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					NAME: DESIGNATION:GM LOCATION: Mumbai SNO KRA Weightage 1) Sales/Operational 25% a) To achieve daily/contribution of the agreed budget with equal weightage for volume/contribution (Wk 1- 18%, Wk II-25%, WkIII-27% & Wk1V-30%) b)To maintain a market share of 42% of total Honda sales in Mumbai and gradually 5% take this up to 47% by the year end 2) Financial a) Collection of funds and closing of sales within 7 days from the date of contracting (on average) 10% b) Inventory Management-to ensure that the ageing of cars does not exceed more than 15 days from the date of dispatch. 10% c) To strictly adhere to systems, procedures, credit policies, outstanding discount amount as allowed by Honda, discount structures laid down by the company from 8% time to time 3) People Management 5% a) Submission of monthly report on Training Needs Analysis with specific details for monthly review meeting b) To ensure that all staff members are motivated & at least 75% of them earn 5% incentives on a consistent basis c) At any point of time not less than 95% of the complement of authorized staff and 5% the attrition rate not more than 10%(wef oct,2007) Customer Satisfaction a) CSI index on total company wide to be maintained at 95% level as currently agreed method of calculation and/or may be decided from time to time b) To Improve the TNS survey results from the current level of ____ to _____ by 5% Dec 2007 5% 4) Futuristic/New Initiative a) To submit the day end, weekend, month end report on current sales position visa vis sales plan, shortfall & Corrective action. b)To devise strategies for effective and real time market intelligence c)To ensure all our marketing activites are in compliance with the given guide lines by the manufacturer d)To reduce noise pollution in working area Unique a) leaving legacy behind 7%






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