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									Responsive Web Design for
 Presented by Mediachase and Sparkbox

             •What is “Responsive Web Design”?
             •Future Proofing Your Website
             •What it means to have a true eCommerce
             •How to leverage new trends & technologies
                        •Social & Mobile Commerce
             •How Sparkbox and Mediachase work together

Wide. Open. Commerce.
Introduction of Panelists

· Founded in 1997, 2 offices, 3 products                 · Founded in 2009 with the merger of four
                                                            creative agencies
· Flagship product
· the eCommerce Framework (ECF™) in its 5th generation   · Specialization in building sites that work as
                                                            well on mobile devices as they do on
· 500+ eCommerce sites                                      desktops
· 300+ Customers                                         · Expertise in content development, website
                                                            design and website development

  Wide. Open. Commerce.
Mediachase and Sparkbox

  · Partnership formed in 2010
  · Mediachase is now a preferred platform utilized by
  · Sparkbox is able to provide Mediachase partners and
  customers with expert design, responsive design &
  templates, and usability testing
Sparkbox + Mediachase

      · Leading edge design strategies and implementation + most
      flexible .NET eCommerce platform on the market

      · For end customers:
             · Have Sparkbox enhance your existing ECF site, or...
             · Incorporate Sparkbox and Mediachase into the launch of your new eCommerce site

      · For partners and implementers:
             · Leverage Sparkbox’s skills to enhance the design and usability of the sites you

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Responsive Web Design Defined

                Responsive web design is a technique
                for building sites that respond to the
                size of the device on which they’re
                being viewed.

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Responsive Web Design

      •The web is a dynamic medium. Responsive design embraces
      that and prepares your site to be viewed at any resolution.

      •Enable your web platforms to respond to the device(s) your
      customers are using to interact
             •Not practical to spend time creating different touch points for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

      •Three possible approaches to mobile commerce:
      1. Build a standards-complaint and accessible site that will work on advanced mobile devices
               – bad experience for mobile users
      2. Build mobile specific sites or apps
               – expensive
               – multiple code lines
      3. Build a responsive site
               – works on any mobile device with a reasonable browser
               – works great on desktop and beyond
               – one code line

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Why is responsive web design important for you?

      •Customers/users are visiting your site from an array of platforms

      •Why build multiple versions (or applications, etc.) when you can
      build one site that works everywhere your customers interact
      with your site?

      •What this means for eCommerce
             •Allow your customers to register, shop, and interact with your products no matter where they
             are or what they are using

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Future Proof Your Website

      •We all recognize how fast the marketplace is changing, so you
      must prepare for the future, or be left behind
             •New platforms, devices, technologies

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Future Proof Your Website

      •By utilizing responsive design properly, you can rest assured
      your site will be ready for future changes

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
eCommerce Best Practices
Having a True eCommerce Platform
                •Invest in a platform, not just a product

                •Extensibility – should cater to developer and business
                         •Allow for integrations
                         •Powerful and flexible tools and models for developers
                         •Robust features that can be customized to your requirements

                •Enabling Choices
                         •Multiple solutions for every problem

                •Design Independence - enable leading edge
                technologies, and techniques, like responsive web
                         •No restrictions with what can and cannot be done with usability, design, and

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
eCommerce Strategies and Benefits to Consider

                         It’s not just a website, it’s a
    The benefits of having a well-defined eCommerce strategy...
    •Positioning your business for future growth and industry changes
    •Opening up new sales and revenue channels
           •Higher ROI via the web rather than other channels
    •Streamline business processes and integrate with other applications

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Prepare for Market Trends and Integrations
    · Your eCommerce platform must support integration to enable
       streamlined business processes
           · ERP (Sage, SAP, Dynamics)
           · CRM (, etc.)
           · Reviews and Ratings (Bazaar Voice, Power Reviews, etc.)

    · Extensibility allows you to leverage industry trends
    1. Mobile (the #1 area of eCommerce growth)
             · Mobile shopping was $396 million in 2008 and $1.2 billion in 2009 ($119 billion by
    2. Social
             · Over 50% of fastest growing retailers have integrated with Facebook
             · Social Intelligence: Using social circle as a discovery engine and decision tool
             · Social Capital: Shareable assets with cash value (rewards, deals, etc.)

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Responsive Commerce Demo

                         Brief Demo of Commerce Sites
                         Using Responsive Web Design

 Wide. Open. Commerce.
Thank You!



Wide. Open. Commerce.

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                         Joe Grause       Ben Callahan

                     (202)355-7125       (937)401-0915

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