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									Teaser VW Golf R 2014
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Division of property modification and performance Volkswagen R GmbH, has launched the
opening shots of the next-generation Golf R will start his first appearance at the Geneva Motor
Show in March 2013. As heirs to the tradition that at the start by R32 in 2002, the seventh-
generation VW Golf with an embedded symbol R is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder
engine-powered 290 hp, up 20 hp compared to the performance of models that are now

Spewed by
to four
wheels via
the seven
speed dual

transmission. The combination is believed to be able to make the VW Gol R ran from 0-96 km / h in
just 5.3 seconds.

Some of the expected features in question is presented in hothatch aggressive bumper design,
wide alloy wheels up to the barrel of the twin exhaust chrome color. To remain stable when
stepped on the gas pedal up, VW also predicted to be cut through the use of high Golf R sport
suspension system plus new brakes as the rate freeze. VW Golf R is scheduled to go into
showrooms in early 2014 with an estimated price tag of about $ 51 thousand.

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