Valedictory inagural function by j5U5EyFU


									                   6th National Conference on Students’ Medical Research
                                 INAUGURAL FUNCTION
                                      Date: 11.01.2013

3.00PM – 3.05 PM                   :      Prayer
3.05PM – 3.10PM                    :      Welcome address
                                          Dr. K. Vijayakumar.
                                          Prof. & Head, Dept. of Community Medicine
                                          Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.

3.10PM – 3.15PM                    :      Presidential Address
                                          Dr. Ramdas Pisharody,
                                          Principal, Medical College,

3.15PM – 3.30PM                    :      Inaugural Address &Souvenir Release.
                                          Dr. V.Geetha
                                          Director of Medical Education,

3.30PM – 4.00PM                    :      Felicitation
                                          1. Dr. Lalitha Kailas, Professor & Head,
                                           Dept. of Paediatrics, SAT, Tvm.
                                            2. Dr. Pradeep, Professor & Head,
                                           Dept. of Pharmacology, Medical College,
                                           3. Dr.Sreekumar.A, Professor & Head,
                                           Dept. of Surgery, M.C, Thiruvananthapuram
                                          4. Mr. Nithin George Kodiyan
                                            (2009 Batch representative)

4.00PM – 5.00PM                    :       Theme Presentation
                                          “GLOBAL CHALLENGES IN HEALTH”
                                          Dr. K.R.Thankappan
                                          Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies,

5.00 PM                            :      Dr.C.R Soman Best Thesis award presentation

5.00 -5.15                         :      Thesis Presentation

5.15PM – 5.20PM                    :      Vote of Thanks
                                          Dr. Thomas Mathew,
                                           Prof. Dept. of Community Medicine, MCT

5.30-7.00                          :      PG Presentation
Venue                              :      Achutha Menon Centre For Health Science

                  6th National Conference on Students’ Medical Research

                             VALEDICTORY FUNCTION

                                      Date: 12.01.2013

3.00PM – 3.05PM                   :       Welcome address
                                          Dr. Sara Varghese
                                           Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine,
                                          Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.

3.10PM – 3.25PM                   :       Presidencial Adress
                                          Dr. Vinayakumar.K.R
                                          Vice Principal, Medical College,

3.25PM – 4.00PM                   :       Valedictory address & Best paper Certificate
                                          Dr. Paul Sebastian
                                          Director, Regional Cancer Centre

4.00PM – 4.30PM                   :       Feedback from 3 student Participants

4.30PM – 4.45PM                   :       Felicitation
                                           1. Dr. Praveen Lal, Research dean, KUHAS
                                           2. Dr. D.Dalus, Professor & Head,
                                           Dept. of Medicine, MC, Tvm.
                                           3. Dr. Rema.P, Professor & Head,
                                          Dept. of Forensic Medicine, MC, TVm.
                                          4. Dr. Elizabeth.K.E, Professor,
                                            Dept. of Paediatrics

4.45PM – 4.50PM                   :       Vote of Thanks
                                          Dr. Vimala.C
                                          Additional Professor,Community Medicine

4.50PM – 5.00PM                   :       National Anthem

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