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									                                     THE ALFA TEAM

1 -Elaine Adams – Director

2 - Bruno Cavelier d’Esclavelles – Vice President, International & Corporate Relations

With over Twenty (20) years of international sales experience in the Feature Film and
Television Programming worldwide distribution business, Mr. Bruno Cavelier
d’Esclavelles is recognized as an astute business executive with a strong combination of
cross-functional experience in sales and Marketing. Mr. d’Esclavelles welcomes the
opportunity to apply his knowledge of the “moving pictures” industry to a world of still
images...but such a wonderful world it is!. Also armed with strong communication and
relationship-building abilities, Mr. d’Esclavelles stands ready to help take the American
Legacy Fine Arts Gallery to the world at large. Mr. d’Esclavelles is fluent in French,
English and is more than ready to market the Gallery’s amazing art in the Spanish
language as well. He is currently learning Japanese.

3 -Ann van Berkhout Decker – Executive Assistant

4 -Beverly Chang – Public Relation Director

5 -Andrew James – Sales Executive

6 - Farah J. Chamseddine – Gallery Intern

7 -Paul Clark – Web site Manager
                     8 - Carlos Mostacero – Art Installer

Preferred Picture Hanging offers professional hanging services for all types of artwork at any
location. Mr. Mostacero can service your home, office or corporate setting to hang everything
from a single piece to large groupings, mirrors or anything else you have to hang. Proper hanging
and care of your artwork is essential for safety and longevity for your valuables.

9 - James T. McInerny – Art Insurer

Mr. McInerny is a broker for a wide range of insurance products for his commercial and personal
clients. Although essentially a generalist in his field, Mr. McInerny also specializes in agricultural
risks, crop insurance, inland marine and ocean marine. After obtaining an A.B. in History from
Stanford University and trying out stints in education, law, and filmmaking, Mr. McInerny joined
his father Bob at Day, Simonds & McInerny in 1980. That firm evolved into Arroyo Insurance
Services, Inc., for which Mr. McInerny has served as Principal, Executive Director, and President.
He also has served as Trustee of the Chandler School and Director of the Oak Tree Foundation.

10 - William D. Horsfall – Financial Services

11 - Trish Glover – Graphic Designer

12 - Janie Fain – Gallery Designer

13 – Gimpy Goo – Art Detective

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