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  FULL P90X2 Review – DONT BUY Until You Read This!                                                             rippedclub bootcamp
  Po s ted by Co ac h To dd o n Jan 29, 2013 in Reviews | 0 c o mments

           Hey t hanks for vist ing! I gave P90X a shot more t han         X
           once and failed every single t ime. 7 t imes in fact ...But t hen
           it clicked and I found t he t ools t o get ripped! I want t o
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   RIPPEDCLUB has been a game changer for hundreds of people.
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                                                           So yo u’ve do ne P90X, maybe even Ins anity

                                                                        So yo u’ve do ne P90X, maybe even Ins anity
                                                                        and yo u are lo o king fo r s o mething that will
                                                                        take yo ur fitnes s to the next level – This
 Like                                                                   P9 0 X2 review will s ho w yo u jus t what is
                                                                        po s s ible with the mo s t advanc ed ho me
                                                                        training pro gram o f all time.

Twe e t                                                                 Or if yo u jus t want to s ee s o me P90X2
                                                                        res ults and do nt really c are to read this
                                                                        “P90X2 review”…Jus t s kip to the bo tto m fo r
                                                                        my results that landed me in the

          Overview Compared To P90X – P90X2 Review
          If yo u have made it to this page then yo u are o bvio us ly s erio us abo ut taking a s tab at P90X2. Yo u
          have als o mo s t likely been thro ugh P90X o nc e o r twic e and are lo o king to bump up the intens ity o r
          maybe yo u are lo o king fo r s o mething that will get yo u the bes t res ults po s s ible.

          S o ho w do es P9 0 X2 st ack up against it s o lder bro t her, P9 0 X?
                                                                                                                                 We respect your email privacy
          As far as diffic ulty…if yo u have do ne P90X, then yo u c an expec t the s ame level o f diffic ulty but in
          different areas o f yo ur fitnes s . P90X2 really fo c us es o n turning yo u into an athlete. P90X do es a
          pheno menal jo b o f building a fo undatio n fo r all aro und fitnes s , but P90X2 really takes yo ur fitnes s
          to ano ther level and c o nditio ns yo ur bo dy with balanc e, po wer, explo s ivenes s , s tability, agility, and   represent rippedclub!

          Who c o uld give a P90X2 review better than the man hims elf, To ny Ho rto n? Here he explains the
          differenc e between P90X and P90X2

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                                                           FULL P90X2 Review – DONT BUY Until
                                                           Yo u Read This !

                                                           Do I NEED Supplements To Gain
                                                           Mus c le & Lo s e Weight?

                                                           Is P90X Do ubles Better?

P90X2 Phases – P90X2 Review                                Bo dyfat Fo r Abs – Ho w To Get Lean
                                                           Eno ugh To See Yo ur Six Pac k!
Similar to P90X, P90X2 is bro ken up into 3 phas es :
                                                           Shakeo lo gy Cho c o late Flavo r Fixed!
   1. Fo undatio n
   2. Strength
   3. Perfo rmanc e                                     recent comments
P9 0 X2 Fo undat io n Phase: 3-6 weeks
                                                                                                                               c o ac hto dd
I believe that the c o -c reato r o f P90X2, Steve Edwards gives the bes t des c riptio n o f P90X2
Fo undatio n Phas e. In his blo g, “The Straight Do pe “, Steve writes ,
                                                                                                                               BODY BEAST Review – A Full, No BS
“Not foundation as in “base training” but as in your attachment to the earth. Working on the “you                              Lo o k At Beac hbo dy’s Mas s Gaining
can’t shoot a canon from a canoe” philosophy the aim of this program is to build you from the
                                                                                                                               Wo rko ut
ground up. You may think you have a good base from P90X but, I assure you, we are going to find
some weak areas and improve them. The two major areas of weakness in the human body, which                                 Bennette o n

leads to probably 90% of sports injuries, are shoulder and hip instability. Solve this and non-contact                         BODY BEAST Review – A Full, No BS
injuries will virtually disappear.”                                                                                            Lo o k At Beac hbo dy’s Mas s Gaining

Here is an exc erpt fro m my o wn P90X2 Phas e 1 Review:                                                                       Wo rko ut

                                                                                                                           s hubhy3338 o n
“P90X2 Phas e 1 is go ing to fo c us o n yo ur weaknes s es , and tho s e weaknes s es are primarily go ing
to be balanc e and s tability fo r mo s t peo ple, whic h invo lves yo ur c o re. That is why yo u s ee s o                    BODY BEAST Wo rko ut Sc hedule
many new piec es o f equipment us ed in P90X2, like the medic ine balls , and s tability ball. All o f thes e
                                                                                                                               c o ac hto dd
to o ls alo ng with brand new mo ves that yo u have never tried are abs o lutely go ing to c hallenge the
c rap o ut o f yo u! Every s ingle wo rko ut in P90X2 Phas e 1 will fo rc e yo u to engage yo ur c o re and
fo c us o n keeping yo ur balanc e during the mo ve. This c o re s trength and s tability that yo u are                        BODY BEAST Wo rko ut Sc hedule
develo ping in the fo undatio n phas e is c ruc ial fo r yo ur s uc c es s in the s trength phas e and es pec ially
                                                                                                                           s hubhy3338 o n
in the perfo rmanc e phas e.
                                                                                                                               BODY BEAST Wo rko ut Sc hedule
With wo rko uts like X2 Co re that fo c us o n c o re s trength while do ing mo ves that c reate ins tability,
yo u are go ing to get an inc redible wo rko ut. And yo u als o have X2 Balanc e & Po wer whic h will fo c us
o n yo ur balanc e during res is tanc e mo ves . Fo r example; do ing bic ep c urls and tric ep extens io ns in        tag cloud
a warrio r 3 po s itio n. And fo r tho s e o f yo u who arent yo ga-s avy…warrio r 3 is do ne o n o ne leg with
yo ur to rs o parallel to the flo o r. Its diffic ult, lo l.”
                                                                                                                      beachbody beachbody coach
                                                                                                                      body beast bodybuilding build
                                                                                                                      muscle diet fitness
P9 0 X2 S t rengt h Phase: 3-6 weeks

After building a s o lid fo undatio n o f c o re s tength and s tabiliity in phas e-1, phas e-2 is go ing to take     goals fitness motivation
s o me o f yo ur mo re c o mmo n s trength mo ves and add the element o f balanc e to them.
                                                                                                                      tips free coaching gain mas s        gain
Yo u will be do ing pus hups in different variatio ns o n med-balls and balanc e balls . Pull-ups will                    get in shape get
inc lude a gymnas tic element to them. Yo u are go ing to be wo rking mus c les that yo u didnt kno w
exis ted and therefo re this phas e is go ing to begin to develo p abilities yo u tho ught yo u wo uld never
                                                                                                                      ripped health and
have.                                                                                                                 fitness how do i get
P9 0 X2 Perf o rmance Phase: 3-4 weeks
                                                                                                                      ripped insanity insanity the
                                                                                                                      asylum low carb          motivation
This is where P90X2 really s hines and this is where the do c to rs get invo lved. Harvard s po rts
                                                                                                                      nutrition nutrition
                                                                                                                      nutrition nutrition
                                                                                                                      tips p90x p90x2 p90x2
medic ine do c to rs that is .

This training blo c k is the s ame type o f training that NCAA and pro fes s io nal athletes are us ing to
                                                                                                                      preview p90x2 pric e   p90x2 result s
inc reas e explo s ivenes s , vertic al jump, agility, balanc e and all fo rms o f perfo rmanc e in the s po rts
bas ed arena.
                                                                                                                      p90x2 workoutp90x
                                                                                                                      before and after p90x
Here is a lo o k a what is c alled P.A.P – Po s t Ac tivatio n Po tentiatio n. I will allo w Dr. Marc us Ellio t to
                                                                                                                      diet p90x equipment
                                                                                                                      p90x nutrition

                                                                                                                      P90X results p90x
                                                                                                                      p90x weight loss
                                                                                                                      p90x workout
                                                                                                                      rippedclub ripped results

                                                                                                                      shakeology review
                                                                                                                      shakeology reviews
                                                                                                                      shakeology scam shakeology
                                                                                                                      shake supplements t eam
                                                                                                                      beachbody      weight loss

P90X2 Workout Schedule – P90X2 Review
Phase 1: FOUNDAT ION (3-6 weeks)

Day 1: X2 Co re (56:54)
Day 2: Plyo c ide (56:48)
Day 3: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 4: X2 To tal Bo dy (63:45) & X2 Ab Ripper (17:27)
Day 5: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 6: X2 Balanc e + Po wer (63:21)
Day 7: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)

Phase 2: S T RENGT H (3-6 weeks)

Day 1: Ches t + Bac k + Balanc e (60:15) & X2 Ab Ripper (17:27)
Day 2: Plyo c ide (56:48)
Day 3: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 4: X2 Sho ulders + Arms (53:04) & X2 Ab Ripper (17:27)
Day 5: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 6: X2 Bas e + Bac k (56:26) & X2 Ab Ripper (17:27)
Day 7: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Res t

Subs titute V Sc ulpt fo r Ches t + Bac k + Balanc e in Day 1
Subs titute X2 Ches t + Sho ulder + Tris fo r X2 Sho ulders & Arms in Day 4

Note: V-Sculpt (54:18) and X2 Chest, Shoulders, & Tris (49:28) disks only come with the Deluxe or
Ultimate kits. If you have the base Kit and would like to incorporate these advanced workouts into
your routine, they are available to order separately HERE.

Phase 3: PERFORMANC E (3-4 weeks)

Day 1: P.A.P. Lo wer (62:56)
Day 2: P.A.P. Upper (53:06)
Day 3: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 4: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 5: P.A.P. Lo wer (62:56)
Day 6: P.A.P. Upper (53:06)
Day 7: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Res t

Reco very Week (t o be do ne when needed)

Day 1: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 2: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 3: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 4: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 5: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Ac tive Res t (i.e. jo gging, hiking, biking)
Day 6: X2 Yo ga (68:07)
Day 7: X2 Rec o very + Mo bility (58:20) o r Res t

P90X2 Nutrition Plan – P90X2 Review
This wo uldn’t be a c o mplete P90X2 review witho ut c o vering all the bas es …s o lets talk fo o d! The
P90X2 nutritio n plan c aters to vegans , vegetarians and tho s e who want gluten-free o ptio ns . The
P90X2 meal plan features 27 different diet guides in o ne, and it’s des igned to fuel perfo rmanc e and
enhanc e rec o very, bo th o f whic h are es s ential fo r the type o f fitnes s regimen that P90X2 o ffers .

If yo u’re planning to do the P90X2 wo rko ut pro gram, make s ure yo u’re prepared fo r the P90X2
nutritio n plan with thes e tips :

        Replac ing red meats and pro c es s ed meats with lean c hic ken, turkey and o ther lean pro tein
        s o urc es
        Eating s lo w-diges ting c arbo hydrates with yo ur pro tein (think who le grains , les s pro c es s ed =
        Ens uring all meals fit within yo ur mac ro s fo r the day
        Eliminating white bread and s ugar fro m the diet
        Inc o rpo rating Shakeo lo gy into yo ur daily meal plan
        Drinking plenty o f water thro ugho ut the day – ideally 1o z o f water per lb o f bo dy weight
        Trac king yo ur nutritio n with a pro gram like myfitnes s pal.c o m

P90X2 Equipment – What Do I NEED?
Truthfully yo u c an get away with jus t a to wel, c hair,
and a res is tanc e band.

In eac h o f the P90X2 wo rko uts , yo u will s ee o ne
pers o n do ing all the mo ves with limited equipment.
This was o n purpo s e s o that the pers o n who travels
o ften c an s till train like an elite athlete!

But lets take a lo o k at what yo u c an us e to get THE
BEST res ults !

Yo ur BES T value will be t o pick up t he P9 0 X2
Ult imat e Kit which includes:

        2 bo nus advanc ed P90X2 wo rko uts
        1 PRO-GRADE Fo am Ro ller
        1 55 c m PREMIUM Stability Ball
        2 8-lb. Medic ine Balls

        To ny Ho rto n Po werStands ®

Addit io nal Equipment – HIGHLY REC OMMENDED

        P90X Chin Up Bar
        Jump Mat
        Yo ga Blo c ks

Again, yo u c an ac hieve amaz ing res ults with jus t a s et o f res is tanc e bands , a c hair, and a to wel –
But the abo ve equipment is fo r peak res ults !

Buy P90X2 – P90X2 Review & Pricing
There are 5 pac kages that are o ffered fo r the P90X2 pro gram. Yo u c an dec ide belo w whic h fits yo ur
budget and yo ur go als !

(Clic k the links fo r details )

        P90X2 Bas e Kit – ($119.85 DVD/$149.85 Blu-Ray)
        P90X2 Deluxe Kit – ($239.70 DVD/$299.70 Blu-Ray)
        P90X2 Ultimate Kit – ($359.55 DVD/$389.55 Blu-Ray)
        P90X2 Advanc ed Wo rko uts – ($59.85 DVD/$65.85 Blu-Ray)
        P90X2 Challenge Pac k – ($205 <— Co mes with Shakeo lo gy!)

P90X Review – My thoughts & Results
I c an no t s ay eno ugh po s itive things abo ut P90X2. I think my P90X2 review is a little bias ed
bec aus e I did get s uc h amaz ing res ults , but thats what makes the c laims o f a pro gram true right??

…the res ults !

So witho ut s haring muc h mo re info …all I c an do is SHOW YOU ho w highly I rec o mmend that yo u
purchase P9 0 X2 and st art pressing PLAY!

Day-1 vs Day-9 0

 P90X2 Review – Your Next Step?
FIRS T : If this P90X2 review was helpful, then be s ure to click the “like”, “tweet”, and “G+1″ buttons
o n the left. It will help get the wo rd o ut abo ut ho w amaz ing this pro gram is !

S EC OND: Be s ure yo u leave a comment below and let me know that you stopped by . Yo u c an as k
ques tio ns o r jus t tell me what yo u tho ught o f this artic le.

T HIRD: If yo u already o wn P90X2 o r are purchasing it from this site right now …be s ure yo u email
me at c o ac hto dd@rippedc lub.net s o that we c an get yo u plugged into o ur next P90X2 Challenge

Group s o that yo u get THE BEST res ults po s s ible! Yo u will get the s uppo rt o f the gro up and you
will get me as your FREE Coach to walk yo u s tep by s tep to getting ins ane res ults !

Co ac h To dd

“That dude in the P90X2 infomercial”

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