Drop In Child Care Center Revised Word2013 RFP by RacD7s



       Drop-In Child Care Services

    Contract Period: April 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

                    Ramsey County

   Community Human Services Department

           160 East Kellogg Boulevard

                St. Paul, MN 55101

Date Issued:             January 9, 2013

Date RFP Revised:        January 22, 2013

Deadline for
Proposal Submission:     February 26, 2013, by 3:00 p.m.

Conference:              February 5, 2013
                         9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                         Ramsey County Community Human Services
                         160 E. Kellogg Blvd.
                         St. Paul, MN 55101

                         Location: 4th Floor
                         Room: Drop In Child Care Center
                            Section I. Project Information

Ramsey County, through its Community Human Services (CHS) department, seeks to
contract with a qualified community vendor to provide on-site, drop-in child care
services for families accessing Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) services
at the Ramsey County Government East (RCGE) building located at 160 East Kellogg
Boulevard in downtown St. Paul.

MFIP provides temporary financial and child care assistance, and requires participation
in employment services to help participants achieve self-sufficiency through work. MFIP
services at RCGE are provided by the Ramsey County Community Human Services
(CHS) and Workforce Solutions (WS) departments. The selected vendor is expected to
learn about the services available at or provided by CHS and WS and to help coordinate
drop-in child care services, including the consistent and diligent tracking of drop-in child
care usage.

Purpose and Goals
Ramsey County acknowledges that parents accessing services at the RCGE may have
a need to bring their child(ren) with them during the interview and application process
for financial assistance, orientation and overview of the program, and/or for initial and
ongoing meetings with their workers. In some of these cases, the process can be long
or inappropriate for children. On-site, drop-in child care services intend to reduce the
number of no-shows and re-scheduled appointments due to child care issues.

The goal of the on-site, Drop-In Child Care Center is to create a warm, family-friendly-
child-care-center-like atmosphere that is not simply a “babysitting service”. The County
desires a high quality drop-in child care service provider that serves the needs of the
children while modeling high quality services for the parents. The Drop-in Child Care
Center also enables participants to fully engage and participate in activities and
trainings offered at the RCGE.


   1. Total funding currently available for the contract period is $114,000.

   2. Effective dates of the contract awarded resulting from this Request for Proposal
      (RFP) are subject to change. The selected vendor will enter into contract with
      Ramsey County to provide services in calendar year 2013, with a firm start date
      of Monday, April 1, 2013.

   3. Final allocations for calendar years 2014 and 2015 will be established later in
      2013, based on state allocation levels and availability.

  4. Allowable use of funds include administrative costs (capped at 10% of the total
     grant amount) and direct costs (all costs associated with staffing and the
     provision of direct services). Note: The RCGE Drop-In Child Care Center is
     fully furnished and the costs of rent and utilities are covered by the County.

  5. Preference will be given to organizations who:

            are currently licensed and in good standing with the Minnesota
            Department of Human Services, Ramsey County, and/or their home
            county, as a child care provider by the service start date, April 1, 2013.
            clearly outline and/or demonstrate how they will be able to begin services
            promptly on April 1, 2013.

  6. The number of children to be served in the Drop-In Child Care Center at any
     given time is limited per State law by the number of staff available. Per the
     Minnesota Statute, 245A.14, Ramsey County’s policy is to retain the following
     ratio of staff to children:

     Infants ages six weeks through 16 months         1:4
     Children ages 17 months through 29 months        1:7
     Children ages 30 months through 12 years         1:10

     Statute language can be found at

     Additional background information on child care licensing can be found at


  1. Questions concerning this RFP may be submitted in writing by Friday, February
     1, 2013 to Naly Yang, Planning Specialist, Room 9500, 160 E. Kellogg Blvd., St.
     Paul, MN 55101 or by email at Naly.Yang@co.ramsey.mn.us.

  2. If clarification of the contents of proposals submitted to the County is needed, the
     County reserves the right to notify the proposers, and request responses in
     writing. The County reserves the right to interview any or all proposers at its sole


A pre-proposal conference is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, 2013, from 9:00 a.m.
to 11:00 a.m. at the Ramsey County Community Human Services department, Ramsey
County Government Center East, 160 E. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN. The conference
will take place on the 4th Floor in the Drop In Child Care Center. Please arrive early so
that you will have ample time to find parking and get settled in.

The purpose of this pre-proposal conference is to provide information about this RFP
and to answer any questions individuals, agencies, or organizations may have
regarding the goals, services, and desired outcomes identified in this RFP. Attendance
at this pre-proposal conference is not required in order to submit a proposal.

Written questions can be sent to Naly Yang at 160 East Kellogg Boulevard, Room 9500,
St. Paul, MN 55101 or Naly.Yang@co.ramsey.mn.us prior to the pre-proposal
conference. The deadline for written questions is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 1, 2013.
Questions received will be answered at the pre-proposal conference on Tuesday,
February 5, 2012 and/or by written addenda. Questions received prior to and during the
pre-proposal conference and their answers will be posted at
http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/hs/rfp/index.asp. Questions submitted or received after the
pre-proposal conference will not be answered.

Proposals are due by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. A complete
proposal will consist of the following:

      Vendor Form


      Budget Sheet

      Budget Narrative

      List of 3 References

      W-9 Form with Original Signature

      1 original copy AND 7 duplicate copies

                            Section II. Scope of Services


Drop-In Child Care Services Usage
The table below shows the total number of children served at the Drop-In Child Care
Center at RCGE from calendar years 2011 and 2012. The number of children fluctuate
from month to month. Families who utilized the services of the Drop-In Child Care
Center in 2011 and 2012 had, on average, 0.72 child in their care when they came in for

                          Number of Children Served



 300                                                                                 2011


        Jan   Feb   Mar   April   May   June   July   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec

Organizations must address, in their proposal, how services will be adopted to ensure
that service delivery is effective, including staffing and activities, given the month to
month fluctuations.

In addition, proposals should include a back-up coverage plan for staffing in the event of
unplanned absences (i.e. snow days, illnesses, personal emergencies, no shows, etc.).

Core Services
Per State definition (245a.02, Minnesota Statute 2012), drop-in child care services are
described as a nonresidential program of child care in which children participate on a
onetime or occasional basis only. It differs from the standard child care service delivery
model in that drop-in child care:

       requires a parent to remain in the building at all times while the child(ren) are in
       the center;
       is on a first come, first serve basis only;
       cannot exceed a 3 hour, continuous stay;
       does not offer snacks or meals; and
       may not administer medication.

The RCGE Drop-In Child Care Center is equipped with a variety of age-appropriate
educational equipment and materials that are to be used to address the needs of the
children who come to the Drop-In Child Care Center. Children will have the opportunity
to take part in a variety of creative activities while under care.

Drop-In Child Care services are free and optional for MFIP families. Services are
provided during the regular work week, Monday thru Friday, when the RCGE lobby is
open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Organizations may list their preferred eight (8) hours
of operation in their proposals for consideration (i.e. 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., 8:00 a.m. -
4:30 p.m., 8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., etc.).

Proposals must include a plan for staffing coverage during the standard daily 15 minute
breaks in the morning and afternoon. A daily standard 30-45 minute lunch break is
scheduled during which time the Drop-In Child Care Center will be closed.

Drop-in Child Care services are provided on-site at the Ramsey County Government
East building, located at 160 East Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul MN. The center is located
off of the main lobby area on the building’s 4th floor.

For planning purposes, proposers should review the floor plan of the Drop-In Child Care
Center included in this RFP as Appendix A.

Note: The pre-proposal conference will take place inside the Drop-In Child Care
Center so that interested parties will be familiar with the layout of the facilities. No
stand alone viewings or tours of the Drop In Child Care Center will be given
during this RFP process.

Once a provider is selected, arrangements can be made to start the move-in process
prior to April 1, 2013.

                                 Section III. Proposal

Release of the RFP                              January 9, 2013
Deadline for Submission of Written              February 1, 2013 (by 3:00p.m.)
Pre-Proposal Conference                         February 5, 2013

Proposal Submission Deadline                   February 22, 2013 (by 3:00 p.m., if hand
Review Panel                                   Week of March 4, 2013
Interviews (as applicable)                     Week of March 4, 2013
Recommendation to the Board                    March 12, 2013
Board Meeting                                  March 26, 2013
Services Begin                                 April 1, 2013


   1. In order to be considered valid, the proposal shall be in writing, submitted on time
      and in accordance with the submission process described under Section III.D.
      Proposal Submission.

   2. A completed Vendor Fact Sheet (Appendix B) must be attached to the front of
      the original proposal. The Vendor Fact sheet must have the original signature of
      the officer who will be accountable for all representations. Unsigned proposals
      may be considered invalid.

   3. A list of 3 personal and/or professional references must be attached to the
      original proposal (Appendix E).


The proposal should consist of the following information, presented in the order shown.
Proposers should be specific and detailed in addressing required information:

Organization Qualifications and Capacity

   1. Briefly and concisely, state the organization’s purpose as defined in its mission
      statement. Include its classification such as public, private, corporation,
      partnership, not for profit, etc. If the organization is incorporated under one name,
      but does business under another, clearly state both names and describe this

   2. A description of the proposer’s current ability and history of providing child care
      services to people from different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Included in this
      description should be:
       a. the different racial/ethnic communities the proposer has worked with and the
           type of work done within each racial/ethnic community identified, and
       b. experience with and/or understanding of the MFIP system, low income
           communities, communities of color, and the issue of poverty.
       c. (if applicable) experience with multiple child care sites and off-site
           supervision of workers.

   3. Please describe how your organization meets or exceeds the applicable Provider
      Standards set forth by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for child
      care providers. For more information on the provider standards, go to:

   4. Please provide a description of the organization’s resources and capacity to carry
      out the overall plan for an intensive and dynamic drop-in child care center. The
      description must include:
       a. Credentialed staff to support the operation of a drop-in child care center.
       b. Suitable administrative, accounting, and management information systems
            in place.
       c. Adequate policies and procedures in place to verify staff references checks.
       d. Education/training plan to maintain staff credentials.
       e. Strategy to have services in place by Monday, April 1, 2013.

   5. Does/or has the organization partnered with any other public agencies and/or
      other organizations to deliver the type of desired services requested. If so,

Service Delivery Description

   1. Describe the organization’s proposed drop-in child care service delivery model,
      design, and philosophy. Describe how this fits into the overall services that your
      organization provides and provide a description of:
        a. the approach that will be used to operate the Drop-In Child Care Center,
           including the envisioned daily routine and coverage.
        b. how quality of service as well as age appropriate activities for the children
           will be provided.

   2. Describe the organization’s envisioned/proposed rule structure, including policy
      and procedure for the general operation of this site. The description should
        a. a plan to implement parental rights and responsibilities.
        b. a plan to maintain an organized course of business with the large volume of
           RCGE visitors who may utilize the Drop-In Child Care Center on a first
           come first serve basis.
           a plan to gather the data on service trends and utilization.

   3. Describe all positions, which are included in the budget, minimum qualifications,
      and specific job duties and responsibilities. If a particular position requires
      licensure or certification (e.g. CPR) of individuals providing the service, this must
      be part of the minimum qualifications, and the selected provider must be able to
      insure that staff meets these requirements. If applicable, include as an
      attachment resumes of staff currently providing services.

Budget Form and Budget Narrative

The following must be completed and enclosed with the submitted proposal in order for
the proposal to be considered complete and valid.

   1. A completed Budget Form – Appendix C

   2. A completed Budget Narrative Form– Appendix D

   1. Proposals are due by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2013.

      Proposals being submitted by mail should be sent to:

      Ramsey County Community Human Services
      c/o Naly Yang, Planning Specialist
      Re: Drop-In Child Care Services Request for Proposals
      160 East Kellogg Boulevard
      Room 9500
      St. Paul, MN 55101

      Please note that this is NOT a postmark deadline.

      Hand delivered proposals can be dropped off in Room 9800, by 3:00PM on
      February 22, 2013.

      Faxed and e-mailed proposals will not be accepted.

   2. Responses must include 1 original and 7 copies of the written proposal.
      Proposals must be formatted as follows in order to be considered valid:
      a. all margins should be set at 1 inch
      b. font size should be no smaller than 12
      c. proposals should be no more than 15 pages in length, single sided. If double
         sided pages are submitted, each side should be counted as a separate page.
         Attachments are excluded from this requirement.

   3. To facilitate the process, the original proposal should be sealed in a separate
      envelope or box. The name and address of the organization submitting the

      proposal should be clearly marked on the outside. The remaining copies may be
      wrapped or boxed together.

   4. A proposal may be withdrawn on written request of the proposer prior to the
      proposal due date. Negligence of the proposer in preparing its proposal confers
      no right to withdraw the proposal after the proposal due date. Prior to the due
      date deadline, changes may be made, provided the change is initialed by the
      proposer or the proposer’s agent. If the intent of the proposer is not clearly
      identifiable, the interpretation most advantageous to the County will prevail. Once
      submitted a proposal becomes public property and will not be returned.

   5. Failure to submit a proposal on time may constitute grounds for the rejection of
      the proposal.

   6. All information included in the submitted proposal will be classified in accordance
      with Section 13.591 of Minnesota statutes governing data.

The proposer, by submitting a proposal, agrees to the following special conditions:

   1. Cost of Proposal. Ramsey County will not be responsible for any costs incurred
      by proposers in preparing proposals, including those not accepted.

   2. Independent Price Determination. Proposers are held legally responsible for
      their proposals and proposal budgets. Proposers are not to collude with other
      proposers and competitors or take any other action which will restrict
      competition. Evidence of such activity will result in rejection of the proposal. Join
      proposals may be submitted upon prior approval by the County, or when noted
      as desirable within the RFP.

   3. Reimbursement/payment. Payment will be through monthly invoices submitted
      to the County for services rendered.

   4. Contingencies. Funds are available subject to the Federal, State or Local
      sources appropriating funds for this service.

   5. Cancellation. The County reserves the right to amend or withdraw this Request
      for Proposals at any time and shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by
      any entity irrespective of whether a proposal was submitted or not.

   6. Non-Conforming Services. The acceptance by the County of any non-
      conforming services under the terms of the development of a contract or the
      foregoing by the County of any of the rights or remedies arising under the terms
      of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the County’s right to conforming
      services or any rights and/or remedies in respect to any subsequent breach or

                                       - 10 -
   default of the terms of this agreement. The rights and remedies of the County
   provided or referred to under the terms of a contract are cumulative and not
   mutually exclusive.

7. Set off. Notwithstanding any provision of this agreement to the contrary, the
   Contractor shall not be relieved of liability to the County for damages sustained
   by the County by virtue of any breach of this Agreement by the Contractor. The
   County may withhold any payments to the Contractor for the purpose of setoff
   until such time as the exact amount of damages due to the County from the
   Contractor is determined.

8. Conflict of Interest. The Proposer affirms that, to the best of their knowledge,
   this proposal does not present a conflict of interest with any party or entity, which
   may be affected by the terms of a forthcoming contract. The Proposer agrees
   that, should any conflict or potential conflict of interest become known, they will
   immediately notify the County of the conflict or potential conflict, and will advise
   the County whether they will or will not resign from the other engagement or

9. Subcontractor Payment. Proposer shall plan to pay any subcontractor within
   ten days of the contractor’s receipt of payment from the County for undisputed
   services provided by the subcontractor. The Proposer shall pay interest of 1 ½
   percent per month or any part of a month to the subcontractor. The minimum
   monthly interest penalty payment for an unpaid balance of $100.00 or more is
   $10.00. For an unpaid balance of less than $100.00, the Proposer shall pay the
   actual penalty due to the subcontractor. A subcontractor who prevails in a civil
   action will be awarded its costs and disbursements, including attorney’s fees,
   incurred in bringing the action.

10. Insurance coverage. Selected vendors will be responsible for obtaining and
    maintaining all necessary insurance, as required by Ramsey County Risk

11. Terms. This Request for Proposal, the Proposal and any exhibits shall be in
    force and effective from the agreed upon program start-up through the
    established contract renewal date.

12. Entire Agreement. The written contract, the Request for Proposal, the Proposal,
    and any exhibits shall constitute the entire agreement between parties and shall
    supersede all prior oral or written negotiations.

13. Depreciation. It is assumed that the vendor will be responsible for compliance
    with all IRS rules and regulations for capital/facility and or equipment
    depreciation. The provider will be responsible for providing a depreciation
    schedule to the County when requested.

                                    - 11 -
  14. Audit. The Ramsey County Board of County Commissioners adopted a policy on
      March 23, 2004 related to audit requirements for Purchase of Service
      agreements. The policy requires that Purchase of Service agreements with an
      annual individual or cumulative amount equal to the amount set forth in Federal
      OMB Circular A-133 for programs or services, of federal or local dollars, shall
      include a provision requiring that an annual certified audit be furnished to the
      County, within 180 days of the end of the agency’s fiscal year. Effective 1-1-04
      the federal threshold was raised to $500,000. The audit requirement is not
      mandatory for other governmental agencies such as cities, the state of
      Minnesota or the federal government. The $500,000 amount will apply only to
      federal and local funding that flows through the county to contracted vendors and
      excludes state grant funding and Medical Assistance (MA) revenue.


  1. Upon submission, all proposals become the property of the County, which retains
     the right to use any concept or idea presented in any proposal submitted,
     whether or not that proposal is accepted.

  2. The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

  3. The County is not bound to accept the lowest cost proposal.

  4. The County reserves the right to negotiate contract terms contemporaneously
     and /or subsequently with any number of proposers as the County deems to be
     in its best interests.

  5. The County reserves the right to request any additional information at any stage
     of the Request for Proposals process. Compliance shall be at the proposer’s

  6. Security Information
     If a proposal contains any “security information”, “trade secret information” or
     “labor relations” information as describe in Minnesota Statutes 13.37, Subd 1 that
     the Proposer does not want disclosed to the public or used for any purpose other
     than the evaluation of its offer, all such information must be indicated with the
     following statement:

      “The following information contained on pages, …,…, is non public trade secret
                 information. Definition is found in (13.37 Subd 1d”

                                     - 12 -
               Section IV. Evaluation and Selection Criteria

  1. If clarifications are needed, the County reserves the right to notify the proposer in

  2. The County reserves the right to waive any minor irregularities at its discretion.

  3. The County reserves the right to interview any or all proposers at its discretion.

  4. Proposals will be evaluated by a review panel in accordance with the provisions
     of Appendix E to ensure that each proposer will be treated equally and fairly.

  5. The proposal review panel will consist of Ramsey County Community Human
     Services and Workforce Solutions staff, program participants, practitioners in the
     field of child care, and community members.

  6. The County will review and evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

      a.   Clear understanding of service needs that incorporates best practices and
           the ability to meet the needs of Ramsey County MFIP families. Proposal
           highlights strategies for providing services in a holistic, culturally
           appropriate, family oriented manner. – 30 points

      b.   Organization’s capability to provide services in a manner that is compatible
           with language and cultural needs and/or preferences. - 20 points

      c.   Administrative and staff experience, skills and abilities, pertinent to the
           service design for the MFIP families served. Proposal also demonstrates
           understanding of and capacity to collect data on the population served,
           implementation of services by April 1, 2013, and if applicable, experience
           with off-site supervision and the management of multiple child care locations
           . – 30 points

      d.   Business plan that clearly demonstrates the organization’s ability to
           effectively operate as a business and identifies the agency’s financial
           stability and solvency. Appropriate costs for the intended service delivery
           are identified, including how specific funds will be used to support the
           program. – 20 points

  7. A contract may be executed between the successful proposer(s) and Ramsey
     County. The contract will include the terms set forth in the proposer’s proposal.

                                      - 13 -
                                                                          APPENDIX A

                         FLOOR PLAN
The primary area designated as the Drop-In Child Care Center is shaded.

                            - 14 -
                                                                              APPENDIX B

                               VENDOR FACT SHEET
Legal Name (as registered with Secretary of State):

Doing Business As:

Service Site (if other than Corporate Headquarters):_

Corporate Headquarters Address:

Telephone:_(          )

FAX:_(       )

Corporation type:            Profit         Non-Profit               Public
          Partnership            Proprietorship

Federal Tax ID#:

E-Mail Address:

Executive Director:                                     Telephone:

Program Director:                                       Telephone:

Accounting Contact, Title & Telephone:

List names of those with authority to sign billings and receive payments:

           NAME                              TITLE                PHONE NUMBER

Authorized signature:

If applicable, licensed to do business by:

                                       - 15 -
                                                            APPENDIX C

                               BUDGET FORM

                          FROM      SOURCES CONTRIBUTIONS       BUDGET
Salaries               $            $           $           $
Fringe Benefits        $            $           $           $
Contracted Services    $            $           $           $
Space Cost             $            $           $           $
Utilities              $            $           $           $
Equipment              $            $           $           $
Supplies & Materials   $            $           $           $
Communications         $            $           $           $
Copying                $            $           $           $
Training               $            $           $           $
In-State Travel        $            $           $           $
Out-of-State Travel    $            $           $           $
Other (Explain)        $            $           $           $
SUB-TOTAL              $            $           $           $

Administration         $            $           $           $
Bonds & Insurance      $            $           $           $
Evaluation                 $                $       $             $
Audit                  $            $           $           $
Other (Explain)        $            $           $           $
SUB-TOTAL              $            $           $           $

TOTAL COSTS            $            $           $           $

                                   - 16 -
                                                APPENDIX D

                       BUDGET NARRATIVE

   CATEGORIES                       NARRATIVE


Fringe Benefits

Contracted Services

Space Cost



Supplies & Materials




In-State Travel

Out-of-State Travel

Other (Explain)


Bonds & Insurance



Other (Explain)

                           - 17 -
                                                    APPENDIX E


                                 REFERENCE 1 OF 3

AFFILIATION:      Explanation:


                                 REFERENCE 2 OF 3

AFFILIATION:      Explanation:


                                 REFERENCE 3 OF 3

AFFILIATION:      Explanation:


                                    - 18 -
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