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									             CFA’s 50th Reunion Class of ’63
           For information and updates, go to www.cfa63.org

Hey Fellow Classmates of ‘63! We are so excited to get together for this very
special 50th CFA reunion celebration. Remember, we made history as we were the
last class to graduate from Corning Free Academy High School. We would love to
see everyone there and make our reunion a great success.
Here are some of the exciting things we’re planning for this special occasion
starting from May 31st to June 2nd, 2013.
1. FRIDAY EVENING: Chairing our Friday evening, May 31st event are Patrice Hall
and Florence Mulcahy. Held at the American Legion we will have:
a. Refreshments served at the reasonable cost of $9.95.
b. We‘ll play “CFA Trivia” (presented by Patty Black Cure).
c. Danielle/Roseanne Lawlor Gault will present a 15 minute PowerPoint
Presentation with photos of our past taking us down a bit of nostalgia lane with
some memories of the "Good ol’ Days of CFA"-class of '63-- Please send ideas and
pictures via email to dgault@dbreflections.com or mail them to her at 104 – 40
Homewood Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2K2 and she will scan them for the
presentation and return them to you once she has included them. The more the
merrier so don’t be shy, send them along as we would love to share our common
d. We’ll have door prizes to boot!
2. SATURDAY MORNING: On the Saturday, June 1st morning, come and join the
golf tournament headed by the pros: Randy Wilcox, Denny Loughridge, Kenny
Jones, Benny Yonkers, and John Hall.
3. SATURDAY EVENING: In the evening of June 1st we will have our truly upscale
dining experience at the Raddisson Hotel. Details of this event will be sent by the
alumnae association at a later date.
4. SUNDAY, JUNE 2: Depending on response (if you are not too tired after the
night before), how about we all meet for a brunch at Sorges?

Note: Specific times to be announced. www.cfa63.org
Be sure to save the dates and let us know which of the following planned events
you can participate in so that we all enjoy our time together. Please check off
below which events you’ll be able to attend and send to:
1. Jane (Gottko) Marcozzi at rmarcozzi@sc.rr.com or mail your form to Jane at 27
Center Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
2. Or, email to gillisandpatty@gmail.com or mail Patty Cure, 485 Palm Street,
Canton, GA 30115
3. Or, you email Randy Wilcox at wilcox_17@hotmail.com

CLASSBOOK: Please send a recent picture and a brief autobiography to Jane or
Patty for a memorable class book which will be available for purchase.
Yes, put me down for the following:
1. _____Friday ‘s Gathering
2. _____Saturday Golf Tournament
3. _____Saturday Evening
4. _____Sunday Brunch
5. _____Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend our 50th alumni event but I do
wish you tons of fun.
6. _____I am also interested in helping or being on one or more of the following
a) _____Class Book Committee
b) _____Coordinating and decorating for Friday’s Event
c) _____Coordinating Sunday’s Brunch
d) _____Additional ideas I have, I will pass on to one of the above contacts.

Phone: ( ) _____________Email: _____________________________________
You can also go to www.cfa63.org where this form, information and updates
about the 50th reunion will be posted. Thank you!

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