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					Updated as of 21 November 2012

Consolidated Answers to Questions—RFP: Responsive web design of UN Women
Watch website in alignment with UN Women corporate website

   1. Can I schedule a phone call?
      Due to procurement rules, I cannot take phone calls. However, please send any
      questions you do have via e-mail, and I will consolidate questions and provide
      answers through one document that is accessible to all Offerors.

   2. Can I get more information before buying the RFP document? Please note,
      the RFP document is available for free. The official RFP document and any
      related documents are available to the public on the UN Women site at

      You can access the original RFP here:

   3. Are their restrictions on which country can apply?
      No. Companies based in any country can apply.

   4. Is there currently a vendor in place or an in-house team who will be doing
      the implementation, in Sitecore?
      Yes, there is a vendor in place for the CMS implementation of Sitecore.

   5. Is there currently a vendor in place for responsive web design?
      No. The RFP seeks a vendor for the responsive web design of UN Women Watch.

   6. What kind of CMS are you thinking about using for the project?
      Sitecore is the assigned corporate CMS.

   7. While the anticipated timeline of 13 weeks is feasible and in-line with our
      estimation for this type of work, is there a required completion date, based
      on the implementation on the back-end?
      The tentative start date for the responsive web design project is mid-March 2013
      (13 weeks). The tentative completion date of the CMS back-end work (including
      the launch of the website) is set for August 2013. Timelines, however, will be
      discussed with the Offeror for responsive web design services in coordination
      with the CMS development vendor to set targets/phases that are feasible for both

   8. Is there an identified budget for design work already in place?
      There is no specific budget identified for this work yet. The budget will be
      established based on the winning proposal, which will be the proposal with the
      best combination of technical excellence and optimum price.
9. Besides spreading information and bite-sized nuggets of information, what
   do you want your users to do on the site? If someone is empowered to act
   upon some information on this site, what would you want them to ultimately
   Users on the site should gain knowledge and awareness of what’s happening on
   gender equality and women’s empowerment beyond UN Women. In particular,
   they should get a sense of what the UN system is doing. Beyond sharing or
   bookmarking information, other ideas can be explored on user engagement (e.g.
   allowing users to submit links for promotion or allowing users to like content).
   Further ideas can be explored on user engagement with the Offeror during the
   discovery phase.

10. Have you thought about infographics? Or interesting interactive elements
    that might give life to your statistics?
    Yes. It’s important to note though, that UN Women Watch does not produce
    original statistics or content—it aggregates such content. So, in the case of
    statistics, it must promote databases of statistics that already exist. In doing so, it
    definitely seeks to add interactivity to promote not just statistics, but all types of
    aggregated content (photos, videos, news stories) in ways that engage users and
    add context/meaning to the aggregated information coming in. E.g. Interactive
    timelines or interactive infographics that link back to multiple sources of content.
    During the discovery phase, the Offerer can recommend avenues for interactivity
    to consider and how that would influence the layout and design.

11. Can my company subcontract services?

    Please see UN Women’s General Terms of Conditions, point 5. (page 13 of the
    RFP). For reference, point 5 is pasted below:


    In the event the Contractor requires the services of sub-contractors, the Contractor
    shall obtain the prior written approval and clearance of UNWOMEN for all sub-
    contractors. The approval of UNWOMEN of a sub-contractor shall not relieve the
    Contractor of any of its obligations under this Contract. The terms of any sub-
    contract shall be subject to and conform with the provisions of this Contract.

12. What e-mail system do you use or plan to use for the news feed?
    At the moment, Feedburner is used for the news feed e-mail alerts
    ( However, UN Women Watch will
    switch to a different mailing system with more powerful analytics and better RSS-
    to-email customization options based on what is advised during the development
    phase. At the moment, mailing systems that we may consider are MailChimp or
    SendGrid, but we have not chosen a system yet.
13. Regarding statistics, I understand that UN Women Watch does not produce
    original statistics but does it plan to aggregate statistics into a database like
    the World Bank? If so, is there a need to come up with graphical analytics
    and presentations on such data from this database?

   UN Women Watch will not aggregate or pull in statistics into a database as
   complex or extensive as the World Bank (, as this will
   be provided under the UN Women website and is beyond the scope of this RFP.
   At this stage, the UN Women Watch website will link back to main data resources
   and tag them accordingly with a title, blurb and image into a resources database,
   so users can find what data resources exist through filtered or keyword searches
   (the search functionality will be built out by our Sitecore vendor). However, the
   Offerer will be responsible for how a resource page will look and how the search
   interface will be displayed at different breakpoints.

   Please note, as indicated in the RFP, to promote resources (including data
   resources) in a more interesting way beyond just listing them out, UN Women
   Watch plans to synthesize relevant information (from multiple sources) and
   display them in more compelling ways before linking back to external sources
   accordingly. E.g. through infographics/interactive infographics, a Fact of the Day,
   Quote of the Week. So, the templates and structure of the site should be designed
   in a way to accommodate for these editorial elements with clear information
   architecture and visual identity/branding in mind. For instance, here are some
   questions that an Offeror would think and brainstorm with us: How should a Fact
   of the Day look to grab a user’s attention? What sort of visual branding should
   infographics follow on a page and how much space should it take up on a page or
   landing page? Are their open source tools available for interactive elements to
   consider? What does this mean for the responsive design of the site? Etc.

   Because there are many compelling ways to portray aggregated synthesized
   content editorially and dynamically, it is very important that the Offeror provides
   strategic digital advise on UN Women Watch’s proposed digital strategy during
   the discovery phase before heading into the design phase. We encourage and are
   open to creative/innovative thoughts and ideas, and any new suggestions will be
   scoped out with costs, editorial capacity, technically feasibility and web standards
   in mind.

14. Is Sitecore required as the CMS system


15. Do we have to meet all of the OWASP standards? Is there a security checklist
    that we must meet?
   The vendor must as minimum meet the OWASP top 10. UN Women has a
   security checklist that largely follows the OWASP top 10. This will be shared as
   part of the initial project phase.

16. We understand that you're using Feed burner email notifications, would you
    like us to suggest a better email system min our proposal?

   You are welcome to suggest email systems and/or third-party plugins for
   consideration. However, this does not guarantee we will use what is suggested if
   the vendor is chosen.	

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