrilled
 to have more attendees! Thank you to those who have always attended, recently
 started joining us, or those who have been away for a while and are now back.

        Sometimes there are circumstances outside of our control where we are not able
 to attend after we have registered for a luncheon. The hotel charges us for all mem-
 bers who registered for the luncheon, and the Chapter loses the money on all who are
 unable to attend.

        In an effort to keep the Chapter’s money going to the most charitable and schol-
 arship options possible, please let Tracy Nichols know by the registration deadline if
 you find you are no longer able to attend. If the registration deadline has passed,
 please find someone to take your place at the luncheon. This person could be another
 CPCU, someone working on their CPCU, or someone thinking about starting their
 CPCU journey.

Mid-Michigan CPCU Newsletter                                                                      6
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     If you have items for upcoming months, please let us know so they can be placed on future calendars

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