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									January 29th, 2013                                                                                      Published by: mrmomentum

7 Dreadful Pitfalls Of
Failure In MLM (Multi-
Level Marketing)
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) 7
Pitfalls Of Failure You Need To                                   1. No Upline Support.
Know                                                              Once a person joins a new MLM marketing program, he or
                                                                  she is vulnerable and needs a lot of help from something or
                                                                  someone. If someone has never done MLM before it is like a
                                                                  new baby trying to learn how to walk for the first time. You
                                                                  have to have some type of support to help you grow and teach
                                                                  the basic fundamentals from Day 1.

With thousands of individuals starting a MLM business every       In many cases, the uplines are not actively helping them. This
single week these are the top 7 problems that newbies all         happens a lot when the uplines are simply sponsoring as many
face when they get started in multi-level marketing. Knowing      people as they can with no regard to what happens to them
these problems upfront will prepare you for what you need to      after they get sponsored.
focus on and resolve so you can achieve the type of success you   In most MLM programs, it is important that the new person
are driving towards. What you need to know is that MLM does       gets immediate assistance from a local person, or tools that
work if worked correctly.                                         you have. Otherwise their chances for survival are very slim.
More than ever before people from all over the world are
joining multi-level marketing programs unleashing that inner
                                                                  2. New MLM Marketers Cannot Sell.
entrepreneur that is in each and every one of us. More
millionaires have been created thru the MLM industry than         This is probably the major reason most people do not
any other industry on the planet.                                 make it their MLM business. Many have never dealt with
                                                                  selling anything nor have never dealt with understanding the
Read two of my other blog posts after this one on “Why You
                                                                  psychology of peoples hot buttons. No matter what type of
Should Start a Home Based Business” & “Tax Advantages
                                                                  product you are marketing with your MLM company you must
Of a Home Based Business” so you can discover why the
                                                                  learn the art of dealing with people and conquering the fear of
entrepreneurial spirit is thriving right now & why you should
be a part of this movement.
                                                                  Many know this term as the “Rejection Rocket” and needs to
                                                                  taught to a new person from the beginning. The emotional
Below Are The Top 7 Pitfalls That                                 roller coaster effects everyone involved with MLM. You start
                                                                  off excited and you think of people to approach and when you
Some New People Have Starting                                     start talking to people about joining or becoming a customer
Their MLM Business:                                               of your MLM company and you don’t haven’t been taught
                                                                  the right techniques to ensure your success, then as soon
                                                                  as someone you thought was going to support you and says
                                                                  “NO” then your excitement dwindles and most often many get
                                                                  knocked out the box.

                                                                  3. MLM’er Cannot Generate Good Prospects.
                                                                  Next to the selling problem, this has to be the next biggest
                                                                  reason most people fail in MLM marketing.

January 29th, 2013                                                                                        Published by: mrmomentum

Here is a picture of what normally happens. The new person         success with your team. This is extremely crucial, training is
has just signed up in an exciting MLM program. He is taught        everything no matter what type of product or service you are
by the manuals, meetings and so forth, how he should “share”       marketing. Training is the heartbeat to any successful MLM
his product with his friends, neighbors and relatives.             business.
Normally, most are not comfortable with this, and if they are
typical, they will have many sleepless, tossing and turning        7. Many Quit To Soon.
nights. Most just don’t want to “impose” on his friends!
He would feel a lot more comfortable just presenting his           Starting any company takes time, and this is true with a MLM
opportunity to strangers.                                          business program as well.
                                                                   So often many quit right before they are getting ready to win.
                                                                    Often times more than 50% of the people who start their MLM
4. No True Duplicative System.                                     business quit in their first 30-60 days. That is not long enough
If the MLM marketing company must be promoted through              for any type of business to succeed. Most business’ don’t even
expensive methods, this is not feasible for the masses.            break even until 2-5 years. Treat your business like a business
                                                                   not a hobby. Hobbies cost you money! Very, Very Key!
Duplication of your MLM business is your main objective
in order to have success. If your MLM business isn’t               It will take some time before you can expect results to happen
duplicating correctly then you will be building on quicksand       in your MLM business. You should set in your mind that
and eventually fade away. You don’t need to be the one in          you are going to stick with this for at least sometime. That
front of the room doing the training and presentations for your    just makes good business sense. Commit for at least 12-24
MLM company as long as you find people who will do those           months. With the right support system and training you
things and you just override the production.                       should be able to know right away after 1 year if your business
                                                                   is growing or dyeing. Multi-level marketing is also more than
You don’t have to be a player to get paid like a player, you can
                                                                   just what you are marketing which is developing the right
find the player and then still get paid like a player.
                                                                   leadership skills and having a success mindset.
                                                                   A powerful book to help get you on the right track is “Think &
5. Selling By Using Standard MLM Techniques.                       Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Also 2 other powerful books for
Traditional way marketing MLM is to spend on spare time to         the Multi-level marketing industry AKA “Network Marketing”
call around and travel around to get prospects. A lot of people    are “Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki and
already have a full time job, it is hard to find extra time to     “Your First Year In Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell.
travel and make phone calls. This is why these MLM marketers
cannot keep their business going.
With the internet today there are more and more solutions          A Simple Solution To A Complicated
to help assist with this problem. It is just taking the time to    MLM Multi-Level Marketing World & Avoid
explore and find the right programs to help you have the kind      These 7 Dreadful Pitfalls…
of success you are searching for. Although these methods of
spending the time to drive around to friends & families still
work, there are even new ways to have tons of individuals
driving towards you without the traditional ways of multi-level
But still implement whatever you can to help you get results.
  Do not deviate from traditional techniques but understand        Today there are many strategies & techniques to attract the
that with the internet today there are so many other ways to       right type of prospect for your MLM business throughout the
accelerate your growth within your MLM business.                   internet making these 7 dreadful pitfalls a thing of the past.
                                                                     Discover a simple system to help you achieve the results
                                                                   that you have been looking for to attract endless leads to your
6. The Newbie is not sure about the MLM Ccompany or                MLM business and at the same time a chance to earn 100%
Service.                                                           commissions. Click on the link to get access.
Often times a person will sign up in a MLM marketing
program in a“fit of excitement.” After the dust clears, he
comes down to earth and reality slowly sets in.
                                                                   Best Regards,
Pick an established and financially sound MLM business with        - Nicholas Guzman
unquestionable products or services. That way, you can feel        Web: www.ResidualTreasureChest.com
good about the company and products that you are promoting.
There is nothing quite like being able to “tell the complete
truth” to your prospective customers.
Make sure that whatever MLM business you partner with also
has a solid training and support system to help accelerate your

January 29th, 2013   Published by: mrmomentum


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