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									Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
           Acquisition Staff
          Program Overview

   VA CORE VALUES: Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence

            Presentation Overview

   Mission
   VBA Field Structure
   VBA Organization Chart
   Director, Office of Management/Head of Contracting
    Activity (HCA)
   Acquisition Staff
   Types of Services
   Useful Websites
   Contact Information


The mission of the VBA, in partnership with
the Veterans Health Administration and the
National Cemetery Administration, is to
provide benefits and services to the Veterans
and their families in a responsive, timely and
compassionate manner in recognition of their
service to the Nation.

   VBA Field Structure
                57 Regional Offices

The plus-signs (+) on the map identify Regional Offices
           in states with more than one office            4
                                        VBA Organization Chart
                                                                    Under Secretary for Benefits
                                                                 Principal Deputy Under Secretary
                                                                                   for Benefits                                Chief of Staff

                                                                                                                         Deputy Chief of Staff

                                                                                                                                    Director, Office    Director, Office
    Director, Office of     Deputy Under Secretary for    Deputy Under Secretary      Deputy Under         Director, Office                             of Performance
    Strategic Planning         Disability Assistance              For                  Secretary for       of Management             of Resource
                                                                                                                                     Management            Analysis &
                                                          Economic Opportunity       Field Operations                                                       Integrity

    Office of Business             Compensation                                                                                      Admin & Loan            Review
    Process Integration               Service              Education Service        Eastern Area Detroit     Office of Human          Accounting
                                                                                                                Resources               Center

                                                                                                                                                       Congressional Affairs
      Veterans Benefits             Pension &                                                                                        Hines Finance        Public Affairs
    Management System            Fiduciary Service           Loan Guaranty           Southern Area         Office of Facilities,         Center
Program Management Office                                       Service                Nashville                Access, &
                                                                                                                                                       Communications &
                                                                                      Central Area                                                     Case Management
                                                             Vocational                Muskogee
     Office of Veterans          Insurance Service         Rehabilitation                                  Office of Employee
 Relationship Management                                 Employment Service                                 Development &
       Program Office                                                                                            Training

    Chapter 33 Long Term           Benefits Assistance                             Management Center
      Solution Program                                                                                     Equal Employment
                                         Service                                                              Opportunity
     Management Office

                                                                                      Western Area
                                                                                        Phoenix                Acquisition
     Director, Office of Management/HCA
The Director, Office of Management/HCA has oversight responsibility for five staff
offices that manage, coordinate, and integrate programs to support VBA business lines
and regional office operations.

    Office of Human Resources has responsibility for human resource functions within VBA

    Office of Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity is responsible for
     EEO programs and functions.

    Office of Facilities , Access and Administration is responsible for ensuring and
     enhancing access to VBA services by veterans and their families.

    Office of Employee Development and Training is responsible for establishing VBA
     training policies, providing leadership development programs.

    VBA Office of Acquisition is responsible for performing necessary actions to support the
     acquisition of goods and services for all VBA.

       VBA Acquisition Staff

VBA’s Acquisition Staff makes awards and also has
a liaison function between the VA Contracting
Officers, the Contractors, and the Contracting Officer
Representatives to help manage the acquisitions. The
Acquisition Staff is also responsible for performing
the necessary actions to support the acquisition of
Non-IT goods and services for all of VBA’s
Services, Staffs, and Regional Offices. The
following is just a few additional functions of the

             Acquisition Staff (cont’d)

   Oversees the development of acquisition
    documentation for all Non-IT acquisitions for
   Coordinates evaluation process for VBA
    procurement packages;
   Process invoices for certification and payment;
   Maintains and distributes acquisition guidelines
    for VBA;
   Supports the VBA’s HCA
            Acquisition Team (cont’d)

   Is responsible to procure all Non-IT acquisitions
    for VBA Central Office;
   Issues solicitations; Evaluate proposals/quotes
    and makes awards;
   Reviews 2268;
   Maintains and distributes acquisition guidelines
    for VBA;
   Processes VBA’s 1102s warrants and FAC-C;
   Supports VBA’s 1102s at ROs;
   Oversees VBA’s Small Business goals.
             Types of Goods/Services
   Training
   Hotel Agreements
   Project Management
   Studies
   Property Management
   Surveys
   Advisory and Assistance
   Scanning
   Marketing
   Skill Certification
   Outreach
   Financial Audit
   Medical Disability Exams
   Office Furniture
               Useful Websites
   CVE          http://www.vip.vetbiz.gov
   Forecast     http://www.va.gov/osdbu
   FSS          http://www.gsa.gov
   FedBizOpps https://www.fbo.gov
   SAM          http://www.sam.gov
   DUNS         http://www.dnb.com/us/index.asp
   CAGE         http://www.dlis.da.mil/cge_welcome.asp
   NAICS        http://www.census.gov/naics
   PSC & FSC
         Contact Information

Felton Jones, VBA Director of Acquisition
(202) 461-9707

Jules Tchoujan, Lead Contracting Officer & SBL
(202) 461-9892
           Small Business Liaison
           Contact Information

    For questions regarding doing business with the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the Small
Business programs and goals for VA, please contact
us at (800) 949-8387 or (202) 461-4300.


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