; DOS ORG chart 10-2012 - Division of Student Affairs
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DOS ORG chart 10-2012 - Division of Student Affairs


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									                                                          Dean of Students
                                                              Art Munin


Assistant Dean of                  Assistant Dean of     Assistant Dean of Students     Director of Health               Executive Assistant
Students - Loop                     Students - LPC        - Community Resources       Promotion & Wellness
     TBD                         Domonic Rollins              Ty Matthews             Shannon Lengerich                      Sue Epps

                               drollin2@depaul.edu        tmatthe6@depaul.edu         Slengeri@depaul.edu              sepps@depaul.edu

                                                                                                        Alcohol & Substance Abuse
                 LGBTQA Student                                                                            Prevention Specialist
                Services Coordinator
                                                                                                             Rebecca Aronson
                    Katy Weseman

                                                                                                        Sexual Health & Violence
                                                                                                         Prevention Coordinator

                                                                                                                Rima Shah


Dean of Students Office - http://studentaffairs.depaul.edu/dos/                                               Health Promotion
      Loop - 312-362-8066                    LPC - 773-325-7290                                                 Coordinator
      DePaul Center #11001                   Student Center #307
                                         Dean of Students Office
This document represents the breadth and depth of the program and initiatives in the Dean of Students Office at DePaul
University. While it is not an exhaustive inventory of the office’s responsibilities, it does convey the scope of our services to
students, staff and faculty.

Dean of Students

        Absence Notifications - When a student cannot attend class due to an illness or personal circumstance, we will send a
        notification to faculty. Students must provide documentation to substantiate this notification.
        Bystander Intervention Initiative - This initiative is aimed at giving bystanders the skills to intercede when confronted
        with dangerous or bias-related incidents (e.g. sexual assault, racism, homophobia, interpersonal violence).
        Code of Student Responsibility - The publication that outlines expectations and standards of behavior for students.
        Community Resources Liaison - Seeks to build stronger linkages and relationships for students with external partners
        including off-campus affordable housing, mental health, medical, dental, and LGBTQ support.
        Economic Distress Taskforce - This taskforce seeks to advocate for student’s experiencing economic hardship
        (e.g. tuition, homelessness, food insecurity).
        Judicial Process - The educationally based process of adjudicating violations to the Code of Student Responsibility.
        Late Withdrawal Process - Any student enduring a severe personal or medical emergency can apply for a withdrawal
        from their courses. During the 2011-2012 academic year 382 student late withdrawals were processed.
        Liaison with College Offices - The Dean of Students Office is a substantive link between Academic Affairs and
        Student Affairs in responding to student issues and crises.
        SAW Initiative - The Student Advocacy & Welfare (SAW) initiative is our workshop series offered to DePaul’s 4,000
        faculty and staff. Topics include: managing difficult student issues, alcohol & drug use/abuse, and health and wellness.
        Student Food Pantry - Located at St. Vincent’s Church, this food pantry assists students with food insecurity.
        Student Welfare Taskforce - This group, which as been in existence for more than 25 years, collaborates with
        university partners to respond to concerning student issues and campus crises.
        Transitional Housing Initiative - Homelessness is a real issue at DePaul. This initiative seeks to create local housing
        options for students experiencing temporary or permanent homelessness.
        University Judicial Board - This judicial board is comprised of three members: one student from the Student
        Government Association; one staff from Staff Council; one faculty from Faculty Council.

LGBTQA Student Services

        Lavender Graduation and Stonewall Awards - The culminating event for LGBTQA Month, this program celebrates
        graduating LGBTQA students and other members of DePaul’s LGBTQA communities for their efforts at making
        DePaul a welcoming and validating environment.
        LGBTQA Month - A month-long series of LGBTQA themed educational and social events held in May every year.
        LGBTQA Resource Room - Since 2004, we have offered a resource room (books, videos, pamphlets) on LGBTQA
        topics and issues in our LPC office suite.
        Out At Lunch and Bring Your Own Mug - These weekly programs exist for students to informally gather over lunch or
        coffee and discuss topics relevant to the LGBTQA communities.
        Safe Zone - An ongoing training program open to all who are interested in being allies to the LGBTQ communities.

Health Promotion & Wellness

        Alcohol and Drug Educational Outreach - Grounded in the principles of harm reduction and health promotion,
        educational and other late night alternative events are offered throughout the academic year.
        BASICS - Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is the harm reduction program
        employed for students presenting with alcohol and/or other drug issues.
        DePaul Health Insurance - Aetna Student Health provides medical insurance for any student (aetnastudenthealth.com).
        DePaul Health Services - Offered via SAGE Medical Group, students enrolled in the service have access to diagnosis
        and treatment for certain minor illnesses and injuries.
        Sexual Assault Awareness Month - This month of educational activities occurs every year in April and seeks to raise
        the level of dialogue and awareness concerning sexual assault at DePaul University
        Sexual Health Educational Curriculum - Grounded in a Catholic philosophy on sexual health, programming
        focuses on healthy sexual behaviors, responsible decision making, healthy partner relationships, and dating.
        Student Health Advisory Council - A cross-institutional team seeking to raise dialogue and increase education on
        student health issues.
        Survivor Support Services - In our work we seek to assist survivors and promote a climate that prevents violence.

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