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									                  OFFICE OF THE SUPREME HEADQUARTERS
                         KAREN NATIONAL UNION


     Speech of KNU President Gen. Mutu Say Poe on 64th Anniversary of Karen
                         Revolutionary Resistance Day

                                                                           January 31, 2013
Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
        Today is the 64th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Resistance Day of all the Karen
people. On this occasion of the 64th Anniversary of Revolutionary Resistance, I would like
to wish you, our people and all the resistance fighters, to be patriotically inspired and
develop full patriotism.
        Our Karens are freedom and peace loving people. However, our lack of unity and
as we had not resisted the enemies, which were suppressing and destroying our national
identities, the freedom we had had was lost. We have to face great hardship under the rule
of others, have a low standard of living and have lost our national identities.

Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
        As we are a people, we need to have a land to live in freedom, and have national
equality, the right to decide our own destiny and full rights in accordance with the rules
and laws based on democracy. In order to regain the rights, the Karen leaders had
staunchly made demands by peaceful means, but as the ruling AFPFL government,
besides failing to resolve the question appropriately, used force of arms, the Karen people
have to resort to revolutionary resistance in self-defense, for freedom and survival, since
January 31, 1949.
        In the period of 64 years of Karen resistance, many of our national leaders, soldiers
and people have sacrificed their lives and limbs, blood, sweat and uncountable
possessions. However, the Karen people have not yet gained their demands with full
guarantee, in spite of long resistance movement and great sacrifices.

Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
        During armed resistance period of the past, the Karen resistance leaders had held
talks for cessation of armed conflict with those in power for several times, but as those in
power did not have the disposition to resolve the problem correctly by political means, the
armed conflict could not have been stopped. However, the KNU position is that as the
conflict is a political problem, the best way to resolve it is through a meaningful face-to-
face political dialogue.
        Currently, the Burmese/Myanmar government in power has made overture to the
ethnic nationality organizations to cease fire for holding talks, in order to establish peace
in the country. In accordance with our policy of resolving the political problem politically
and based on our experience in the resistance, we have agreed to preliminary ceasefire
through recent rounds of dialogue. We still have not reached the stage of firm ceasefire.
The code of conduct to be observed by the troops of both sides is still not in place. As
military conflict is a consequence of politics, an acceptable resolution of political problem
is the main cause. As we have not reached the stage of acceptable resolution of the
political problem, peace cannot still be established. Dialogue and ceasefire do not mean
surrender. It is not the denial of the aspirations of our people. It is a step for holding
political dialogue and minimizing the ravages of war. The current ceasefire is an endeavor
for reaching the stage of political dialogue. However, in the current situation, we are still
within the context of revolutionary armed resistance.

Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
        The dialogue for a viable settlement of the political problem cannot be just
between the KNU and the government in power. Together with the ethnic nationality
organizations, all the organizations having stakes in struggle must be able to participate in
the dialogue. In undertaking this task of making a viable plan, if the KNU, the armed
ethnic organizations and the ethnic nationality organizations cooperate in consultation and
formulation of processes and policy frame works, it would be consistent with the objective
conditions. The cooperation and participation of the ethnic nationalities is vitally
important for the acceptable resolution of the main political problem that has caused civil
war in Burma/Myanmar.

Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
         The basic cause of the revolutionary resistance of the Karen people is the result of
their life and historical experiences, and the revolutionary resistance is the struggle of the
entire Karen people. It is not the duty of the KNU alone to realize the aspirations of the
Karen people. It is also the responsibility of the entire Karen people. The question of
victory or failure of the Karen people’s revolutionary resistance depends on the
cooperation and participation of the Karen people.
         In the current situation, there are many changes and some of the changes are
challenges for the future moment of our Karen people’s revolutionary resistance. In laying
down our future policies and programs, it is necessary for us to make them to be consistent
with our various conditions, to meet the challenges successfully and to take us to our
political goal. In the future journey of the revolutionary resistance, the KNU leaders and
the patriotic resistance fighters, including the entire Karen people, need to have wisdom
and to invent new means and ways.

Dear All the Karen Nationals …Patriotic Resistance Fighters,
        In conclusion and in honor of the Karen people’s Revolutionary Resistance Day, I
would like to urge the entire Karen people to be patriotically motivated for advancement
and growth, as a people, to be proud of your root, to work for unity and understanding
among the Karen people and to work in the field of his/ her competence for the realization
of aspirations of the Karen people.


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