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									                                                               GROSSMONT COLLEGE
                                             Math 90L: Review of Elementary Algebra
                                                          Section 7890
                                                      Spring 2009 Syllabus
Instructor         Susan Working

Contact Info: Office:                                 Rm 70-212
              E-mail Address:               
              Phone/Voice Mail:                       619-644-7290
              Web Address:                  
              Office hours:                           TWTh 11am -12:25pm or by appt.
                                                      I will either be in my office or the math study center

Class Meets: There are no formal meetings for this 1-unit review. Students will need to have internet access
             and work on quizzes using Math XL. This program is available in our Math Study Center. If
             you wish to work at home, you will need to download some plug-ins as directed within the

Text:              None is required. Your program will be working from Beginning Algebra, 10th Edition by

Required:          A MathXL access code. The code is free with the new textbook listed above. You may purchase
                   one in the bookstore for approximately $45 (ask the Cashier). You may also purchase it online
                   for about $40.00. You will need a credit card; go to and click on Buy Now.

Grades:            This is a CREDIT/NO CREDIT course. There are 17 quizzes which you must pass with an
                   80% or better. These quizzes are done on the computer. They can be done multiple times until
                   you have passed. You are not allowed to get help when working on the quizzes. Once you
                   have passed a quiz, you may go on to another quiz. They can be done in any order. They are
                   listed by topic.

Help:              If you need help with a topic, you can go to our Math Study Center and a tutor can help you.
                   You may also come find me and get help. However, you may also get help on the computer. If
                   there is a quiz you are struggling with, then you can switch into the Homework Mode on the
                   computer and find a practice set on the same topic. For example, if you just don’t understand
                   Quiz 3, then go and get help from Practice 3. On Practice 3, the computer will give you a
                   guided solution or some simple hints in order to work through the problems. When you think
                   you understand the topic, then try Quiz 3 again. There are no hints or help available when you
                   are working on a quiz (Test/Quiz Mode)!

Supervised Tutoring Referral:
   1.   Students requiring additional help or resources to achieve the stated learning objectives of the courses taken in a Mathematics course are referred to enroll
        in Math 198, Supervised Tutoring. The department will provide Add Codes.

   2.   Students are referred to enroll in the following supervised tutoring courses if the service indicated will assist them in achieving or reinforcing the learning
        objectives of this course:

            IDS 198, Supervised Tutoring to receive tutoring in general computer applications in the Tech Mall;
            English 198W, Supervised Tutoring for assistance in the English Writing Center (70-119); and/or
            IDS 198T, Supervised Tutoring to receive one-on-one tutoring in academic subjects in the Tutoring Center (Rm 70-229, 644-7387).

                   To add any of these courses, students may obtain Add Codes at the Information/Registration Desk in the Tech Mall.

   3.   All Supervised Tutoring courses are non-credit/non-fee. However, when a student registers for a supervised tutoring course, and has no other classes, the
        student will be charged the usual health fee.

                                                                                                                                             Math 90L Syllabus
Registering: You must have your Math XL access code.
                 Go to
                 Click on “Register”
                 After reading the privacy policy and license agreement, click on “I Accept”
                 You will now need to follow along and enter what is asked. You will need to create a
                   login name and a password that is unique. Be sure to write them both down so you do
                   not forget them. You will enter your login name and password every time you access
                   this program.
                 Once you are registered, you will log in and at that point you will need to register for the
                   class. You will be “enrolling in a class created by your instructor”. Next, just find my
                   name: Susan Working, and the class: Math 90L Spring 2009

Started:      You have already registered. Go to and begin by logging in. Click on “Enter
              Math XL”. Now you should be at the home page for our class. Click on Homework and Tests on
              the left side of the page. Click on Quizzes and Tests and you will see the 17 required quizzes
              which you must complete with an 80% or better. If you scroll down a bit, you will see sample tests
              for each chapter. These are NOT required and will earn you no credit if you do them. You must
              complete with 80% or better the 17 quizzes. Now click on Homework at the top. Here you will
              see the practice sets available which will help you with the quizzes. These have built-in tutorials
              and hints and guided solutions. These are important if you need help with a topic. Practice here
              and when you feel confident with a topic, switch over to the Quizzes and Tests and begin taking
              the appropriate quiz.

All your scores go to my computer so I can keep track of how you are doing. Remember, you can take the quizzes
as many times as needed in order to pass. Once you pass a quiz, move on to another one. They can be taken in
any order. All quizzes must be passed by May 22, 2009. If you can pass 2 quizzes per week then you will
complete this course in only 8 ½ weeks!

If you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email.

If you have enrolled in Math 90L and are registering on your own without contacting me in advance, then please
email me and let me know who you are and what your email is so that I can keep track of you as well. I may wish
to contact you during the semester.

Good luck!

                                                                                            Math 90L Syllabus

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