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LykanHypersport Qatar Auto Show 2013. Everyone knows that the merchant to ultra Middle East
millionaire likes to spend money to buy a car. So what happens if they make their own cars? Well,
not you curious?

A Beirut-
outlets, W
released a
LykanHypersport name. With a $ 3.4 million price tag, the bearer of the myriad of the
latest technological innovations made ​o nly 7 units.

LykanHypersport is the fruit of collaboration for 6 years creations made ​by renowned
manufacturers like RUF Automobile, Viotti, Studiotorino to Magna Steyr which was designed by
Ralph Debbas, Beirut-born investor who is also the CEO and Chairman W Motors. Hypercar is
armed with a machine owned by Porsche that claimed to have power and peak torque to 750 hp –
1000 Nm with acceleration 0-100 km / h in under three seconds. Break the top speed 387 km / hour.

Debbas also grafted LED headlights patterned diamond, Virtual Holographic 3D Display with
Tactile Interaction, reverse door opening system, gold stitching and trimming and upholstery
ID4Motion Interactive Dashboard. In addition, buyers will also get Klepcys Cyrus watches Special
Edition valued at $ 200 thousand. Wait LykannHypersport debut tomorrow at the Qatar Auto
Show 2013.

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